May. 10th, 2013

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Tweet by @simonpegg last night:
Let the Sulu and Scotty slash fiction begin!

...seriously, they _all_ know about fanfiction and slash fanfiction.

Had a discussion last night on lj regarding Bruce Greenwood and his Pike-Kirk statement "our love for one another is abundant"... I don't think he actively feeds us, but he must know about Pike fanfiction unless he lives under a rock - which he doesn't. Most of the cast members either already had fandom experiences (Quinto as Sylar in Heroes, Urban with Xena and LotR, BC with his own big fanbase) or must have known what they have to expect (Chris Pine as Kirk in the famous Kirk-Spock-relationship!).

As much as the fileshare quota of a movie signals how much people love it, having people write fanfiction for a character one played is a good sign. More fanbase -> more visibility -> studios having more interest into bringing you into new shows. There's a lot of strategy going into casting, and if you e.g. put Karl Urban into something, you already secured at least his own fanbase as watchers.

If you produce a movie or series today and it doesn't have a fandom at some point in time, you're doing it wrong.
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Awesome and funny <3

Tidbit: The younger son Indiana is named after Indiana Jones, BUT IT WAS HIS WIFE WHO NAMED HIM.

Nerd couples FTW!!!
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Seems the new kink meme is here...?

P.S. My brain keeps being stuck in the Pike vortex. I really enjoy reading Kirk/Spock/McCoy lately - and lots of other pairings - but writing it... no luck so far.


May. 10th, 2013 05:55 pm
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Chris Pine in NY

It's funny, in my nuTrek triumvirate my actor hotness scale preferences originally were Bruce > Karl > Chris, but lately, Chris has definitely moved up! That beard looks awesome, he dresses up awesome, he just... fuck, he's HOT and he knows it.

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So husband and I just saw STID a second time in the cinema, this time in English... and we still love it. Knowing the contents made me more relaxed and able to focus on details.

We also noticed lots of plotholes *G*

I'll make an extra discussion post soon, so please keep the comments here spoiler-free :)
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This time with extensive discussions of characters, pairings, plotholes etc.

SPOILERS LIKE WHOA for Star Trek into Darkness )


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