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Here's a paper stop motion remake of the lightcycle scene from the movie "Tron" (you don't have to remember the scene to have fun, I didn't either).
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Great animation on youtube about a poor little hungry hamster. So sweet!

EDIT: It's a gopher (thanks, [ profile] mecurtin...though it still looks like a hamster to me :)
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Backstory: Artistic friend came here with his girlfriend (who we also knew from a meeting before they moved together) who attended an art festival here in Bremen. Which meant she was busy all Friday-Sunday...but she also managed to get us "borrowed" tickets yesterday so that we could all three watch Harald Siepermann giving a lecture on developing characters for animation.

He was one of the guys working for "Who framed Roger Rabbit" and much more, and reading his blog - and the blog of the animation colleagues he linked to - makes my mouth drop and my brain go all "what the f* I'll never be able to make anything important so why not better give up right now and stop even thinking about it".

Yeah, I usually feel more intimidated than inspired once I see the stuff REALLY good people are making. Same with tap dance in the past. Sigh.

OTOH, artistic friend pointed out to me that there are lots of short movie festivals all over Germany and that I'd have the level of submitting something...if I wanted to put some work in it.

Not likely right now. Or is it? Uhm. It would mean making my own stuff, and no pointy-eared guys having hot gay sex. Right?


Did I ever tell you I dislike this grey-monday-morning-feeling?
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The new artistic inspiration of my weekend so far...
Read more about classic drawing animation software in combination with videos )
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Here are Sims2 players, right? What would I need to set up the game for a Classic Trek scenario with Spock (and all the others, but his ears are the most problematic point, I guess)?

And how long would it take to get enough Sims2 material for a vid?

It's all [ profile] odogoddess' fault. Really.

EDIT: Why didn't anyone tell me that Sims2 comes with a Movie Making Feature?? Did anyone test it? Does it work well??

EDIT2: OH.My.God. I'm doomed. I'm so much doomed...there's a whole machinima animation corner of folks who make movies with Sims2 (like here). Oh. Fuck.

(And yes, I should sleep but I'm awake as hell and therefore drinking whiskey liqueur now in the idea of helping the process...)


Aug. 19th, 2006 11:41 pm
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Great animation Animator vs. Animation (Flash needed)!
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We're having a little discussion about a K/S/Mc story here - join in if you feel like :)

The weather is fine therefore I have hayfever, and most things on the schedule are done. My husband is in geek mode and tries to get the Panel PC run with some Linux, which is cute. I'm crossing my fingers for him.

Had a closer look at the animation book, and it's breath-taking, handling all aspects of MOVING figures (walking, running, anticipation, action, reaction...) in very detailed drawings and descriptions. happy animation ramblings :) )

I must be mad to even think of doing this. But it's fun, it's for obsessive people and I could surely spend months on it...something for my next work dryspell or retirement or something. The combination of drawing AND plotting AND animating is very enchanting. But I think I'll start more with something like South Park, which is based on the design of cutted paper figures ;)
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When God distributed curiosity and obsession, I must have stood in the first row...

Spent 90% of this day so far with exploring the animation software MOHO (shareware, fully featured demo available), which said friend from last posting recced to me already months ago. I totally fell for it. Not that it does what I want most of the time...

*looks at grey hair in the mirrow*

And yeah, my main motivation is to get little movies where [character#1 of choice] can kiss [character #2 of choice]...or anything else that comes to mind. *bonks head*

All that with a hot water bottle in my lap and painkillers in my blood, because it's cold and my biology kicked my ass. In my next life, I'm so gonna be a man!

*goes off for some sleep*

P.S. If you ever thought about buying a Wacom graphic tablet but didn't so because people kept telling you "it's not like a real pen"...go and buy it anyway because, while it's not a normal pen, it is so much better for drawing and correcting things than a mouse. Worth every penny of the 99 EUR I spent on it.
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(Sigh, still a bit shocked about Pon Farr Press going out of publishing.)

EDIT: "After 1/1/06, the zines will be available from Eye Scry Designs (please note the hyphens in the URL):" *happy***

But actually I wanted to write about happier things - the wonderful animation book!!! It's even better than I thought at first glance. It has it all: drawing technique, movement angles, camera angles, animation's so great! I'm not sure when it really hit me that I want to make an animation - at least ONE in my life, as a personal "proof of concept" - but it was somehow during vidding when I consciously looked at the single pictures constituting a movie for the first time. Timing, key frames, FX effects, transition effects - all the things you can also use in animation.

And since there is Trek the Animated Series, I wouldn't even have to make it all up but could use their characters for a first shot. Animation would be lots of work nevertheless, because 12 drawings (says book) give 24 frames = ONE SECOND. Multiply with 60 to get a minute. Woah. But I really, really want to do it :)

Lately in the train when I didn't have much paper, I drew funny little characters - Kirk, Spock and McCoy in tin can style with minimalistic character design *G* one stray lock of hair, pointed ears and eyebrows...McCoy is the hardest to get. Maybe I'll stick with the cans for a while, but what I originally wanted to do was of course a little K/Mc movie on R level. Hey, I am predictable :)

I think the great thing about animation is that you get to write the story, draw the story board, set up the camera movements and special effects like any movie director and in the end have the movie that YOU WANT, totally independent of original source material. I still hope that the game "The Movies" will allow one to make digital trek movies in the future, but animation has a fascination of its own and, again, you're independent of any outside material.

The only limiting factor is one's own abilities and ok....mine are still low level all around. But I guess that after drawing hundreds of animations, I should really be able to draw, sigh ;)


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