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As I'm on vacation, I had time to drabble for the first time in ages.

Pike/Number One - Foot Rest )

Pike/McCoy - Bubble wrap  )

Pike, Chapel - Pad of paper  )

Pike, Kirk - Rolodex  )
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This wasn't really my writing night, plus I came late to the party because we Germans are one week behind the US daylight saving time shift (duh). That really threw me. Ah well. Here, have the results of the night, that could be concluded with "nobody gets any".

Pike, Gaila - Every Me and Every You  )

Kirk, Joanna - Ask for Answers )

Kirk, Uhura - Communication Breakdown  )

Kirk, Gary Mitchell - Sexed Up  )

Pike, Winona - Eye in the Sky  )

Pike, Number One - Something Stupid )
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I was busy&offline for two weekends and that might happen on the next one too, but yesterday I managed to participate in [ profile] bridge2sickbay. Enjoy!

Winona/McCoy - Comparing Notes )
Pike/Chekov - With your cherry lips and golden curls. You could make grown men gasp )
Kirk/McCoy - Soap is NOT a lube )
Pike/McCoy - French Food  )
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It was left-over round at b2s again, meaning people could repost old, unfilled/little-filled prompts, and it's definitely not been my best writing week IMVHO. Well, have fun anyway :)

Spock Prime, McCoy - For life's not a paragraph / and death I think is no parenthesis  )

Kirk/McCoy - Alcestis )

Winona, Pike - Spring Cleaning )

Kirk, Cupcake - Handcuffs )
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For [ profile] exiled_mind - I tried to write within the 30 min time frame so it's a one-shot, but I hope you'll like it anyway :) It's the first thing that came to my mind last Sunday, and I followed it through...

Pike, Kirk - Follow me ever - desert me not while I live. (Ashes of Soldiers by Walt Whitman) - obvious warning should be obvious )
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I was drabbling and this time, it's all Pike :) Dammit, he takes over my life! So here have five drabbles:

Pike/Gaila - Shoes )

Pike/Number One - Shower Curtain  )

Pike, Winona - Scissors )

Pike, Kirk - Leather Bound book (Pike/George Kirk implied) )

Pike/McCoy - Apron (kinky) )
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I'm really incredibly tired this week, so the drabbles of Sunday evening come late. I only managed two rounds, both with Pike. Problem is that my muses are currently in novel-length modus, so I write 30 minutes like mad, then post, then try to catch up with the new prompts... it's more stress than fun at the moment :(

I also should note that in my Draws universe, Winona is not a positive figure, so whenever I write her and Pike in ficlets, it gets all kinds of strange.

Pike/McCoy - Resolve to come out with their relationship (definitely inspired by severinne's series )

Pike, George Kirk, Winona - Winona resolves to tell George that she knew about his affair with Pike (warning: unsympathetic Pike ;) )
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Name of drinks were the prompts, and I filled my three rounds a little less literally than usual. Be warned - NO smut this time.

Pike, Number One, Kirk - Mind Eraser (warning: sad) )

George Kirk, Jim Kirk (and Pike too) - Hologram  )

Kirk, Spock - Nirvana )
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Last night, I participated in six of eight rounds with the theme slogans. I barely knew any, but damn, the ad slogans are suggestive, it's unbelievable. As usual, I tried to be a little flexible in pairings and failed spectacularly. (Though I guess Pike/Number One counts as something new, right?)
Once again sorted so that the highest squick factors are on top for easier skipping.

Kirk/McCoy - Good to the Last Drop (Golden Showers warning)  )
Kirk/Gaila - If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face (female ejaculation) )
Pike/Number One - Celebrate the Moments of Your Life  )
Pike/McCoy - Just do it.  )
Pike/Kirk/McCoy - We'll leave the light on for you )
McCoy/Chapel - How do you spell relief?  )
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My [ profile] bridge2sickbay drabble output of last night. Most of them were low-rated, but in interest of all parties who are not into incest fic, I put the drabbles in an order so that you can skip the first one easily.

McCoy/Joanna - Cookies (dark, warning: INCEST between adults) )

Kirk/McCoy - sex (adult) )

Kirk/Spock/McCoy (Author's Choice) - Ring (PG) )

Spock/McCoy - Apples (PG) )

Pike/Kirk (Author's choice) - Bear (silly PG) )

Pike/Kirk - Orange (PG) )

Pike/Winona - Rebound (PG) )
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As I've got a free Monday, I could stay through all eight rounds and it was fun! The theme was "kink" (how fitting :) Nothing here is really safe for work, but you shouldn't read my journal at work anyway!

Pike/Kirk - D/s )

Kirk/McCoy - Watching themselves on a vid screen )

Spock/McCoy - Voyeurism )

Pike/Chapel -Sounding (kink alert!) )

Spock/McCoy - McCoy has to explain rimming to Spock )

George/Winona - Exhibitionism )

Kirk/McCoy - Tattoo licking )

Pike/Kirk - Public sex )
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Posting here to have them in one place :) My latest [ profile] bridge2sickbay output (I love the comm, but the drabble scheduling Sunday night does not work well with my European timetable :/ )

From last week: Winona/Pike - Demeter (warning: twincest and generally super-strange )

Pike/Gaila - No matter how vast the differences may be between cultures, people always have something that somebody else wants and trade is born. )

Kirk/McCoy - I can't sacrifice the present waiting for a future that may never happen. (warning: breakup fic) )

EDIT: And a link tip - weepinglaid wrote Pike/McCoy! *squee* And there's a lot more Pike inside this time - best thing is just to read through the prompt replies :)


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