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Sep. 8th, 2013 12:22 pm
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Proportion of adjectives and adverbs: Some facts - the computational linguist's look *G*
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Awesome Jim being Awesome!

So, I just have this image of the hungover, beat-up Jim all the shuttle from Riverside having to step up and be his BAMF self and all the other cadets being like, 'Who ARE you?'

I figure maybe an off world or human xenophobic group takes the cadets hostage (easier to take on incoming cadets on a transport rather than attack the academy or a 'Fleet vessel), and they either end up as prisoners or, after getting away, stranded in the wilderness. Pike is injured, incapacitated or maybe not around at all (headed back to SF early for some reason, IDK) so somebody needs to take on a leadership role. When Kirk tries to, Uhura and Cupcake are like, you think we're gonna take orders from a dumb hick townie, but damned if he actually knows what he's doing.

Using survival skills he learned on Tarsus, his tactical genius, just general resourcefulness, etc., Jim saves the day, much to the other cadets and Starfleet's dismay.

Should be gen, though if you wanted to make it pre-slash Jim/Bones, I'm cool with that. ;-)
McCoy/Kirk: Flirting in times of crisis

McCoy and Kirk aggressively flirt every time they're in a highly dangerous situations; the kind of obvious, over-the-top, somewhat lecherous but also really schmoopy flirting that make people gag with the fluff. At one point or the end, it's revealed that it's one of the ways they cope with the stress of not being able to see each other during the moments that could potentially end up with one of them dead.

Mainly I want to see McCoy's killer Southern charm and Kirk being coy in response. Do you see how much I like my bottom!Kirk
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Song videos for the Reboot universe for the songs:

"The show must go on" (Queen) - vidded that myself once for ST II/III and it would work beautifully for Reboot too.

"Skyfall" (Adele) - what a wonderful, dark, tragic song for these two movies, especially STID


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