May. 22nd, 2013

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At 20:00 I sat in $worktown and found out that my last chance to watch ST XII in original version in a cinema would be tomorrow**... at 20:30 I decided that I'd ride the 25 km to $biggercity for the 23:00 showing and then take a cab home. This specific, brand-new cinema calls itself "Deluxe", and damn, it is! It was like sitting at home on your couch with the large screen in front of you. Absolutely fantastic, and a quiet audience!

And now it happened... I'm in love with this movie. In. Love. I left with the same shaky legs and spacy brain as I left ST XI.

It's awesome.

So many lovely moments. So many interesting people - humans of all genders, and aliens! - on the Enterprise! (Lots of new characters to play with, someone needs to compile a list with faces and names, as far as we have them. Lower decks fiction! :) So much beautiful cinematography, the song vids will be breathtaking.

Some great character arcs. They all work in my head. Many scenes that either mirror a TOS scene OR a similar scene within the movie. There's some brilliant citation (and some dumber, but mostly brilliant.) And for us writers, lots of missing scenes, fix-its, and what-ifs just a small mental side-step away.

This was what I have been looking for. This movie comes with an afterburner effect.

I'm so glad I went tonight.

(**EDIT: Now that I checked the cinema's website again, I might have looked the wrong way and it runs for longer... but I regret nothing, lol! :)
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