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written down because I mostly think about the bad stuff right now and want to fix that

* I had sushi.
* I also had ice cream.
* I watched the first half of the Italy:Croatia game in the sun in a public viewing spot. And it was only cool, not cold summer this year is quite a fail so far. Now watching Ireland:Spain. Yes, it's football time \o/
* I learned something new about the translation transaction SE63 in SAP, and got more user rights on the productive system. Nice :)
* Draws at almost 40K.
* Tomorrow it's Friday. Thank you, universe.
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That suggestion in books about writing where they tell you that you should write character bios before writing a story?

That suggestion I never liked, much less followed?

Is the one that comes biting my ass now.

*pokes and prods Draws!Pike's history with long sticks*
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Salad - check
Water - check
Work - check
Live stream USA:Ghana - check :)

I'd usually root for the USA but I really think Ghana should come a little further, so I root for both :) Just hoping it's a good game.

Tomorrow 16:00 Germany:England, we'll visit mother-in-law for watching and it should be fun *bouncy*


Nov. 7th, 2009 03:29 pm
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Just uploaded an S/Mc vid for a friend that will show up in the next Spiced Peaches, and I'm close to tears because it brings the TOS and S/Mc love back so bad that it hurts *sniffles******

*stares adoringly at the great acting and interaction of Nimoy and Kelley*

(This said, story is at 15.400 words and growing.)


Oct. 25th, 2009 06:14 pm
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How to improve a sucky mood: Watch Wild Boys by Duran Duran (Youtube) - a vid which is as kinky as you can get, with the additional bonus of the main singer being tied to a wheel that dips him (almost) under water with each rotation ;)

BTW, I always thought this is the perfect Kirk song (any Kirk; I never saw TOS Kirk as less of a thrill seeker than the young one).


Aug. 9th, 2009 06:53 pm
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Grmbl, who are the idiots who thought that the official Star trek movie page should be fully in flash so that the bits of character bios cannot be linked directly from other pages??

However, it possibly says something about my mind that when I saw the character listing - which is Kirk - Pike - McCoy as the first three, I squeed a little *insert major infatuation with these three*

And I wanted to complain about the music on the site but as I actually love the movie soundtracks, I cannot do so with good conscience *grrrr*G*

A note...

Aug. 9th, 2009 01:56 pm
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...due to the constant mixing of fandom and rl stuff in this journal, about 80% of my entries are flocked right now. Feel free to friend me to read more of my blather - if I recognize you from fannish circles, I'm very likely to friend back :)))

(Also - if you ever want to give feedback for any of my old stories, feel free to send me a message or a mail. No matter how old a story is, they're all dear to my heart and I were a strange writer if I didn't heart feedback when it comes in!)
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McCoy/Chapel established relationship and still something new aka spanking - wonderful story, very well-done in Chapel characterization IMVHO. Oh, and HOT!

Pike/Kirk is currently written by [ profile] blcwriter and [ profile] eldritchhorrors. There's also a Pike/Kirk MU series ongoing here. For Pike fiction, go to [ profile] pike_2009 :)

And this McCoy Wallpaper makes me really, really fall in love with the new McCoy all over again and I caved in and substituted my De picture with Karl. Sigh.
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Just sent my reworked D/s AU story to my beta again. Hope the intro parts are much clearer now.

Also need to do this and that rl stuff. Not very motivated for it.

For anyone else who's in need of amusement:

5 Times Kirk had to Watch and the One Time He Hit That Like the Fist of Angry God by cards_slash - Spock and McCoy are forced by aliens to have sex five times - then Kirk jumps in :) (sequel to Keep Your Clothes on!)
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* Delivered documents to the financial department which should return money to me - check.
* Made sports - check.
* Got lost in trek fandom - check.

Made anything else - uh duh.

So, I better start doing something sensible now *blush*

Also, I'm in need of inspiration. I have a problem seeing K/S/Mc in the new universe. I'll take links to good fic and ideas just why and how they might get together.

P.S. What made my day - lovely feedback for the S/Mc Tarot Suite by a new fan *happy*
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...if the lj display is on skip=80 and you can't remember having read the entries.

Job remains cool and interesting. Freelance work on the desk is good for the money but bad for the relaxation. My car was frozen at the inside(!) so I used my husband as taxi for all of the working week. Also, cuddling a hot water bottle right now because of TMI.

And look, there's SUN out there!

Last not least, sharing this picture that Julie sent me, noting that "they look so rumpled and toussled that I could just pinch their cheeks! (Either pair!)" I would too!

For good measure, this was the picture that inspired Julie to send me hers:

Ah, my boys!
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The light bulb in our bathroom died last night. The only new light bulb in the house was an energy-saving, daylight-simulating one - and it's the LIGHT OF DOOM. You see every little damn dirt in the rather newly cleaned bathroom. If we keep having it, I see myself cleaning the bathroom every other day.

Tomorrow: Buy new yellowish darker traditional bulb!
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Mood: good.
Health: cold done, TMI done, but some kind of digestion bug around. Sigh *listens to the ominous sounds from her intestine*

One more week plus 2 days to go until Christmas.
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Note to self:

CSS design is tricky.
CSS design is tricky.
CSS design is tricky.

Sigh ;)

22.00 already. Where did this evening go?
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Bought myself 2 packs of the Star Trek PEZ collectible *G* waves cyloran*, financial doom.

Also, people writing on that OMG there is no place in Star Trek for a little sex can't possibly ever have watched the original series with Tomcat Kirk and all those girls in their skimpy "will-they-fall-off-or-not" costumes, right? Clean and prude TOS must be an USA AU ;)

(Someone blamed that misconception on TNG and that may be quite true.)
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Copy this sentence into your LiveJournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

Most stupid idea ever. I don't get their thinking one bit.

Now, work. Hey, it's Thursday already! :)
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Bloglines behaves crappily again and ate my blog list. Will move to some other RSS web feeder tonight *grmbls* Suggestions welcome.

Wordpress design for $associatedcompany is done and will be reviewed today. Now, if I only knew how to tame this widget header...couldn't pinpoint the source code for it yet.

For illariy - I was swimming on Saturday :))

Now, off to work *yawns a little*


Sep. 29th, 2008 10:58 am
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Thanks for all the comments on the Nimoy Picture - glad you liked it!

To [ profile] prelocandkanar - yes, I downloaded this Nimoy mp3 thingy but they were talking so much about other stuff in its beginning that I lost it and stopped listening. I'll give it another try (if I find the file again) *G*
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Today in the clipping blog: Nimoy and Belief/Religion, as of 1967 - check it out if you're curious :)

Other than that, rl waiting...


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