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Working and watching the 30th Anniversary Con recording with Shatner-Nimoy-Kelley on stage.

You just gotta CRACK UP over them. And I love to see how Nimoy and Kelley sometimes team up a little against Shatner (very nicely, of course, but I did use some of that as inspiration at times *G*).

If you've never seen it... Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 on imeem.

(Which has now ads in front of the vids, tsk.)
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Sleepless due to coughing fits. Therefore, spent some time watching more SPN and preparing the zines for posting :)

The "TV Picture Life" zine of 1968 included three stories about Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley under the main title "The Stories Startrek Tried to Censor".

Nimoy: Tempted by Other Women
Shatner: Why Bill Laughed When his Father Died (very insightful Shatner article!)
Kelley: Battle Against Cancer (referring to the cancer of his mother and Carolyn)

You can find all of them linked here at

Preview pics )
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My day began very early with a trip to Hamburg and back after 2.5 hours of software introduction...and the realization that I've got a 120% workload until the end of July *eep* The shock led me to work today, and I booked an on-line course on Friday for the new techwriting software I'll be using, to get a head start.

I also understood the connection between the stock strategy settings, the performance monitoring and the Optimizer for the first time (not that anyone cares but me, but I DO! :)

Last not least, I scanned three DeForest Kelley articles and put them up at my goodie page. Especially recommended: the article about his youth from (I think) 1968! It's coming with photos I've never seen before, some of them with Carolyn.
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[ profile] de_len posted a link to art with De and a nice story behind - go check it out :)

([ profile] de_len is totally beating me in finding De gimmicks. I'd be envious if not for being a happy receiver too *G*)
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And another great De picture:

Carolyn Dowling (who later became Carolyn Kelley!) and Deforest Kelley

Found in this blog which includes many lovely stories about Deforest Kelley. May I say I'm incredibly jealous of everyone who had the pleasure to meet him in person? :/ Talk about being too late for the party...

Dang, I'm a total fangirlie tonight. And I badly try to get my hands on the Bonanza season 4 episode "The Decision" for sharing, but didn't feel like buying the whole damn expensive DVD box for that. And friends didn't find it online yet. But soon....I promise! This episode ranks as one of his best in Karen's opinion (go here for her superb DeForest Kelley filmography!). I badly need to see it :)
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I scanned the Hollywood Magazine - at least the parts that were interesting - and put it into a PDF, because the interviews were so distributed throughout the zine.

What you can find in the PDF: An Interview with De Kelley about how McCoy gets mail and asked about medical help AND something about Leonard Nimoy and his happy marriage! :)) Click on the De Kelley photo for the PDF download (1.8 MB):

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I received a BIG parcel today, and it included my Barbie Star Trek Collector Set ) - blame it all on [ profile] cruisdirector!

Online shopping isn't mine these days - today, an online shop didn't accept my banking account number because it only has four digits. Rare, ok, but I love it ;) However, even filling it up with 0000 in front didn't do the trick. So it's back to PDF and faxing. Tsk.

Other than that, all well :) Still too lazy, but I try working on it...


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