Oct. 13th, 2013

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REQUEST: Academy Era...

Takes place during 1st or 2nd year of the Academy.

Starfleet Medical is operating a secret division that is currently running inhumane medical experiments on some captured (live) Romulans in an effort to discover their weaknesses, etc. McCoy's surgical skills catch their attention and they try to bring him into the fold. He's not willing to slice and dice living subjects even if it's supposedly for 'the greater good'. They can't exactly let him just walk out now that he's become privy to information on such ethically dubious practices. They take him into custody (and plan to, what? kill him? do a procedure to make him forget what he's learned? idk?) and figure no one will ask too many questions about a random cadet with few familial and social ties.

They failed to take into account one little detail: Jim Kirk. Cadet Kirk might've believed that Bones would up and leave him with no goodbye, but he called the ex wife, who confirms Joanna hasn't gotten her last weekly call, and he knows there's no way Bones would willingly skip out on that. The higher ups aren't taking his inquiries seriously, but there's no way he's gonna let this go. Uhura and the Vulcan Jim's pretty sure she's banging are doubtful of his conspiracy theories at first, but eventually he's got them, along with that genius Russian kid and that guy with the awesome sword collection helping him out....


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