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Oct. 11th, 2007 10:29 am
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Had a "splatter" morning due to some incident I don't want to elaborate further, but glad to know I'm over the point of instant illness when I see blood.

"Heroes" in dubbed German lacks a lot of its charm, I think most of my chat friends are not sold on it. They also have Hiro just speak German instead of his cute Japanese, sigh. OTOH, on TV I saw some more details than on my screen, like spoilers for first season Heroes )

BL was fantastic, with Alan winning the case of that white-race-first family and Shirley appearing in a full-body bunny costume. And the "threesome kiss", yay! Alan speaking about the exchange of body fluids between him and Denny. Hehehe.

I also love Brad/Jerry...ehm Brad&%/&%Jerry *G* I wonder if they ever have make-up sex :P

Cait's ASCEM story challenge got me sidetracked, and I've prepared an old and written a new story, with another story in mind. Yum.


Jul. 4th, 2007 10:19 pm
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Just watching the episode in which Brad broods about being a bad kisser. He tries to build some manly friendship with Alan and Denny, and when Alan asks what Brad wants to really talk about, Brad asks him if he (ALAN) is a good kisser!!! OMG, I laughed so hard! Alan's face made my evening. LOL!

.oOAlan/Brad, anyone?

EDIT: Brad gets kissing lessons, woah! And Denny shooting his psychiatrist a second time?! LOL! Poor Alan.

I ♥ BL
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I decided I will write only nice things for at least a week. Soo....mawed the lawn, did the dishes, went shopping, worked some (not in that order, actually), and did some research on how much it would cost to do internet brokerage with my main bank. Ate grapes and curd with fresh red currant and a Doener, which makes it a relatively healthy day, I suppose *G*

Tonight, Boston Legal had the episode with the kid dying from playing a computer game for too long (thoughtful Brad inside), Denis' polygamy case, and Alan and Denny going to a spa and having deep relationship discussion. Letting the episode end with the two on a balcony and the song "Stand by your man" being played is really hitting it over the head, dear producers! S*L*A*S*H rulez.
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I'm ridiculously satisfied with myself. I filled many more snippets, added the first 30+ Map IDs after two phone calls with the software developer, removed ALL errors from the online AND the print process and managed to generate a PDF with active links. On top of everything, I cooked "Schupfnudeln mit Sauerkraut" and it tasted fine *G* I AM SOO GOOOD.

I'm also damn tired now *aches vaguely*

Last night we had Boston Legal with the episode with Shirley's ex (Tom Selleck) showing up again (the case with the Victorian sex toys) and Danny making a monologue about being main characters in a show, hehe. And Alan making strange things for a good cause, hmmm.
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Watched BL with the last of my strength, but it was sooo worth it.

It was the Tom Selleck as Shirley's ex episode, which had musical humor, some Shirley/Denise (tsk, my brain), great Paul & Shirley and Paul & his daughter and an interesting Alzheimer case for Alan and Denny with a surprising ending and a great last scene on the balcony. 100 points!

*breaks down and sleeps*
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The morning started with me waking up from a dream where I talked with Alan Shore. He said that Danny was dead, and it left me (the character-me) confused.

From there, a strange little OFC/Alan story grew in my head. Sigh. The problem with kinky Alan is that I don't entirely get him. I guess that [ profile] watergal, due to her eternal love for psychological analysis, gets him a lot better than I do. However, when I read her kinky Alan/Tara, it left me confused (and therefore without feedback, bad me). Confused because the combination of "characters I love in a pairing I see plus kink"...didn't make me instantly horny. That means something didn't work for me, but I don't know the answer yet.

Anyway, when I went to my computer this morning, the INTERNET WAS DOWN. Now, we have a standing line for which I pay quite some money per month, so it is supposed to be NEVER DOWN. But as I wasn't mentally able to tackle the problem right away, I went into the garden for some necessary work. When I went inside an hour later, the line had resumed working. Good for them *harrumph*

Oh, and when cats can be into spanking, does that prove we can throw all our wacky attempts on explanations into the bin and claim that it's just a biological feature :P?
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They just showed a Boston Legal trailer on German TV, and they only showed Shatner and Spader, again and again, as if it were only their series *amused* Obviously the TV people know whose fans are watching it.

Then I'm also rather happy tonight, because the project had a special pay-off - the software is ready to hit the stores at Sept 20, so there was a kind of internal launch party and everyone (including me!) got a shiny new box with the software. YAY! One of the top notch products for music production. This is great! Now, if they hadn't forgotten to print the license keys, I could even use it ;) Anyway - next week :)))

Upcoming: long kinky weekend with friends.


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