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Jun. 22nd, 2010 08:14 pm
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"Full Dress"--Spock Prime/McCoy - a story with a rather unique but believable premise, sadder than it reads

The (Un)Birthday Gift - Kirk/McCoy - just lovely, IMO :)
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Recced on my flist and soo worth your time:
Listening To Hear Where You Are is a gorgeous, very sexy, so NSFW fic with Spock/Uhura + Kirk in a very hot, very slashystraightcrossdressingsuperhotfucking way with a superb characterization to boot. Don't miss it!

Then something kinky and also touching: Getting it Right Kirk/McCoy with Bones on top as the loving, wonderfully accepting partner in kink - and some Pike thoughts thrown in for good measure! This fic is relatively short but pushes my buttons so hard. Phew.

And completely unrelated - a demotivational poster for Sylaristi *G*
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The awesomeness of Chris Pike and Jim Kirk as shown in two songvids to the same song.

Circus with Kirk in its focus (one of my favorite Reboot vids ever!).

Circus with Pike in its focus, spanking new and working just as well.

And I absolutely want to remind everyone again of the fantastic songvid Hero of this Song by [ profile] theoreticalpixy - so beautiful. Another one of my all-time favorite songvids and a great inspiration for post-Narada Pike IMHO.

*still needs better Pirk icons*
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The Opposite of Expediency (6 parts in whole) by ewin, a hurt!Spock-healing!McCoy story with a wonderfully slow, intense development.

Very, very beautiful ♥ Made my evening. A shame that I missed it until today!

Two recs

Jan. 14th, 2010 11:55 pm
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Mutualism - a very intense Kirk/McCoy MU story by [ profile] emiliglia.

Two wonderful songvids with Pike inside by [ profile] theoreticalpixy. I love the second one too, but the first, "Hero of this story", has become one of my new favorite trek vids because it's about vulnerable heroes and damn if I don't write that right now :)
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Disloyalty fabulous Pike/Spock with happy ending!

Blue Baby Eyes Sam Kirk/Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy - for sick hot pleasures, heed the pairing code!

Reconciliation Pike/Kirk (hot. hot. hot. and depths)

My love, the Astronaut Pike/Kirk, short but intense
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People write more Pike again, and I love them all so much for it *swoons* Here my favorites:

From [ profile] bridge2sickbay:
Kirk,Winona - I'm only happy when it rains by [ profile] lauriegilbert - gen but Pike/Kirk/McCoy in the background! For me!!! *bounces*
Pike (gen)- A little less conversation, a little more action please (450 words) by [ profile] florahart - kick-ass Pike

Less About my Soul (Winona/Pike) by [ profile] leftarrow - love the setting

Convergence (part 1/3, WIP) by [ profile] mijan - a WONDERFUL Pike inside, great character study and movie canon exploration. I cannot love her enough for keeping on writing Pike the Captain so beautifully.

This said, I'm totally behind with reading in general and I might miss stuff but I've got to go write myself now, really. Will catch up... some day :)
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There's always a number of great ficlets coming out of [ profile] bridge2sickbay, but my hands-down-favorite-fill of last night is Pike/Nero - Intimacy (edgy) by [ profile] florahart - amazing and intense. Love it.
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Lovely and hot and believable with a great build-up: The Benefit of Friends and Roommates Kirk/McCoy, recreational bondage by [ profile] seanchaidh. Yum yum yum :)

And a completely different story type - a rather dark SpockPrime/Nu?!Kirk story coming with all kinds of warning including character death, but it really works for me: Quench the Flames by [ profile] blcwriter.


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