Mar. 20th, 2020

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Draws series Masterpost (Pike/Kirk/McCoy plus an original female character later) - my ongoing book-size Reboot series

Bridge2Sickbay drabbles all Reboot but not linked as full stories

All my Reboot stories (on lj)

All my TOS stories (external website)

My policy on feedbacking other writers (which also says a lot about the feedback I'd like to receive)

My writing philosophy regarding style might be this by Mark Twain - I'm not always meeting his guidelines, but I'm trying.

My writing philosophy regarding content might be this: I don't want my fic to be irresponsible or hurtful. But I'm not exactly writing pieces for a public awareness campaign here, either.
(originally by [ profile] leftarrow, used with permission). This said, my stories are frequently kinky and queer, so heed the warnings.

My favorite Pike vids, all by [ profile] theoreticalpixy:
All Our Bows are Broken Pike&/Kirk - adore it, top favorite!
Hero of the Story Pike, Kirk, Spock - adore it, top favorite!
The 59's Song wonderful Pike Tribute, TOS/STXI
Tales of Brave Ulysses Pike/Number One - with Sexy!Bruce inside (from his movie "Republic of Love")

And finally...
Here's what I've learned about happiness: It's important to appreciate what you have, let yourself be inspired by people who have worked their way out of a particular hole, talk about your problems (talk, not whine repeatedly) and let yourself be helped and do the work. Things can and will change but not if you insist on your bad luck. (originally by illariy)


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