syredronning: (Default) play around with all my drawing goodies. Had lengthy sessions with my light box, drawing equipment, a scanner, my Wacom graphic tablet, Gimp and also ArtRage (similar to Corel Painter but extremely cheaper).

Yes, I always thought I don't do colors, but IS fun, as long as I work on a level I can handle. Found out how to use layers, canvas types and custom color palettes in ArtRage, too.

This weekend was a total boost, and I'm very satisfied and happy. Woah. DRAWING LOVE.

Art stuff.

Jul. 15th, 2006 08:33 am
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So I was shopping at my favorite art equipment supplier, and bought some copic pens.Read More about it )

Edit: We got our new fridge! *squeeeee*
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It's not as if I needed another hobby...ah well, it counts as belonging to the drawing/manip corner.

What Geeks Do at 0248 - TAS-like explosive Shatner ;) )

Now I'm terribly hungry and terribly tired...wonder what wins out *eyes programming hubby*

BTW, Fanny Hill as audio book isn't bad, but the English is somehow more challenging than Jane Austen's.
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Between buying the movie tickets and the start of the movie, we had time to go shopping in our nearby favorite center...and I bought a little Wacom Graphite 4 Din A6 tablet.

Playing around with it now, but it's quite a challenge at the moment. Cooperation with Gimp seems to be possible, but the pen diameter setting doesn't quite work...hmm? *starts googling for troubleshooting*

Edit: It works, but only when starting with a special option that deactivates pressure sensitivity. Now it feels like the pen drawings of last weekend :) Not bad, not bad...*plays around*
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Ohhh, a friend just pointed me to this website about cartoon news at (also lots of links)

and a cool comic artists' blog at

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(Sigh, still a bit shocked about Pon Farr Press going out of publishing.)

EDIT: "After 1/1/06, the zines will be available from Eye Scry Designs (please note the hyphens in the URL):" *happy***

But actually I wanted to write about happier things - the wonderful animation book!!! It's even better than I thought at first glance. It has it all: drawing technique, movement angles, camera angles, animation's so great! I'm not sure when it really hit me that I want to make an animation - at least ONE in my life, as a personal "proof of concept" - but it was somehow during vidding when I consciously looked at the single pictures constituting a movie for the first time. Timing, key frames, FX effects, transition effects - all the things you can also use in animation.

And since there is Trek the Animated Series, I wouldn't even have to make it all up but could use their characters for a first shot. Animation would be lots of work nevertheless, because 12 drawings (says book) give 24 frames = ONE SECOND. Multiply with 60 to get a minute. Woah. But I really, really want to do it :)

Lately in the train when I didn't have much paper, I drew funny little characters - Kirk, Spock and McCoy in tin can style with minimalistic character design *G* one stray lock of hair, pointed ears and eyebrows...McCoy is the hardest to get. Maybe I'll stick with the cans for a while, but what I originally wanted to do was of course a little K/Mc movie on R level. Hey, I am predictable :)

I think the great thing about animation is that you get to write the story, draw the story board, set up the camera movements and special effects like any movie director and in the end have the movie that YOU WANT, totally independent of original source material. I still hope that the game "The Movies" will allow one to make digital trek movies in the future, but animation has a fascination of its own and, again, you're independent of any outside material.

The only limiting factor is one's own abilities and ok....mine are still low level all around. But I guess that after drawing hundreds of animations, I should really be able to draw, sigh ;)
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Time: 2100

Take a drawing that just has not really Kirk's face but shall be submitted to a zine. Try to locate the problem. Start with the jawline. Change the chin. Change the nose. Change the nose shadow. Scan. Copy layer, blur a bit, burn a bit, print. See more problems.

Change the mouth line. Change the shadows above the lips. Change the jawline again. Scan. Copy layer, blur a bit, burn a bit, print. See more problems.

Tweak the hairline. Rub away half the hair and redraw. Change the shadows on the forehead. Change the hairline near the ear. Scan. Copy layer, blur a bit, burn a bit, print. See more problems.

Try to get an equal measure of dark all around the figure. Correct the earlobe. Scan. Copy layer, blur a bit, burn a bit, print.

Be rather satisfied. Decide to wait another day until sending it off.

Time: 2330. Free space on harddrive: 100 MB.

Alright. Where was my novel draft?
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Instead of trying to rush any TNG drawings this week, I relaxed and did completely other drawings. But first of all, something to grin about:

This is the head of Shatner's Alexander in an attempt of June 2(?). Yeah, this guy. The non-resemblance is uncanny :P

More about my current drawing experiments with bushes (including scans) and some thoughts (all about me me me, to quote blackchaps :) )

Life is great.
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Originally, I thought I'd see Shatner on a German convention next weekend - but NO! He cancelled two weeks before the con (and I only found out today). I feel rather angry and somewhat cheated by the organisers, because I bought a three-day-ticket only to be able to buy two Shat it looks as if it's going to be Jonathan Frakes (Riker) instead. Uhm...

Anyway, I was prepared for Shatner and have worked very hard on drawings that I could let him sign. One I've given to Kira for the next SBS. And this weekend, I finished another drawing - Shatner as Alexander. I'd bought the original photograph at the con that changed my life KiScon last year.

Click here for medium size

Click here for full size with 200 kB

I'm especially proud of the arm (even though that might sound funny :). The drawing style is a mixture of Shelley's style, the cross-hatch style and some things I took out of this great book "Rendering in Pen and Ink", where one is encouraged to look less at technique and more on getting the feel for texture.
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After trying to redo this damn Spock face for about five times, I give up. So please take this drawing as it is...

(Click on the image to get a bigger version.)


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