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A marvelous shot IMVHO...

EDIT: Linked this pic to a larger version - click on it!
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Worked some, met lots of friends, had a good time, went swimming, am fannish like mad, watched lots of soccer :) Also, posted my own comment in the SciFi friending meme.

And more pic spam!

large versions of this and the one from yesterday )
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Need to post some and thought it's easier to put them up in a bunch. Enjoy!


Spock makeup, Spock laughing, Spock serious behind the screen of ST IV )
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NEED to share this wonderful picture that Alondra sent me!

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I was late with Shatner's, and I'm sorry for that - Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!

As always, I've got a problem to acknowledge birthdays (my own one right on top), because they mark the passing of time and I like to pretend everyone lives forever. And I do that more with people whose death would really pain me.


So here a picture for all Shatner-Nimoy fans out there:

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Sleepless due to coughing fits. Therefore, spent some time watching more SPN and preparing the zines for posting :)

The "TV Picture Life" zine of 1968 included three stories about Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley under the main title "The Stories Startrek Tried to Censor".

Nimoy: Tempted by Other Women
Shatner: Why Bill Laughed When his Father Died (very insightful Shatner article!)
Kelley: Battle Against Cancer (referring to the cancer of his mother and Carolyn)

You can find all of them linked here at

Preview pics )
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I scanned the Hollywood Magazine - at least the parts that were interesting - and put it into a PDF, because the interviews were so distributed throughout the zine.

What you can find in the PDF: An Interview with De Kelley about how McCoy gets mail and asked about medical help AND something about Leonard Nimoy and his happy marriage! :)) Click on the De Kelley photo for the PDF download (1.8 MB):

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Scanned for your pleasure - the Complete Nimoy Interviews Germany 1984
(English texts, 41 pages), jpgs and pdf file available at:



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