Aug. 21st, 2013 09:07 pm
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"the Kirk-Bones relationship, like an old married couple"?? - I LOVE YOU, KARL! <3
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At 20:00 I sat in $worktown and found out that my last chance to watch ST XII in original version in a cinema would be tomorrow**... at 20:30 I decided that I'd ride the 25 km to $biggercity for the 23:00 showing and then take a cab home. This specific, brand-new cinema calls itself "Deluxe", and damn, it is! It was like sitting at home on your couch with the large screen in front of you. Absolutely fantastic, and a quiet audience!

And now it happened... I'm in love with this movie. In. Love. I left with the same shaky legs and spacy brain as I left ST XI.

It's awesome.

So many lovely moments. So many interesting people - humans of all genders, and aliens! - on the Enterprise! (Lots of new characters to play with, someone needs to compile a list with faces and names, as far as we have them. Lower decks fiction! :) So much beautiful cinematography, the song vids will be breathtaking.

Some great character arcs. They all work in my head. Many scenes that either mirror a TOS scene OR a similar scene within the movie. There's some brilliant citation (and some dumber, but mostly brilliant.) And for us writers, lots of missing scenes, fix-its, and what-ifs just a small mental side-step away.

This was what I have been looking for. This movie comes with an afterburner effect.

I'm so glad I went tonight.

(**EDIT: Now that I checked the cinema's website again, I might have looked the wrong way and it runs for longer... but I regret nothing, lol! :)
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Some personal thoughts.

The non-spoilery ones:

People who waited for the "perfect" Trek movie, I really would like to know how that should look like. Because even ST II isn't (exgirlfriend-and-adult-son ex machina and one-second-katra-transfer, anyone?). My main citeria right now:

* Does it work for most of the audience? Yes, according to imdb and rotten tomatoes.
* Will it be successful enough that Paramount will spend good money on the third one? Looks like.

With Trek goggles:
* Is it worse than ST V? No.
* Does it have a death scene worse than Generations? Not to me, though YMMV.
* Will it kill Trek like Nemesis? No.

IMO, it's best to consider the Reboot timeline like you would consider a fannish AU - it takes a lot of leeway with the original timeline, and you could agonize over it or write fix-it stories, but it's really best to relax about that aspect.

Now, will this movie cause the same fantastic uproar as ST 2009 did? Sadly, I don't think so.

onto the details, SPOILERS )
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Link to discussion at Eldritchhobbits journal (SPOILERS!), which developed into an analysis of the Pike-Spock interaction in the new timeline (page down for it).

For anyone who wonders how to interpret a certain intense scene...

(Still on the fence, maybe because I want to finished my started story before I jump the band wagon :))

Mixed box

May. 14th, 2013 09:45 pm
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* The awesome norfolkdumpling has made icons for Karl in "Almost Human", see http://dumplingdoodles.livejournal.com/6957.html

They come from this awesome trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WCdHiZsSPjg - weekly Karl doses?! I'll break my media fast after all!

It was already often pointed out that once JJ likes working with someone, he'll try to bring them into new projects. So, hopefully lots more Karl and Bruce in the future *twinkles*

* After that, I enjoyed lovely PINTO tinhattery at http://ontd-pinto.livejournal.com/451465.html , yum! *has theories of her own about the two*

...Last not least, a story recommendation - it's tiny and for STID, so beware the SPOILERS!
But it's also beautiful: http://archiveofourown.org/works/801790 (SPOILERS!!)

Have a good day, dear friends, and may the last day pass spoilerfree <3


May. 12th, 2013 12:43 pm
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Benedict Cumberbatch talking about the moment when he first got to meet Harrison Ford:

I met this guy, and I was like "oh my god, it's such a pleasure. I used to, uhm, I used to fantasize about you."

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mruQEOwY5w
Tumblr macro: http://snarkystiles.tumblr.com/post/50233281446
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This time with extensive discussions of characters, pairings, plotholes etc.

SPOILERS LIKE WHOA for Star Trek into Darkness )
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Berlin Premiere Photocall pictures at



.oOUhm, Alice, what did you do with your hair?! You looked a lot better in Russia!


Apr. 4th, 2012 10:40 pm
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Guess I must really be living under a rock by now, as I have missed this absolutely gorgeous picture of Obama and Nichelle Nichols, including the Vulcan greeting:

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I know my muses seem to latch onto small corners of fandom (Pike, he). But OTOH...

I spent most of last year writing two post-Rura Penthe AU stories (K/Mc and S/Mc) in which two older men, who've gone through big shit and are psychologically and physically damaged try and get their lives in order again.

Similarity, much :)? And so far I was really nice to Pike!
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* Prepared and posted the ASCEM status of story list for July - check.
* Had a look at the freelance project software - check (although it doesn't work yet as it should).
* Sports - check.
* Read some nice K/Mc and Pike (damn brain-eater) - check.
* Successfully battled with my mood swings - check. (I think I need to get my hormones check, sigh).

I'm still pondering the "Balance of Terror" question. Thanks to everyone who wrote input!

And my hubby tidied our jungle garden, so I've got a much better feeling about meeting the neighbors again *coughs*
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Referring to catalenamara's posting about Fannish Migration.

The answers will only show that I'm a very boring fan with a 95% main fandom (aka TOS) and little on the side (other Trek).

Q: Have you ever followed friends/favorite authors into a fandom without ever having seen/read the source material?


Q. Have you ever followed friends/favorite authors into a fandom while being indifferent to the source material?


Q. Have you ever really enjoyed the source material, read the work of specific authors into a fandom, and yet have no interest in the fandom as a whole?

Supernatural may count here, as I read only very few authors (Killa mainly). I like the pretty boy pictures *G* including the RPS stuff. Also, some Harry Potter stuff.

As for Heroes, I read only few fics.

Q. Have you ever been strenuously pimped by your friends into another fandom and immediately fell in love with the source material.

No. I'd say the biggest pimping was done by my husband who brought X-Files and B5 into my life, but he's not fannish in the fandom way.

Q. Have you ever gotten into a TV show/movie before your friends and busily pimped the source material to them in the hopes that a fandom would ensue?

Heroes may count here, but I pimped the source mainly because I liked the source. I'm not heavily involved in the fandom.

Q. Have you ever gotten into a TV show/movie and tried to pimp it to your friends only to find out that they’d just gotten into it as well and were about to pimp right back?

Well, Trek? But I was a single small fan for decades without any contact to fandoms, and when I got here, everyone was already infected. Though when it comes to Trek pairings, I think I'm rather good at pimping and getting pimped by certain people.

Q: Have you ever been part of a mass migration into another fandom?


(Told you I was boring. I'll keep my seat in trek fandom until it dies of old age. Seems there's one love of my life, and it's TOS. My one true, eternal love. Everything else is just a little amusement on the side.)
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When I love a series, I love the series. Point.

It may go strong or weak, have flaws or not - I will view it through pink glasses and find something good even in the strangest development. This applies to TOS, DS9, X-Files, B5 and Heroes. (And maybe Boston Legal.) It does not necessarily apply to movies or spin-offs of said series ;)

Series that I'm not in love with are on the level of "will watch, but will complain lots of time". This applies to TNG, VOY, SPN and many others.

How's your approach to your preferred series, dear fellow fans?
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I think I already said that...I'd pay real money to get my hands on a male-sung version of "You don't own me" (including the line "don't say I can't go with other boys").

P.S. The horrible version of Klaus Naomi doesn't count *shudder*

P.P.S For good measure - a VOY Janeway/Chakotay vid to that song ;)
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I feel fannish, oh so fannish....

Now, if my mind could settle on one of these alternatives:

- The sequel(s) to my K/S/Mc zine series
- The last part of the McCoy/RomulanCommander series
- A Kirk-Decker story for the May challenges in ASCEM (Stephen, you are to blame for inflicting this bunny on me!)
- A yet to be started established relationship K/S story for "Bondmates 2" (because I want to do something nice for the publisher)

Suggestions for the K/S story are more than welcome! My fanfic brain has become so mccoy-centric that it doesn't want to go down that road without some external nudging.

I think I'll start with editing my K/S/Mc story tonight, to get back into the flow and the thingy ready for Dark Fire III.

Oh my.

And there is work to be done. The money kind of. In my next life, I want to be a millionaire... *dreams*

Tomorrow: Business trip to Hamburg.
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It is somehow very amusing to open ljarchive and be greated by half-naked men :)

And I made a S/Mc manip! Explicit! I feel like coming alive again. Fannishness is a necessary ingredient for my mental health.
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Choose twelve characters from your fandoms, then answer the questions under the cut. Do not look at the questions beforehand.more... )


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