Jul. 21st, 2013

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Kirk/McCoy/Spock, H/c, Hurt!Kirk, Comforting Threesome

I've seen a lot of fics where McCoy feels like he is the odd man out in the 3some, but I'd like to see one where *Kirk* feels that way.

After the events of ST:ID, Kirk wakes up to find the dynamics of his relationship completely changed. Spock and McCoy have grown closer - no more hurtful nicknames between the two, *willingly* spending time with each other, etc. - and Kirk no longer has to play Judge Judy for them. It's weird for Kirk and makes him feel like he's no longer needed.

Maybe he feels like they played him, that they never needed him in the first place and were only using him as a means to an end. Or maybe he just wants out before he becomes the metaphorical third-wheel. Whatever the reason, I'd like to see Spock and McCoy wake up one morning to find that Kirk is gone and frantically search for Kirk to correct his misunderstanding.


Kirk/McCoy: Post!STID: Bookworm!Kirk, Chef!McCoy: Domestic, Visiting!Crew/Family

So after ST:ID, Bones and Jim suggest that they and the crew (and if you choose, family: Joanna McCoy, Sam and Winona Kirk, Pike if you want him alive after ST:ID) go somewhere to relax and take care of themselves. It is unknown to the crew that the place (Mansion/Estate/Resort) they are staying at for their downtime, until the Enterprise is repaired; actually belongs to their Captain and Doctor.

.: Domestic!McKirk (Bones and Jim are secretly married/engaged, they have been since their Second year at the Academy.)
.: Bookworm!Kirk (He wears glasses instead of contacts and owns a huge library in their home.)
.: Chef!McCoy (In his domestic time, Bones prepares every single meal for Jim because of Jim's allergies, he likes cooking, and so Jim will actually eat something healthy.)
.: Also to go with the above /\ I would love to see McCoy feeding Kirk randomly throughout the day without Jim realizing it, so as to help him get his weight back up after being in the hospital.
.: Would love to see the crew (and family) witness a different side to their Captain and Doctor.
.: McKirk cuddling on the couch/sofa while watching a Holo Vid or maybe Jim's reading a book and Bones is taking a nap in Jim's lap.
.: (If you choose to add in family. I'd love to see Joanna actually call Jim papa or whatever fatherly name you can think of and shock the crew and such.)

Don't Want:
.: For McKirk to be completely out of character. (This is just their downtime.)
.: Hard kinks, (Example: Gore, Vore, Character Death, Scat, Watersports, etc)
.: For Winona Kirk to be written completely as a bitch. (Maybe she and Jim have been on better terms since the end of STXI/2009 movie.)
.: Gender-bending. (I'd like this to be M/M, please.)

Bonus: If Jim reads to Joanna before she falls asleep or maybe he teaches her new languages during the day. Or both.

Bonus2: If Bones sings/hums while he cooks or maybe he lets his accent show more at home. Or both.

Kirk/Khan - Time Travel Fix It

What if, when Kirk died he didn't wake up revived because of Khan's blood. No. Instead Kirk woke up and found himself in a familiar place before the events of Khan, before Pike's death, before the captains meeting. Everything. He remembers everything that happens, and in his mind knows that this is his chance to change things.

Now here's the thing. Every time Kirk changes something for the better of the future, i.e. Saves Pike. Something else happens that he didn't expect. Like someone else dying or a building exploding. Basically all of his choices have a huge consequence.

So Kirk has the choice of either keeping some things the same or risking a gamble on not knowing what his choices could do.

So I don't expect this to be easy for Kirk. I expect this to be hard for him, because he could either make everything worse or better. Especially if the more he changes prevents him from actually /knowing/ what would happen. So run with that all you want.

And somehow make this Kirk/Khan because I loves that pairing~ :3

Also would love it if Kirk asks both Spocks for help and advice without really revealing what he's doing cause that could change things, but up to you if he does reveal his knowledge or not.

Also I would not mind at one point Kirk actually dying again, but this time saving Khan's life somehow and Khan saving his life in return with his blood!

Thats it. I hope you get what I mean. This idea has been rolling in my head for a while and I hope to see someone take up a challenge!

- Marcus is a EVIL MAN and harder to predict cause i'm sure that guy has back up plans if some fail especially when using Khan as part of these plans.
- Kirk understanding Khan's reasoning since he did die to save his own crew.

Yeah. UST between Kirk and Khan. Whoo. :D


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