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Kirk/McCoy: Sub/Addict!Kirk, Dom/Rockstar!Bones: AU, Dom/Switch/Sub.

Dom!Leonard McCoy is a rockstar who happens upon Jim, a Sub who has just been released from his Dom!Khan after 4 years; after his last show in Iowa. Jim is overdosing on some drug (filler's choice) trying to get close to a subspace which only a Dom can bring their subs in this Universe, but enough of a certain drug get them close to it. (You can used the Drug Patch!Bliss idea from Doctor Who, where vendors sell emotions to the populace. Or in this case to subs.)

.: To see Khan releasing Jim, taking his collar and kicking him out onto the streets.
.: McCoy collaring Jim and taking him as his sub and discussing what they want/rules.
.: McCoy helping Jim kick his addiction to the drugs.
.: The public acknowledging that McCoy has finally taken a Sub. (Maybe he hasn't until now.)
.: Jim reaching subspace a lot more than he did with Khan.
.: Possessive/Protective!McCoy, if/when Khan trys to challenge him for Jim back.
.: Breathplay, Bondage are welcome.

Don't Want:
.: Any Super HARD kinks, (for Example: Scat, Vore, Gore, Character Death, etc.)
.: No Gender-Bending.

Bonus: If Jim was kidnapped by Khan in his teens and his family (Switch!Winona/Dom!Pike) has been looking for him. (Winona remarried Pike when Jim was 6.)

Bonus2: The reason why Khan wants Jim back is because someone (Carol Marcus or Nero maybe) wishes to purchase him.
Gen or Any/Any - Kirk has Fremen Eyes

We all know Jim has the prettiest blue-blue eyes ever. But how cool would it be if Jim had Fremen eyes, like from Frank Herbert's "Dune"? You know, the whole, blue-within-blue-within-blue.

Maybe space radiation really caused it? Or maybe a fusion with "Dune" where Winona and/or George are from a planet like Arrakis but part of the Federation? (Is Winona a Reverend Mother? Was George Kirk Maud'Dib? Was Jim pre-born?)


And Jim wears some sort of contact lenses that hide the true color because his eye color is just not really normal. Somehow Bones/Spock/Pike/the Enterprise finds out?
Kirk/McCoy Alpha/Omega OmegaKirk! AlphaMcCoy!

I love the Alpha/Omega dynamic. I want a story that after Kirk healing from Khan's blood that he has to go through a heat because his body is still too overwhelmed from everything. The only alpha Kirk trusts enough is McCoy. Full-blown knotting, mpreg, angst! I want it to where both enjoy it. Preferably dub-con. McCoy liked Kirk for a long time but never acted on it for some reason (guilt, fear of ruining friendship, previous hurt from his past marriage to Jocelyn). And Kirk doesn't want a relationship with Bones because he doesn't want the attachment. He only wants friendship but things change as he discovers he's pregnant.

He's mad because he didn't want a kid. McCoy wants it because either Jocelyn wouldn't have kids with him (so no Joanna) because she was an alpha too or because he never gets to see Joanna. And Starfleet won't let him terminate because it's a good publicity tool to get more omegas into Starfleet. A hero captain who is an omega who sufferered a Heat and can still serve. The baby is used as a publicity tool by the fleet to show that love and life can still go on even in the midst of tragedy.

Kirk eventually comes around and McCoy and him bond during the pregnancy. Total overprotective McCoy and McCoy starts to realize that he likes it when Kirk is pregnant because the fleet keeps him safe to ensure the propaganda. Frustrated Kirk is a plus. The crew becomes overprotective too.

I want a happy ending please! Maybe Kirk becomes super happy after the baby is born or because he sees his best friend finally truly happy because of it? Please fill! There is not nearly enough alpha/omega verse!
RPF crossover Karl Urban/Leonard McCoy & Kirk/McCoy

Saw these on

"Karl Urban's OTP is Urban/McCoy amirite? Because no one loves McCoy like Karl does. He would be so gentle and make sweet, sweet love. And Bones is the one that has to be all aggressive and rough and Karl fucking loves it. Kirk and Pine can watch."

"But can you imagine Karl following McCoy around the Enterprise just like, "Please, please, please let me put my peen in you... for science?" And, wow, Urban really needs to work on his game, but let's face it, it's been a long ass time since he's had explicitly ask for sex. And then Bones grumbles about sexual harassment and hypos him because he still needs to give him a physical, damnit. And Jim's all, "I admire his determination. And who can blame him right?" He leers. Jim gets hypoed too."
mccoy/kirk - porno, masturbation

Jim stumbles across a porno McCoy must have made when he was a struggling med student. It's based vaguely in ancient Rome and McCoy is Julius Caesar but instead of being surronded and stabbed to death, it's a good-old fashion gangbang. Jim has never come so hard in his life.
Kirk/McCoy: Manipulative-Supermodel!McCoy/Homeless!Kirk: AU, D/s(Collaring/Subspace), Weight Kink.

Prompted by these Pictures:

Supermodel Leonard McCoy has everything in life... except a pet. His friends and family recommend something you could leave on its own, like a cat or a bird. But Leonard McCoy wants something exotic... and it has to be human.

Of course, Leonard sits though many (well hidden) interviews as if all of these people were auditioning for a movie. After so many, he still could find the right pet he wanted, that is until he decides to take the long way home by walking. On his way home he finds a young, homeless and obviously hungry stray fighting for his life in a back alley.

Leonard saves him. But, in return for saving the life of James T. Kirk, Leonard requests that the homeless man becomes his pet.

.: Leonard to manipulate Jim into becoming his pet.
.: Leonard to go on and on about how he will take care of his new pet and describe the home in which Jim is now going to live in.
.: Maybe have a few cuddle moments on the couch.
.: D/s relationship: Collaring and achieving subspace is a must. (If the filler wishes to add in a sexual dynamics that is fine.)
.: Food/Weight Kink... I want Leonard feeding Jim (sometimes by hand and sometimes not) because even though he is a human, Jim forgets to eat because he is so used to living on the streets and not having much food. I also need to see Leonard trying to get Jim to gain a bit of weight(at least to normal human standards.)
.: Since Leonard cannot tell people exactly what Jim is to him at home, he introduces Jim in public as his lover/boyfriend/whatever you choose.
.: I want Leonard to fall for Jim at the end and this to be a McKirk story.

Don't Want:
.: Gender-bending
.: Super Hard Kinks.
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