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As my business website should finally really be bilingual, I tackled the "internationalization module". Note to self: the translation block has to be activated to switch directly between different language contents by clicking on "English" or "German".

I also inserted a little PHP snippet from the Drupal collection as block that routes to a login page, instead of having the login always on the first page.

This is so cool. But still nothing written for any calendar.
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In my urge to test yet another site concept (my business one for a change), I decided to tackle the problem of multiple sites running on one Drupal installation. It took me, uh, two hours, even though I followed this rather clear instruction (without any web developer suite). Note to self: a "[c:/xampp/apache/bin/]httpd -S" in a DOS console shows if the virtual hosts are configured correctly.

Oh, my Kirk action figure arrived, and just as feared, I'm unable to unpack this expensive goodie, so I guess I should look out at Ebay for someone who was stupid nice enough to do so and now sells him cheaper.
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Delved into deeper depths of Drupal by trying to tackle Views. These are essentially lists you can configure, and which are very helpful. However, I find that e.g. creating something like the Kinky Linklist is a bit trickier than expected, because it not only includes contents of the type "weblinks" in format A, but also my own stories in format B. And these two different types don't look good in combination at the moment.

Looks as if I've got to have a more detailed encounter with some php scripts that tackle outputting lists based on taxonomy. For example, it is possible to add a block (structural element in Drupal) that contains such a php script, and to say 'be the page footer' - and *snip* I've got a list for my pairing terms and the respective number of stories for each :) Which is cool. Now, if I also knew how "page regions" worked so that I can include that block into a page instead of the footer...well, tomorrow. *yawns and falls into bed*

P.S. Feel slightly guilty for not submitting anything to any "fan fic advent calendar" - maybe I can write something over the next days.
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Went swimming this morning, which gave me ample time to decide what to do next. So I committed myself to Drupal and absolutely don't regret it so far.

It has a much better categorization potential than I first thought, and definable content types. It's a real, expandable CMS, with a big community, good manuals, tutorials etc. and lots of modules that can be installed. So I've spent the day with "rapid prototyping", searching the knowledge bases, installing stuff, tweaking css and all. Am hopeful to have something running in a few days.
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No SPN, no BL *flails* This is...torture :)

Means I've got to go swimming to avoid depression boredom.

Got Daisy running yesterday after several hours of entering command lines (haven't seen the DOS windows that much for ages). Am very proud of myself right now. He. But I wish the demo project would look more interesting and the navigation example a little more helpful...


Nov. 22nd, 2007 05:16 pm
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Not a good day. I deinstalled Plone/Zope because, while Silva is also zope-based, it didn't work with that particular installment of Zope. However, I absolutely didn't manage to make Silva run *grrr* Zope rather sucks, and it's no longer a mystery to my why Apache is much more common. I gave up after 4 hours of pain.

Had more looks at this and that, but once you go into the depths of the open source wildness, the sources are hard to find, hard to install, complicated to fun.

Also, when I cooked something, I accidentally threw an open package of buttermilk down, which distributed itself all over the floor and half the fridge. No fun, again.

Trying to cheer myself up now. Where's the fic?

Oh, and PS: Happy Thanksgiving to my flist! *G*


Nov. 22nd, 2007 11:54 am
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Okay. While Plone remains my "oh my god so great" candidate, the problem with setting up a Zope webserver isn't trivial (or inexpensive).

I'm now looking through this CMS linklist. A friend recommended to check out Daisy and also Forrest. Personally, I have Silva on my list right now. It's zope-based like Plone, but can publish static websites, which would be fine for my pages. (Dynamic websites are directly published out of the database; static ones are generated locally and then published to the webserver.)

On the intellectual side, ordered "Heart of Darkness" by J. Conrad now (thanks, [ profile] bronzelionel, for the reminder).
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So far, I'm absolutely enthralled with "Plone".
- The system is Zope based, therefore no collision with my XAMPP.
- Installer for Windows. Internet access must be granted to Python, but other than that, it just works.
- The documentation is really rather helpful. Of course, some experience with structuring contents makes it easier.

I made my first little test: Illustrated sample - automated linklists )
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Oh...oh. I'm checking a new, very interesting CMS candidate named "Plone". Not only does it have a beautiful user manual for beginners, but it also seems to offer multiple categories per page and all! It sounds almost too good to be true *holds breath while installing*

Oh, and is it already Thanksgiving again?!
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Good points of my tests:
- Learned to install quickly any CMS package into my XAMPP/htdocs directory and make it run. Ha.
- Remember many of the quirks CMS systems have.
- Realize a lot better what exactly I need for

- This would definitely not be Wordpress (mostly for Blogs), as it's very weak with categories and link lists.
- Serendipity, another Blog/CMS system, also offers only one entry type (article). This makes sense for a pure blogging system, but not for me. It's not strong with links either.
- Textpattern would really be my top choice right now, but the main developer of this free software left in May 2007 (got hired by Wordpress, sigh), so the development speed is...snail-y. There are plugins and a community, but I'm not sure for how long. There's also a big gap between the default installation and writing more complex solutions, and it's hard to find the bridging information in the very bad documentation that's distributed across various websites.

On the classic CMS front...
- Joomla didn't want to run, and I heard that it's slow.
- Drupal is a nice CMS, but has no real linklist / webdirectory handling (!?).
- PHPNuke PostNuke has the linklist handling (obviously for five years already), but that seems to be the only good point about it right now.

Gonna check out more systems tomorrow. But really, there's no perfect CMS for everyone; it's only about choosing the one that a) has what you need and b) "speaks" to you (some interfaces just don't, like Redaxo, in my case - so ugly!).
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Amusing link of the day: Star Trek's 10 Cheesiest Classic Creatures.

Also, went through many lows and few highs over the day, with frequently installing and deinstalling stuff. Redaxo's admin frontend does nada for me, but Drupal looks nicer. Now testing Wordpress (which is for blogs, not a normal CMS).

*wild testing mood*

EDIT: Ooooh, I'm so proud! My first own Wordpress installment at:

All you need is a MySQL database on your webserver. Setting up is beautifully explained at the Wordpress website. This is a software that makes fun!

EDIT 2: Instead of installing CMS for testing, you can test many free ones here:


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