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Ohhh, I love this:

Animated Sherlock/John kiss - it's ADORABLE!

Via [personal profile] iibnf

McCoy Art

Jan. 2nd, 2008 02:46 am
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I thought I'd start the new year with publishing my last Spiced Peaches art. Here my favorite. It's so strange - sometimes, picture editing just WORKS, and sometimes it doesn't. This is a good one, I think.

McCoy in TMP, totally worksafe )
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Didn't do much today. Was swimming (and should reconsider doing that on Sundays, the kid density was a little high), slept some, washed some dishes and...was mostly lazy.

more S&/Mc art from last SP, rated PG - 'Before the Wedding' )
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Since the new Spiced Peaches will be soon coming out, here a manip from the last one. It's titled "Confessions" and it's PG /gen, if you're inclined this way *G*

S&/Mc art from last Spiced Peaches - my favorite as first :) )
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Great HP illustrations (gen)

*goes and hides crying* :)

Snape Rareslash Ficathon, especially recommended: Be the Good Little Soldier (Snape/Karkaroff) (pre-Death Eater)
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Oh, I want to be able to draw like [ profile] mon_starling.


*feels like starting to twiddle with drawing again*
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- guess what I found? The final version of the K/S/Mc manip! It's from 2004 and still not perfect, but a lot better than the old draft version I found in the net this week (click on it for the big version):

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Backstory: Artistic friend came here with his girlfriend (who we also knew from a meeting before they moved together) who attended an art festival here in Bremen. Which meant she was busy all Friday-Sunday...but she also managed to get us "borrowed" tickets yesterday so that we could all three watch Harald Siepermann giving a lecture on developing characters for animation.

He was one of the guys working for "Who framed Roger Rabbit" and much more, and reading his blog - and the blog of the animation colleagues he linked to - makes my mouth drop and my brain go all "what the f* I'll never be able to make anything important so why not better give up right now and stop even thinking about it".

Yeah, I usually feel more intimidated than inspired once I see the stuff REALLY good people are making. Same with tap dance in the past. Sigh.

OTOH, artistic friend pointed out to me that there are lots of short movie festivals all over Germany and that I'd have the level of submitting something...if I wanted to put some work in it.

Not likely right now. Or is it? Uhm. It would mean making my own stuff, and no pointy-eared guys having hot gay sex. Right?


Did I ever tell you I dislike this grey-monday-morning-feeling?
syredronning: (Default) play around with all my drawing goodies. Had lengthy sessions with my light box, drawing equipment, a scanner, my Wacom graphic tablet, Gimp and also ArtRage (similar to Corel Painter but extremely cheaper).

Yes, I always thought I don't do colors, but IS fun, as long as I work on a level I can handle. Found out how to use layers, canvas types and custom color palettes in ArtRage, too.

This weekend was a total boost, and I'm very satisfied and happy. Woah. DRAWING LOVE.
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K/S shots (and some more) in very good quality (linked from Farf linked from whoever).

I'm surprisingly K/S-y at the moment, at least art-wise (well, I should make two drawings very soon.)

I received my copy of the Bondmate zine three days ago, and looking at the art I realized that I really have a problems with tones. Either it's gray in gray or it's flat comic style with barely any shading at all. It's hard to find the middle so far, to have white, gray, and dark areas. So, that's on my plate for the next K/S. I chose a really nice motive and have fitting heads and all, but I can see it will take a few tries to become something good. This gives me a great excuse to browse my growing collection of erotic art on my computer and print out the best ones, he ;)
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The next thing I want is a light box like this (sorry, no English link available).

Preferably within the next ten minutes *groans*
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...and my attempts at art madness.

Writing feels often more like my work than like pure fun, but shows satisfying results without stressing me (as long as the muses are awake).

Photomanips are quickies solely based on the potential of collected pics *eyes hundreds of more or less naked men* and nice deliverables for (online) zines.

Drawing is meditative and de-stressing, even though I'm still in the first stages of finding out what I really want to do. editing...I don't know which devil has driven me to even try it. It caused 98% of all existing gray hair on my head. It caused me to spend hundreds and hundreds of EUROs on DVD packages, software, and USB harddrives. It made me shout bad words more than any other hobby in the last years.

But today I tried the worst thing - I tried audio editing at work. And although I'm documenting this top-notch-soon-to-be-released-cool supersoftware, I found myself totally struggling with as much as one track, an audio file on it, one little cut and a crossfade. Because. It. Just. Didn't. Sound. Right. And the resulting wav has 90 MB? Beats me.

And still...*eyes book about comics by Will Eisner* *eyes splatterish scifi songvid in the making*...I can't really stop the madness.

*whines* Where's my campari-o?
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This day, many points.

- We had asparagus and various other things over the day, our sleeping/eating schedule definitely on geek level at the moment (i.e. absolutely no schedule to speak of).

- My animation looks rather ok. And thanks to [ profile] caitn it should be error-free languagewise too.

- My husband has a DVD flash and went through two Kurosawa movies, Odyssee 2001 and 2010, the first B5 movie, and now we're watching B5 season 1 ;)

- And last not least, someone is using my K/Mc mood theme! Hell must have frozen over! It delights me to no end :)
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I feel so accomplished tonight that my nerves relaxed a bit and my fannishness came I made a MANIP! Yes! Spock/McCoy, because, well, they are my true-love-couple, after all.

Spock and McCoy making out in the woods )
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(Sigh, still a bit shocked about Pon Farr Press going out of publishing.)

EDIT: "After 1/1/06, the zines will be available from Eye Scry Designs (please note the hyphens in the URL):" *happy***

But actually I wanted to write about happier things - the wonderful animation book!!! It's even better than I thought at first glance. It has it all: drawing technique, movement angles, camera angles, animation's so great! I'm not sure when it really hit me that I want to make an animation - at least ONE in my life, as a personal "proof of concept" - but it was somehow during vidding when I consciously looked at the single pictures constituting a movie for the first time. Timing, key frames, FX effects, transition effects - all the things you can also use in animation.

And since there is Trek the Animated Series, I wouldn't even have to make it all up but could use their characters for a first shot. Animation would be lots of work nevertheless, because 12 drawings (says book) give 24 frames = ONE SECOND. Multiply with 60 to get a minute. Woah. But I really, really want to do it :)

Lately in the train when I didn't have much paper, I drew funny little characters - Kirk, Spock and McCoy in tin can style with minimalistic character design *G* one stray lock of hair, pointed ears and eyebrows...McCoy is the hardest to get. Maybe I'll stick with the cans for a while, but what I originally wanted to do was of course a little K/Mc movie on R level. Hey, I am predictable :)

I think the great thing about animation is that you get to write the story, draw the story board, set up the camera movements and special effects like any movie director and in the end have the movie that YOU WANT, totally independent of original source material. I still hope that the game "The Movies" will allow one to make digital trek movies in the future, but animation has a fascination of its own and, again, you're independent of any outside material.

The only limiting factor is one's own abilities and ok....mine are still low level all around. But I guess that after drawing hundreds of animations, I should really be able to draw, sigh ;)
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First of all, Shelley mailed me re the K/S/Mc, and she's working on it and it will be done soon *swoons***

Second, Caz dropped me a great link to a portrait artist. I'm no fan of the grid method, but it's interesting to read and I found a nice book about shading linked there *goes amazoning*

Third, Jean Kluge makes another art sales which runs until tomorrow! I got weak now and ordered 6 pieces. Check her out if you like TNG het and slash (Riker/Data! Riker/Troi! Data/Yar!). She also has a great K/S piece, lots of Sentinel and some more fandoms.

More about Jean's art sales )

Tomorrow: Nude drawing lesson, part 1. Cross your fingers for me.
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Another sunny day, so I worked on another drawing. The original shot is almost the one of my icon, with slightly shifted angles. Note to self: Hair, which causes no work in manips, is nevertheless pain to draw.

Click on the image to get a bigger version! :)

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For IDIC and Nyotava and everyone from the toshetfanficforum...who asked for:

"Kirk lying on stomach in bed with lock of hair across brow"

Alright, no lock, no stomach, and as usually I f*cked up the composition plus had no pillow nearby to make it better...but hopefully you like it anyway :)) Click on it to get a bigger version.


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