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I'd like to rec a story that I enjoyed a lot on Tuesday:

Show the World That Something Good Can Work (AO3) by knune is an AU story with VeryGrumpyBones and VeryKirkishJim, nicely set in modern time with good writing and a lovely story structure (IMO).

A fun read - and I say that although it's basically sex-free PG-13! ;)
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I just thoroughly enjoyed the story Communication - I've got a big, weak spot for old Spock / young Reboot Kirk, and this fiction very much caters to my interest, both regarding the smut and regarding the emotions and love between them. Highly recommended ♥
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Say My Name (And Every Colour Illuminates) by canis takahari, a lovely and touching AU in which Jim makes friends with a special wolf...
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I just immensely enjoyed For You I Came This Far by circ_bamboo, a wonderful story about Winona Kirk and Chris Pike with a lot of great appearances by Number One, Jim Kirk, Phillip Boyce, Cait, Bones, and many others.

It reminded me what I was once in for in fanfiction, before writing it turned into work and reading it into something that keeps me from earning money...
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My currently top WIP to read is the story Failure is not an option by aadarshinah.

Summary: It's 2028, nearly 56 years since man last walked on the moon. There are those who think that's been far too long and are determined to return man to space, whatever means necessary. This is the story of seven of them and how McCoy got caught up in their unbelievable journey to the stars.

It's a beautiful AU which has a great mix of NASA history, made-up history up to 2028, lovely characterization, and is heading towards Kirk/McCoy (not there yet). Already almost 20K long, I hope it will keep its current standard and result in a long, great story in the end.

Story rec

Jan. 12th, 2011 08:44 pm
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The Place Where They Have to Take You In by igrockspock, Kirk/Sulu's Mom (not really happening, but almost).

This story impressed me with its emotional intensity and *hmmm* integrity? Hard to describe, but I loved it.
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I can't believe that there's been lovely Pike/One/Kirk hiding out there without me noticing, written by circ_bamboo:

Blond, Brunette . . . Redhead?

Dust from his Hands

Yum yum yum and I'd love to see more of that 'verse.

Note to self: Need Pike/One/Kirk icon.
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I'm sure I recced imachar's wonderful Pike/Boyce series already once and I do it again because I think it's worth many more readers and comments than it received so far. If you haven't read anything of it yet, Do It Now. Just too good to pass :)

Also, if you're not sure whether Boyce does anything for you, check out these images of BruceGreenwood!Pike and MarkHarmon!Boyce together - they sure work for me!
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reena-jenkins read green_postit's "Knives in the Water" as Pod Fic and it works rather well for me, yum.
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Despite being rather unkind to Winona in Draws, I adore her character, and this big bang story

In Having New Eyes by betweenthebliss

left me absolutely speechless. Winona's life in her POV, and she's human and realistic and perfect. Whoa. That's literature to me.

*is awed*

P.S. I love authors who put their fic up on AO3 where you can download the full story for local saving.
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I just had a great time with fringedweller's bigbang story If Wishes Were Horses

It's Kirk/Rand as main pairing, with gorgeous Pike and Pike/One inside, bits of McCoy/Chapel, lovely Uhura, Chapel and Gaila as Rand's support team, and some really awesome original characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride :))
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Having kind of wrapped up my story for the moment *squeals* I caught up with a bigbang story of last year by brighteyed-jill, namely

We Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly to be Fearful of the Night McCoy/Chekov (the prequel to this year's big bang story Though My Soul May Set in Darkness).

It's even better than the sequel, IMVHO, really well-paced, with great McCoy conflict, superbly written Chekov, lots of other wonderful characterizations (I loved this Spock!) and a very satisfying ending. Heartily recommended :))
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I wanted to write but I was side-tracked into reading the lovely story Though My Soul May Set in Darkness (McCoy/Chekov), which is in best tradition to gen adventure/suspension and slashy h/c mixture.

If you loved reading Greywolf's Songs of the Dirhja (K/S), brighteyed-jill's stories (there's a prequel to this one from last years big bang, though I didn't read that one yet) might be right up your alley.
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I hope all of you read imachar's fabulous Pike/Boyce universe - if not, this is a good moment to jump in and read first Boyce's POV on the start of the night aka the beginning of their affair, then Pike's POV of the next days. Great characterization and scorching hot sex in equal measure :)
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Scorching hot: If a Person Should Ever Like a Person . . .(Uhura/Pike) - I love people who know what they want, and while I'm usually not a big Reboot!Uhura fan, in this pairing she's a great match for Pike.

And because I don't want to make yet another posting, here, have a hot/kinky Kirk art rec too: Kirk in ponygear and once with Pike's boot on his face :)
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Unwritten (K/Mc) - ayalesca's wonderful writer AU. So great.
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I usually don't rec anything I didn't read completely, so this comes with a "no guarantee" warning, but I read chapter 1 of 12 and I think that hollycomb writes the most fantastic Kirk/Sulu/Chekov ever anyway, so my conscience is okay with posting this rec:

Whatever a Moon Has Always Meant (Kirk/Sulu/Chekov, 120K!)

Her characters always have believable depths and backstories, touching but not schmoopy; there's pain and heartbreak and it feels true to life, which is my mega-kink. Just gorgeous.

EDIT: Of course I read it all by now and it's mind-blowing great IMVHO. It just hits all my buttons for complicated, realistic three-people-in-love stories, sprinkled with adorable details that made my heart go soft and mushy. Damn damn damn.
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...can be found at rubynye's journal with Never, Once.

A wonderful mix of incredible hotness and wonderful characterization.


AOS recs

Jun. 5th, 2010 11:13 am
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My current fun favorite is [ profile] silverlining_99's Kirk/McCoy SPN AU *happy*

Then I wanted to rec three things out of the ordinary (for me):

Notes from a Classroom at writes Spock/Uhura but with a focus on Vulcan society and adventure, and I really like what she has so far, including some great Pike in the part "The Interview".

Then I was reading Divergeny by 13empress, a looong story with K/S and kid!K, kid!S and Narada and time travel and whatnot. I'm stuck at part 13 right now, and it's a bit too interwoven at points for my taste, but still a really good adventure story.

And I'm following [ profile] kianspo - started it actually over her Pike/Spock and now also read her K/S stories. "Don't Stop Believing" is her current WIP, covering the beginning of the Kirk-Spock adventure, and I really like it how she develops the very slow and tentative connection-building between Kirk and Spock, including all misunderstandings and sheer opposing forces aspects. Reboot doesn't deliver K/S right away, and kianspo takes the pain to go all the way for it.

Aos AU rec

May. 26th, 2010 11:24 pm
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knives in the water

*phew* Mafia AU not for the faint of heart, brilliant and intense.


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