May. 19th, 2013

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Link to discussion at Eldritchhobbits journal (SPOILERS!), which developed into an analysis of the Pike-Spock interaction in the new timeline (page down for it).

For anyone who wonders how to interpret a certain intense scene...

(Still on the fence, maybe because I want to finished my started story before I jump the band wagon :))
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Some personal thoughts.

The non-spoilery ones:

People who waited for the "perfect" Trek movie, I really would like to know how that should look like. Because even ST II isn't (exgirlfriend-and-adult-son ex machina and one-second-katra-transfer, anyone?). My main citeria right now:

* Does it work for most of the audience? Yes, according to imdb and rotten tomatoes.
* Will it be successful enough that Paramount will spend good money on the third one? Looks like.

With Trek goggles:
* Is it worse than ST V? No.
* Does it have a death scene worse than Generations? Not to me, though YMMV.
* Will it kill Trek like Nemesis? No.

IMO, it's best to consider the Reboot timeline like you would consider a fannish AU - it takes a lot of leeway with the original timeline, and you could agonize over it or write fix-it stories, but it's really best to relax about that aspect.

Now, will this movie cause the same fantastic uproar as ST 2009 did? Sadly, I don't think so.

onto the details, SPOILERS )


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