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I'd like to rec this fabulous Kira vid: Good in my Head by meddow.

For those who might not know, I really love DS9 (it's the only trek series aside of TOS that I own fully on DVD). That series has everything I love:

* Strong, complex characters of all genders, species, and ages, doing their best to persist in at times really complicated situations.
* Political intrigue.
* Many shades of gray.
* Essentially good people who still have dark things in their history or choose to do bad/amoral things. (Sisko's plot to bring the Romulans into the war? Unbelievably well-done character shading.)
* No-win-situations with long-term effects.
* People being forced to take sides where no choice is optimal but they need to choose one side anyway.
* People having to keep quiet about things for the greater good. (How Kai Winn gets to get Kai? Awesomely painful for the viewer.)

Even the religious aspects worked for me in DS9, and that's got to say something.

In short - I like my Sci-Fi with a big helping of realism and its natural complexity. *waves at Babylon 5*

*whips out DS9 DVDs for a re-re-re-watch* :)
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Title: In Her Self
Author: Acidqueen aka [ profile] syredronning
Series: DS9
Codes: Ezri Dax/Jadzia Dax/Lenara Khan - FEMSLASH :)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Newly joined with the Dax symbiont, Ezri must come to terms with her new life.

Beta: Thanks to the wonderful Lyrastar :) All remaining errors are mine. Part of the Slash Advent Calendar 2003
Note: Lenara Khan is the Trill whose symbiont was formerly joined with Torias' wife.

The young Trill lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling. She was Ezri - Dax, she added sadly and palmed her flat stomach beneath which the hastily implanted symbiont rested. She was Ezri. Not Jadzia. Not Curzon. Not Joran, Torias or Audrid. And not Emony, Tobin or Lela either )
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I usually don't write gender-swap but it was a challenge, and I choose Dax. Why? Because while I love Sisko and Dax together, they've got that damn intense friendship vibe between them that somehow kills the romance, so I could never write this pairing.

The second I switched Dax's gender, though, my brain obviously had the leeway to write out all the Sisko/Dax I always had in my mind, which IMO started already with Curzon - yes, I love mentor-protegée relationships :)

Jadzia Dax is my femme-crush and that kiss with Lenara Khan... yum yum yum!

But to get her together with Sisko, I had to switch her gender. Sorry, lovely Dax!
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Title: Of Wishes and Horses
Author: Acidqueen aka [ profile] syredronning
Series: DS9
Rating: PG-13, gender-switch (for Jadzia Dax > Jesko Dax)
Codes: Sisko/Dax (always-male), implied: Bashir/Dax (always-male), Garak/Bashir
Note: For Stephen's "The Other Sex" challenge. Lose sequel to the "In these lives" series starting with In any life, in which I introduced male!Dax.

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek, I own my brain. No infringement is intended, and no money is being made.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to the wonderful Hypatia for a last-minute-online-beta and to the marvelous Elizabeth Helena for getting the DS9 facts straight! All remaining errors are mine.

Summary: Julian wants Jesko. But will he get him?

Bashir was mortified. It was one thing to dream about Jesko in the middle of the night (and O'Brien be damned for starting his obsession concerning Dax), but it was a very different thing to see that dream image materializing on DS9. )
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Taking The Crumbs
Author: Acidqueen aka [ profile] syredronning
Pairing: Bashir/Worf, Garak/Bashir implied
Rating: NC-17, dark
Author's note: I played around with the Ultimate Trek Slash Pairing Generator at Many thanks to Roadstergal for her beta! All remaining errors are mine :) Written 2007.
Summary: The next best thing to his dreams.

Aside from those moments in which patients' lives were at stake, Julian Bashir had a healthy sense of self-preservation. It was this sense that kept him from falling for Garak. Or maybe not - the falling had happened anyway, but he wouldn't ever tell the Cardassian. )
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5 ways Garak might get Julian in his bed! Asked by [ profile] mrs260

5 ways Garak might get Julian in his bed )

On a side note, ordered Sims2 *coughs*
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- or no slash for some people, as it's canon - Jadzia Dax / Lenara Khan from the DS9 episode "Rejoined" :)

It's not my usual kind of songvid, as it doesn't follow the lyrics of "True Love" (in the DeLovely soundtrack version, sung by a girl and a woman). But the song always makes me think of this episode, and I wanted to make it for months. So...enjoy :) <- download here!

P.S. T'Lin, you're welcome to tell the FFF folks about it :))

P.P.S. And yes, I do have a big girl crush on Jadzia. Hach.
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I love that series. It does have some incredibly good episodes.

There's no Trek series with more battle scenes. A part of me would love to add a little snippet from "Wing Commander" or "Starwars" just to see if people recognize the wrong ships *amused*

It's so telling that the first episode "Emissary" starts with destruction, Picard of Borg and the death of Sisko's wife. And Dukat is the very first Cardassian to step into Sisko's new office.

The way Garak puts his face in his hands after torturing Odo melts me away.

Bashir is so HOT when he's held captive in "By Inferno's Light", unshaved, tired and getting beaten. I want to abuse him myself read a nasty Jem Hadar gang rape scene now, but I fear they can't get it up ;)

Is there any Garak/Ziyal/Bashir triangle story in this universe? If so, I want to read it.

While Damar's death is tragic, it's somehow classic punishment because he kills Ziyal (in yet another wonderful scene).

Did you ever notice how important that little baseball of Sisko is throughout the series?

And I had too much Campari-O. Heee.

P.S. Just why are some scenes so very dark in the compiled vid, when they look okay in the snippet? *sigh*
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In addition to my own question - after [ profile] qzee pointed out to me that Sisko/Dukat might work as a vid, and after scanning the material, I wonder if anyone has a good song idea for Dukat (where I could work in Sisko, maybe).

They have so many parallels I never thought about before, and those scenes with that baseball (Dukat seeing it when Sisko leaves DS9, and handing it over to Sisko after Ziyal's death) are breeding bunnies like
mad now :)
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"Let He Who Is Without Sin..." focuses primarily on the uninteresting romance between Worf and Jadzia Dax. As I mentioned in my previous recap, the DS9 producers added TNG's Worf to the mix to try to prop up declining ratings. We knew from prior seasons that Dax was closely involved with Klingons in one of her past lives, so I guess the writers thought it only natural that she would hook up with the new Klingon in town. Unfortunately, their personalities are so incompatible, and Worf in particular acts like such a dick to Dax, that you have to wonder if she would just jump on whatever Klingon happened to be within eyesight.

from the Agony Booth report of said episode *G*
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(Note: Zipped! Right-click and save!)

"Every Time We Say Goodbye" in big (16 MB) or small (5 MB) wmv


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