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Was surfing tonight, so here, have some inspirations:
GEN, Pike, Kirk, etc., time travel fix-it

Pike dies and promptly meets up with George Kirk's ghost, who shows him what happens after his death - Jim flipping out and going off on some half-baked quest to avenge him and eventually getting himself killed, Spock then flipping out himself, etc. He also shows Pike how things eventually go downhill for a Federation already weakened by the loss of Vulcan and now by Khan's attacks and Marcus' treason. George tells him that since their timeline has already been fucked with by people time traveling, one more person can't really make things any worse, and offers Pike a chance to go back and try to mitigate some of the damage.

Yes, time travel fix-it fic. Up to filler how far Pike gets to go back - though it does have to be after the Kelvin is destroyed. Also, if there are any instances of Pike and Jim being all mentory-and-studenty/father-and-son-ish, OP would offer up cookies. Lots of cookies.
Kirk/Pike ID AU

Jim is wounded during Khan's massacre the captains first officers, though he still manages to stop the attack. Pike survives and is healed fairly quickly. As a result, he is the one in command of the Enterprise during what follows. How does Pike handle the events thrown at him? His first officer is badly wounded, and then he learns that one of his own mentors is behind Khan's madness.

Basically, I want a glimpse of how Pike would handle things, both similarly and differently than Jim. Relationship can be either father-son or slash.
Any/mccoy, chastity belt, orgasm denial, fully consensual

Bones is always so grumpy and people always make the joke that he needs to get laid. He would agree with them. Too bad he handed full control of that sort of thing to his lover(s).

Bones is locked up tight in a longtime wear chastity belt, to which there is only one key, and his lover is the only one with access to it. And by chastity belt I mean full on belt, preventing erection and penetration. But his lover is the teasing sort and will crawl into bed with him sometimes and touch him, getting him all hot and bothered. Or they set up a big seduction with the promise to release him from the belt, only to realise that whoops, they must have forgotten the key.

Bones loves the whole thing, despite his frustration sometimes, he likes they way his lover has that kind of control over him.

+if Spock is his lover he makes detailed scientific observations about the whole thing, recording it all and making bones add in his own descriptions of how it feels to be left in a state of sexual frustration for so long.
+bones lover takes off the belt only when they feel like it, not on special occasions or to reward bones for something, which makes it a lot more unpredictable and bones never has any idea how long he'll be locked up this time.
+ his lover enjoys teasing him, and will sometimes remove the belt to play with him, but will not let him cum, or will set conditions that are hard to meet and if he does he will be allowed to cum, if not he gets locked back up again unsatified.
+ his lover sleeps with other people, with bones permission, because its not like they're in chastity, and then tell him all about it while teasing him. (If kirk he can sometimes film his encounters and they sit and watch them together)

It all must be fully consensual, and bones lover must never give in to bones begging and pleading when he's being teased, bones gave his lover complete control over him in that way and he doesn't want them to give in to him.

Please and thank you.
Spock/Uhura, McCoy/Uhura, (maybe threesome if you like)

Naturally, Uhura has more sexual needs than Spock. It's not like they never do it, and she enjoys it when they do it, she loves him after all. It's just that she would like it more often. A lot more often. And she doesn't want to push Spock to act against his nature just to please her.

However, they refuse to let this issue get in the way of their affectionate long-term relationship. Instead of splitting up, they decide to do something about it. So together they agree on "recruiting" a part-time lover for Nyota. For obvious reasons, Jim is not an option - he already showed interest in Uhura and tried to pick her up before he knew she was with Spock, so things might get awkward. Also, he would probably crack jokes about it from time to time. Chekov is too young. Maybe Scotty is just not Uhura's type and Sulu recently got a new girlfriend, etc. They come to the surprising conclusion, that Dr. McCoy would be the most suitable man for the job: He may be grumpy, but he's also very reliable and trustworthy. He's single but doesn't sleep around anyway (and Uhura wouldn't want somebody between her legs who already shagged half of whole Starfleet). He's a sensualist and is good with his hands. He's always respectful and gentlemanly to the ladies. He is used to be bound to professional discretion and never gossips; Surely, their delicate problem would be safe with him. Even Spock admits, the doctor is a logical choice.

So Spock & Uhura invite Bones to dinner and put the proposal forward. Bones is game.

(This could develop into a fully functional and contended ménage-à-trois, but doesn't have to)

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Date: 2013-12-29 06:13 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] illariy
Oooh, the ID AU sounds way intriguing and I could never resist reading Spock/Uhura, McCoy/Uhura, should a story with that plot line ever exists... *daydreams happily*


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