Jun. 27th, 2013

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...because I'm too exhausted for anything serious tonight :)

Any/Bones, Bones has a huge kink for being tied down

Bones gets really, seriously, achingly aroused when he is tied down, unable to touch himself, to stop anyone else from touching him. He love it, but he doesn't get the chance to indulge very often, what with life on a starship being so filled with sudden calls to the medbay. Etc. and the fact he doesn't have anyone who will indulge him.

Cue him getting injured himself and needing to be restrained on the bio beds. He's a little humiliated at the fact that he's suddenly sporting an erection, though his nurses and other doctors are all very professional and ignore it. But despite the humiliation he can't help but be completely aroused and there's nothing he can do to relieve himself.

One night he wakes up to find himself blindfolded (and gagged if you like) and someone jerks him off. He doesn't know who, they never speak, and they deal with the problem quickly and with great care. This happens every night until bones is finally released from the restraints and the med bay.

Bones really wants to know who it was who did that, but at the same time he doesn't really, because hey, embarrassing!

The person who did it (my preference is kirk or Spock, but anyone is good except for checkov), finds that they can't stop thinking about it, and their act of kindness has turned into a full blown kink and they just want to strap bones down again and keep him riding the edge of orgasm until he begs them to let him cum.

And then, they do, and Bones absolutely loves it.

Spock/Uhura, McCoy/Uhura, (maybe threesome if you like)

Naturally, Uhura has more sexual needs than Spock. It's not like they never do it, and she enjoys it when they do it, she loves him after all. It's just that she would like it more often. A lot more often. And she doesn't want to push Spock to act against his nature just to please her.

However, they refuse to let this issue get in the way of their affectionate long-term relationship. Instead of splitting up, they decide to do something about it. So together they agree on "recruiting" a part-time lover for Nyota. For obvious reasons, Jim is not an option - he already showed interest in Uhura and tried to pick her up before he knew she was with Spock, so things might get awkward. Also, he would probably crack jokes about it from time to time. Chekov is too young. Maybe Scotty is just not Uhura's type and Sulu recently got a new girlfriend, etc. They come to the surprising conclusion, that Dr. McCoy would be the most suitable man for the job: He may be grumpy, but he's also very reliable and trustworthy. He's single but doesn't sleep around anyway (and Uhura wouldn't want somebody between her legs who already shagged half of whole Starfleet). He's a sensualist and is good with his hands. He's always respectful and gentlemanly to the ladies. He is used to be bound to professional discretion and never gossips; Surely, their delicate problem would be safe with him. Even Spock admits, the doctor is a logical choice.

So Spock & Uhura invite Bones to dinner and put the proposal forward. Bones is game.

(This could develop into a fully functional and contended ménage-à-trois, but doesn't have to)

Pike/Kirk, recovery

I posted something like this in the first round, but it wasn't filled, so I hope eerily similar posts are okay?

Pike somehow survives the fight, but suffers some debilitating spine damage, and even with starfleet's finest doctors, it doesn't look like he will fully recover the use of his body from the neck down.

I want a sappy, sad but happy recovery story where Pike learns to cope with wheelchairs and buttons, and Kirk tries to make the best of a less than great situation. (Think Intouchables if you need a visual.)

Cheers for established Kirk/Pike and fluffy angst, and if you want to let Pike recover enough for awkward/less than successful recovery sex, works for me.

Bonus if Kirk has his own medical or emotional issues that he has to work through, but is ignoring for Pike until Pike flips it and starts taking care of Kirk emotionally.


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