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I want this t-shirt!
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...also reveals errors in websites, like Shatner dating Very Montez from 1994-96 when it was indeed 1984-1987. But then, I've never heard that he had something going with Kirstie Alley?!

Anyway - it's also almost amusing to read an article of 1966 in which his agent complains that with Shatner being happily married, it's hard to bring him into the news...and from 1967 on, the ongoing marriage problems with Gloria fill the tabloids. If I didn't see in all of Shatner's statements that this separation was really hard on him, one might think it was a publicity cue.

P.S. Done! 130 picture files...duh, I wonder how to publish them best. A Wordpress blog with RSS feed and a posting a day? Or on a website? Inspirations welcome.
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[during the shoot of "Devil's Rain"]
A photographer from Playboy was on the set shooting pictures. Apparently this actress was to be featured in the magazine and the producer thought this would be good publicity for the movie.

[Why I didn't object, I don't know.] In this scene my hands and feet were bound to the altar. As the photographer started shooting, this actress softly laid her hand on my arm and then on my chest and then on my stomach and then on my . . .

Click. Wait a second! It suddenly occurred to me, Playboy! I realized exactly what they were doing. "Untie me!" I screamed. [I went after the photographer.] We struggled. It was an unusually absurd moment. I was grappling with a photographer who had taken partially nude pictures of me bring groped by an almost-naked starlet while being sacrificed by Ernest Borgnine as the founder of the Church of Satan looked on dispassionately.

Ah, show business.

I finally managed to yank out that roll of film out of his camera and expose it.

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92 jpgs and counting (many articles have 2-3 pages).

Some of them are really amusing & informing for a trekkie. Like - ever heard the rumor that he started needing a toupee because something on the Startrek set burned his hair?

Well, nope - he already wore one in June 1965 in "For the People" ;)

P.S. Not sure yet how I will publish the flood. Probably not here in this lj...
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It's really a wonderful read - here an excerpt from page 158:

The truth is that for some inexplicable reason physical fear has never bothered me as much as emotional fear. I have never worried very much about getting hurt, while I have spent many a sleepless night being terrified of failure.

Great insights. This is the first book with him on the title where I really encounter the person William Shatner.

(And this citation is so perfect for being bunnied for Kirk...)
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I've bought the new Shatner bio (it was recced to me by Lyra and IDIC, so I finally caved in), and it's hilarious at times! Well worth the money, I think. (However, not as many pictures as I'd like to have seen.)

Coming today: this and that and tax stuff and husband returning home, yay!

S/Mc AU at 24.600 words, may end at 30.000.
K/Mc AU at 3.600 words and slowly coming around.
K/S AU still in the hands of the zine editor. I'm waiting for its return.

Still love this whole set of post-Rura-Penthe AU's. They are all unique (I hope) and all within the realm of believability (I hope). And so much fun to play with!
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(For good measure and because he's so cute on it!)

Which was AFAIK from the very first con in NY(?).


May. 23rd, 2008 01:19 am
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1800 words of K/S AU. And many more in my head.

Good night and a last pic - also from Alondra - young Shatner :)
cut for size )
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NEED to share this wonderful picture that Alondra sent me!



May. 20th, 2008 11:29 am
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Deep Kirk Shatner insight:

Q: Speaking of loss, there’s a spoken-word track on your 2004 album, Has Been, about discovering the body of your third wife, Nerine, after she’d drowned while mixing Valium with booze. Did you find recording it cathartic?
A: I don’t understand closure, if that’s what you mean. That word never resonated with me. The epiphany I had, making that, was that we grieve forever. It’s as much a part of our life as eating, sleeping, and love. We live in grief for having left the womb, for having left the teat, then school, then home. In my case, it was leaving marriages, and the death of my wife. Making that recording was simply my way to express very deep feelings. . . . Death is an absolute marvel. I once had a great horse rear up and fall back on me, and in that moment I thought I might gain some clarity about the mystery—you know, the meaning of the universe suddenly illuminated, like in an orgasm — but it never came.


"I need my pain", anyone?

(I love Shatner, in quite another way as I love Kelley; the latter is a matter of identification, the first of contrast *pours out a little of her heart* No wonder K/Mc keeps taking over my brain. Sigh.)
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I was hunting at Ebay, and today it finally was in my box! Click on it for a larger version.

Okay, it would have been better if Shatner had had open eyes, but doesn't De look marvelous on it? And I love shots with the two of them together.


P.S. If you're a fan of Shatner, Nimoy and/or De Kelley and haven't had a look at my collectibles so far, check them out here:

Collection includes various articles and interviews from the 60's. Enjoy!
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I was late with Shatner's, and I'm sorry for that - Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!

As always, I've got a problem to acknowledge birthdays (my own one right on top), because they mark the passing of time and I like to pretend everyone lives forever. And I do that more with people whose death would really pain me.


So here a picture for all Shatner-Nimoy fans out there:

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A Tribute Vid with lots of material :)

And for good measure: Shatner's appearance at the birthday of George Lucas
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Sleepless due to coughing fits. Therefore, spent some time watching more SPN and preparing the zines for posting :)

The "TV Picture Life" zine of 1968 included three stories about Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley under the main title "The Stories Startrek Tried to Censor".

Nimoy: Tempted by Other Women
Shatner: Why Bill Laughed When his Father Died (very insightful Shatner article!)
Kelley: Battle Against Cancer (referring to the cancer of his mother and Carolyn)

You can find all of them linked here at

Preview pics )
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A Shatner recording session and comments about it.
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I finally made some snapshots from the Shatner bio "Where No Man..." (1979). Sorry that the quality isn't better, but the pictures themselves are low-quality b/w prints, and I couldn't scan them (or it would have killed the paperback).

You can find them at:

Especially take a look at the pic to the very right in the first row - whoever cast David Marcus clearly knew this one!

The whole bio is a ShatnerFanFest and worth reading if you get your hands on it :)
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Well...the only thing I got from the Tarantino episodes (which weren't that much different to normal CSI) were that I finally saw the slash vibes from Gil and Nick. Phew :)

Then the goodie for tonight - I screencapped Shatner in "Sole Survivor". Didn't even watch the movie yet, though it's supposed to be good. Anyway, nude hairless CHEST ahead! Yay *G*
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Judgement at Nuremberg (1961)
With Spencer Tracy, one of Shatner's acting idols :) (and many more)

some more screen caps :) )
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Another shot from the "Brothers Karamasov" which I aquired through ebay...(click on the image for the bigger version):


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