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Not the bestest ever, but it's the first manip in age. Yay for me!


Jan. 11th, 2009 03:38 pm
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mrs_picard LOLcat'ed the two K/S/Mc pics, so please go here:

for laughing!
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...if the lj display is on skip=80 and you can't remember having read the entries.

Job remains cool and interesting. Freelance work on the desk is good for the money but bad for the relaxation. My car was frozen at the inside(!) so I used my husband as taxi for all of the working week. Also, cuddling a hot water bottle right now because of TMI.

And look, there's SUN out there!

Last not least, sharing this picture that Julie sent me, noting that "they look so rumpled and toussled that I could just pinch their cheeks! (Either pair!)" I would too!

For good measure, this was the picture that inspired Julie to send me hers:

Ah, my boys!


Jun. 1st, 2008 04:56 pm
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Anyone remembering the great K/S/Mc shot I published lately?

[ profile] lemonrocket (formerly Mrs.Spock) has made icons - and I took the one I liked best :) You can find them all linked here.

Happy happy happy! Great fannish day!
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NEED to share this wonderful picture that Alondra sent me!

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Not sure what Tarantel had in her coffee (or tea), but it sure looks inspired *G*
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Day#4 of hot&cold showers. Added the arms to the legs. And still live!

Did some business work last night, so I feel really accomplished and am well within schedule.

Story 3b (K/S/Mc, K/f) is at 9.985 words and done for now! Just mailed it to a first reader, and hope she'll like it.

Story 3c (kinky K/S/Mc) growing in my brain, and I hope to write some scenes later this weekend.

But first, going to mother-in-law for Zwiebelkuchen (onion tart)!

My most beloved blooper picture:

And I wish someone had shotted the scene (reported in various sources) in which De Kelley kissed Leonard Nimoy on his Spockish nose on the bridge during shooting - they totally cracked up and couldn't re-take that scene for hours.
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Dear muses,

while I do feel blessed that you have resurfaced and that you have a real interest in Kirk, Spock and McCoy, could you please NOT give me 1900 words of the sequel to the sequel in works (which is at 11000). And yes, I know that the sequelsequelsequel is at a few thousand words too and has a potential for size.

I wish I could just write for a few weeks. Sigh.
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Click on the pic for the big version!

Actually I bought this Hollywood magazin of May 1968 at Ebay for a De Kelley interview, but there were this and more goodies inside, which soon will follow.
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- guess what I found? The final version of the K/S/Mc manip! It's from 2004 and still not perfect, but a lot better than the old draft version I found in the net this week (click on it for the big version):


Apr. 4th, 2007 08:26 am
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Ages ago, I tried my hand on this one:

Yesterday, I found it in another person's journal and I almost asked if I could use it - before I remembered that this was indeed MINE, actually. (I recognized my naming convention in the pic name.)

I never fixed it, but I guess I'll link it on my website now anyway, because, well, my only K/S/Mc manip ever.

Other than that, husband is still asleep and I have my first coffee, pondering my todo list. This is going to be a very sunny day, yummy!
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There's much to complain about Startrek V, but I'll eternally thank you, William Shatner, for making it such a K/S/Mc movie.


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