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Distractions by Willowe just scorched away my monitor... hot threesome action, phew :) (It's labeled AOS, but TOS works just as well in my head)
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Equally Important Beacons of Light - "Leonard loves Jim. Jim loves Leonard. Then it all goes to hell when it turns out Jim loves Spock, too." - And Spock still loves Uhura.

Quite a realistic take on the resulting problems, and a possible solution.

MU Rec

Jun. 28th, 2013 04:26 am
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Oldie but goldie:

I'd Take a Bullet Meant for Both of Us by BrighteyedJill

...brought to you by surfing the AO3 "Mirror Christopher Pike" character tag :)


Jun. 16th, 2013 11:11 am
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Enjoying this WIP:
Don't raise Heroes, a Chris-raises-Jim AU :) Looks very promising.
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I've been reading some Chekov fiction lately (mostly Chekov/McCoy or Chekov/Kirk - and yes, I'd like to have more threesome with these guys!), and currently am enjoying this WIP:

Out of the Darkness by SumEsseFuiFuturus.

Happy-making Kirk/Chekov (at least, so far and for me, YMMV and all :)
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Totally enjoyed reading Fair and Fine by writer-klmeri, the AOS version of "Amok Time"!

I already told her I'm glad to see her moving into explicit territory - while I read low-rated stories, I definitely prefer higher ratings, especially when it comes to my TOS OT3 *beams*

(My AOS threesome/poly landscape has gotten quite complicated in my head by now, with Pike, Uhura and Carol Marcus all very sensible partners for poly constructs. Actually, I love the kink prompt where Carol finds out that the whole bridge crew is a poly network *G* :)
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The Space Between by savoytruffle - missing scenes for the new movie, so heed the SPOILERS.

Adorable and happy-making.

Meta rec

Oct. 12th, 2012 04:58 am
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janice_lester wrote an awesome meta: Give Sexy Actors Sexy Wheelchairs!

Songvid rec

Sep. 3rd, 2012 05:47 pm
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Sleeping With Ghosts K/S in both universes.
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Journaling the happy increases happiness - journaling pain increases perceived pain.

In English: patients with chronic pain were told to keep track of all the awful symptoms they experienced. They did -- and felt dramatically worse.

See a pattern?

I have a to-do list for you. There's only one thing on it: Put a notebook and a pen by the bed. Before you go to sleep, write down three things that happened to you that day that were good or that you're thankful for.

I also have a not-to-do-list for you: Stop keeping score of the bad. Stop holding on to grudges. Stop dwelling and ruminating on all the awful stuff.

People have been telling us that for what seems like eternity. I've often dismissed them as pollyannas.

Science is telling us they're right.
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Tonight I read a story that extremely catered to my interests (aka sexual trauma, recovery, complex relationships): my lips have the sin by hoosierbitch.

Intense, touching and also hot at times. Yum.
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I don't rec gen all that often, but Revenant is a brilliant take on Tarsus (at least one I haven't seen before, which might not mean much as I tend to skip Tarsus-focused stories lately).

Anyway, loved this one *G*

/goes off for sports
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Not my fandom, usually, but this story is written from the point of view of a FORESKIN(!) - and a marvelous story to boot. Don't miss it!
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Great article: How to keep someone with you forever - mechanisms of dysfunctional relationships (business and personal)
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Bones/Chekov, co-dependence and violence (beware!) - but so extremely well-done in its touching darkness!

Story rec

May. 25th, 2009 12:45 am
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And another great K/Mc fic

with a slant I haven't seen so far but it makes total sense.

Oh, and I'm not at all intimidated like hell from all this modern-style writing (somebody show me a good site for contemporary English idioms, sigh) :)

*should go to bed but doesn't want to*
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Reading and trying to write and impeded by upcoming rl stuff...

...but the weekend was great and the new fic is great and I wish I had another week of vacation *whine* :)

Current rec: Bones/Kirk/Chekov - Love it!

EDIT: Another rec: Bones/Kirk

This one has IMVHO fabulous character development. Wheeee!

A rec!

Aug. 12th, 2008 11:33 pm
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Aya posted a great Kirk&McCoy story (gen, intense):

Go, read, enjoy and comment! :)))


Mar. 4th, 2006 02:55 am
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Because I just re-read it - Perchance to Dream by Lyrastar is IMO a great S/Mc story with unexpected developments...oh, and it does have a hot little sex scene ;)

One day, they'll write "She Loved NC-17" on my tombstone *shakes head*g*

And BTW, the newest Spiced Peaches S/Mc ezine is online! Go and check it out :)
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Ohhh, a friend just pointed me to this website about cartoon news at (also lots of links)

and a cool comic artists' blog at



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