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I'll be offline for a few days. Which means I've got to drop out of discussion for now (wah). See you!

*in mccoy love mood*
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I have a new default icon, isn't it nice? HandGimp-made. I barely remembered how to work the software.

My day was a bit productive, spent with stock charting methods. I also ordered two more trading books (personal interest) and a book about Harry Potter (serious analysis). I see so many people complain about the alleged low quality of writing, I feel compelled to find out now why the series is so spellbinding ;)

Started reading the "Half-Blood Prince" today. But I've also some English learning material on my plate *eyes small pile*

Yay for the anti-creationist Unicorn Museum. Makes me wonder if there is a Flying Spaghetti Monster museum already...
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I decided to stop the series when it still feels good, so SNTD will end with #33 from yesterday. However, this doesn't mean I'll get depressing from here on. And naked men are always welcome ;)

The weather is a maximum of shitty, as it's extra-grey, cold and rainy. I try not to look outside. Maybe I should write porn. Yes.

A question to my Australian friends: what's your opinion about a series called "The Tribe"? It's available on DVD here now and I wonder if I should borrow it for watching.
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It was so very amusing - at 1500, my husband sat next to me on the couch and said: "I can't believe that we did all the shopping already yesterday. It is just plain wrong not to wait until the last minute. I feel we need to buy something."

"You want to go shopping to feel better?" I asked.


Therefore we went shopping, and bought a few bags of chips, canned tangerines and a piece of cheese (the world really needed that ;). Then we went to the MediaMarkt and bought DVDs - one documentary about the US space program, "Ben Hur" (love it), "Shining" (never saw it completely), "Waterworld" (bad movie but pretty pictures) and "A Streetcar Named Desire" (sexy Marlon Brando, yay!).

We also fetched the fondue equipment from my mother-in-law and had a nice chat with her.

Life is great. Life is perfect *swoons*************

My day...

Nov. 13th, 2006 08:14 pm
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...gets quite some points. The new boss/customer realized that I'm a quick worker, the driver that almost crashed into my car managed to stop in the middle of the street, the rain and wind couldn't blow me from the highway, and my husband cooked dinner just in time :)

Yesterday we watched two movies:
"Serenity" - well, well, I like the series better, and not only because the scene with Fighter!River reminded me of Yoda's Flying Kung-Fu in SW 2?3? ;)

"The Big Blue" - It's alright, but it didn't blow me away as might have been expected. My husband says it's much more impressive in the cinema, but actually I have fear of big heights as well as depths. So although apnoe diving is fascinating, those dark depths give me the creeps even on TV. (And reading "The Swarm" at the moment is rather strengthening my phobias, lol.)
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- Customer #1 wants me to work on a small, but regular base until at least end of March 2007. That's okay :)

- The newest software incarnation started without problems on my computer, so it will be homeoffice tomorrow!

- Had to take a long way around a 9km traffic jam, but it worked out fine.

- A 11h workday plus 4 hours of driving = arriving home just in time for a little meal and Boston Legal. Good timing ;)

Tomorrow: Write and post invoice, bring paper stuff to the tax advisor, earn some money, (possibly) meet potential customer #2.
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- Called customer#1 and will be there tomorrow.
- Possibly meet potential customer#2 tonight. Or not. They aren't on the top of "organized" IMHO.
- The cold keeps getting better but very slowly.
- The weather is crap. I want sun *sigh*
- Had fruit salad for breakfast which is nice.

I'd like to rec this article Battlestar Galacticons - A close look at the right's scary affinity for sci-fi foreign policy punditry. (courtesy of [ profile] cruisedirector). It's really interesting and some of the comments there are mind-boggling *shudders*

And it's christmas icon time! ;) We're eating stollen for a while already.
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The cold is getting better, though I found that a little shopping walk in the rather cool, cloudy and windy air today wasn't a really good idea.

Thankfully we got our fuel oil delivered today, so we could start heating properly.

The uis/bmp import problem boggles my mind and those of two other people in the Ulead Multimedia Studio user group now. I can pinpoint exactly what does and what doesn't work, but the thing that doesn't work anymore worked in my very first test and still works for other people, so I'm a bit at loss where the core of the problem lays.

I just made a cool date - for a cocktail-pyjama-party with about 6 other women near Cologne in two weeks! It sounds so great, I'm really looking forward to it :))) (It will take place in the room with the big Magnificent Seven movie fan painting on the wall, if you remember, and that very American couch.) *squee***

On the goodies front, I got another A-HA CD delivered today. I also managed to catch a rather cheap Firefly DVD box on ebay as well as the Serenity movie, which is well on its way.
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The cold is getting better, and since my nose was rather free most of the night, I slept rather well. However, the coughing and the general feeling of energy-drained weakness are still there. Therefore, I prepare for another relaxed day.

Since my brain doesn't feel fit for writing, I'll try to solve the bmp puzzle. (Yeah, I know I said no vidding for two months, but, duh, I just test a bit, right?)

Sigh. Addictions. Sigh.

In an hour, my husband will come and take me to a little exhibition about freemasons that's closing down this weekend, so we've got to take that last chance on seeing it.


Oct. 26th, 2006 11:04 am
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Cold on high level, aching all around. Nooooo vidding today. Instead, WORD and writing. And sleeping. And relaxing. And all.
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Cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, the small toilet and the living room, vacuumed everything, washed the dishes, put fresh clothes into the drawer and put dirty ones into the washing mashine. Also ripped the newly arrived Nickelback CD (Silver Side Up), put the paper waste outside, did a little bit of office work and sent a K/S pwp to a beta.

Now I'm rather done *yawns again* Remaining things to do: shopping for food and cooking for husband, whose ETA is 1900 *looks forward*

An amusing add-on: The song "Good Times Gone" by Nickelback sounds totally firefly-ly, if that makes sense. Starting with that special guitar sound, you know? Very, very much Firefly.


Oct. 17th, 2006 10:14 pm
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- Watching Dr. House is fun. He's a sadistic loony, but well - it's fun on TV *G*
- My customer suddenly found some work and will phone me tomorrow. That's alright :)
- I cooked today, twice! That's unnatural. I gotta be ill. And the food was healthy. Even worse!

Question to my flist, related to this:
When you have the choice between fresh vegetables (aka bought in a shop and stored in your fridge for two days before cooking) or frozen vegetables (from the shop, frozen right after harvesting) - which do you prefer and why? Any reasons welcome, no matter how scientific or esoteric :)
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- Worked on a very sucky thingy yesterday, but finally finished all important duties in the current project, so I'm down to editing other people's translations now. Very big relief.

- Am working on the X-Files vid (ha!), and trying to get a really good vid quality for once in my life, so I have a new 320 GB usb harddrive dedicated to ripped&unconverted X-Files right now, which is already quite full. 7+2 seasons will do that to any drive. I also compiled a big excel sheet with most important character appearances et al.

- Watched Firefly disc 3, and we liked it a lot. Disc 4 is on the way and should be here tomorrow. While I wish there were more episodes, a part of me is glad for the very manageable canon.

- The German TV program is improving ;) We not only get to watch CSI and Criminal Intent regularly, but also House on Tuesdays and (brand-new) Boston Legal on Wednesdays! My husband likes it too, so it's going to be regular fun :)
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When I sit in the company's office, I badly miss my usual irc chat.

When I'm at home and able to read it, I wonder why I care about that boring chit-chat. Guess it's just the possibility of chatting that I miss, not the actual process.

(And it's telling that I have no acid@work icon *ggg*)
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They just showed a Boston Legal trailer on German TV, and they only showed Shatner and Spader, again and again, as if it were only their series *amused* Obviously the TV people know whose fans are watching it.

Then I'm also rather happy tonight, because the project had a special pay-off - the software is ready to hit the stores at Sept 20, so there was a kind of internal launch party and everyone (including me!) got a shiny new box with the software. YAY! One of the top notch products for music production. This is great! Now, if they hadn't forgotten to print the license keys, I could even use it ;) Anyway - next week :)))

Upcoming: long kinky weekend with friends.
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Because I have nothing else to do ;) I changed my lj theme a bit. Still a far cry from the really inventive folks, but at least a bit more modern. And I can see my own icons now.

Other than that, my project obviously gets extended until the end of the year - in combination with more homeoffice and the increase in the hourly rate, this looks like a good deal. Then I phoned the gardening company and they're going to cut the apple and the pear tree in two weeks, so we'll get rid of the fruit problem. Purchase of Sims2 was stopped because a friend *winks* has the game plus extension kits and will give it to me in a week.

Tomorrow we'll go shopping for chains to hang up the sling (I totally forgot to wrote about it, because we got it on my Bad Day aka Monday). What a beautiful toy...but it needs quite some work to get it up in our little dungeon.


Aug. 15th, 2006 08:18 pm
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Link dump:
Great B6 Ivanova/Winters songvid

Shoes and also Ballet Shoes - the ultimate crossover between fetish, bondage and a bit of pain (my husband just ordered a pair, yummy!)

Erotic/kinky photography by an old Freiburg friend

Last not least: Websites of camp people: (German) - it hurts the eyes but it's also gorgeous, hehehe :)) // Little Rubber Box (German) couple strongly into rubber fetisch // - extreme bondage, gear fetish and shoes. I readily admit that it's not the "standard" kinky folks that's going on S&M vacations...

Brain dump:
Work day was ok. Driving was ok. My husband made my most beloved pasta salat. I have Beck's Green Lemon. My mother-in-law collected the apples again today, godesses may bless her. This day, so far many points but I feel my menstruation coming around, uh.
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After procrastinating for too long, I took my Smart-baby out for some fun serious shopping. Spent money on new military t-shirts and a black vest, a tankini ensemble (Lyra, might be something for you too?), two pairs of extremely cheap summer shoes and two big bottles of shower gel . Also mailed my invoice and delivered something to my tax advisor.

Coming next: Hang up washings #2/4, collect apples, have a shower, have some curd with fresh blueberries.DONE;
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I'm sure having to get up at 5.20 is against Human Rights.


*and finally able to use this mood*
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Id: So you just spent more than 4 hours on the highway for a mere 135 km, on one of the hottest day of this summer with >40 degree Celsius in the sun, with only a minute amount of water and no air condition?

Me: Hey, it's not my fault that there was a severe car crash only 10 km before my home, which put everyone on a total hold for 2.5h (and I was lucky to get out that fast, ha).

Id: So leaving the office early was useless and only cost you money, right?

Me: Hey, my stomach hurts. As in...really hurts. Every since when I took the pain pill this morning.

Id: And why did you take a pain pill?

Me: Because I got my menstruation. I wanted to avoid cramps.

Id: And why did you leave the house at all when you didn't feel well?

Me: I felt obliged. We had some troubles yesterday in the team, and I didn't want to make them feel I just stay away due to it.

Id: So you drove to Hamburg, feeling sick, 135 km in over 2 hours because there was the usual traffic jam. Then you worked from 9.30 to 11.30 when you had a job interview on the mobile, then made a break, then worked from 12.30 to 15.00. Which means you drove 6.5 hours for 4.5 work hours at the miserable rate of -

Me: SHUT UP. I already know that I'll never ever going to take a project with such a f*cking lot of commuting again.


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