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One of the great thing about KLM, besides the relatively spacy seat (better on the way over than the way back, so not guarantee) and the very nice service crew is the lots of movies (tv, music) you can choose from in the entertainment program.

On the way over, I tried watching "300" and gave up on it halfways - what a sucky pathos fest! I then happily switched to watch "Happy Feet", which is a MARVELLOUS animation movie about tap dancing and singing penguins. Loved it.

Rather late I started "Casino Royale" so I missed the showdown over the landing procedure, but on my way back home today, I managed to see the rest. Very good Bond movie, but sorry, dear producers, the only thing really "new" was leaving out the technical gimmicks which is more a "back to the roots". It was a classic Bond concerning the speed, action, plot and girl. Loved the torture scene *twinkles* and while I still don't like Craig's face, I have to admit that his body and especially his ass are great *G* I then started with "The Prestige" but lost track over the course of falling asleep during it, so while I think it's a very intriguing movie, it might have a plot that's slightly going over my head even when I'm awake.

In the last hour, I had a brief glimpse at "Letters from Iwo Jima" which looks promising, and a deeper look at the Spanish Oscar-nominated "Pan's Labyrinth" which is absolutely intriguing and is now on my to-buy list - but no children's movie at all, given some of the creepy scenes in it.
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Safely made it home, not as comfortable as on the way to the US, but still rather good. Was relatively awake when I landed in Bremen and my husband collected me at the airport (*squee*), but fell asleep soon after a round of cuddling without having unpacked anything so far.

Therefore - more later about the absolutely lovely time I had :))
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Everything worked well, the flight with KLM was great and no comparison to the UA flight of last time where they also f*cked up the green departure card when I left (f*ck you, UA, because of the experience of traveling with you I feared going to the US for years!).

Anyway, arrived safely in a hot and sticky Washington DC. Coming soon: sightseeing, if I can get L. away from the nets *G*

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If you want to meet me, search for "Acidqueen" near the K/S folks. I do react to that nick when spoken to *G*

Looking forward to meeting many old and new (online) friends (although I'm very sorry that Jenna and Shelley won't be there *whine whine*).

(I'm wondering constantly if I forgot anything important, but I think I have everything prepared...args!)


Jun. 13th, 2007 01:30 pm
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Only one month until SHORELEAVE!

And so much to do until then *panicks***
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I barely can believe it, but planning for Shoreleave 2007 is well on its way. Checking flight plans now, but it's a science in itself *frowns*

I'd love to spend some more days in Baltimore (or Washington or NY), but my husband is right: it's actually a BAD time of the year, as we've lots of other fixed dates already. Summer 2007 will be really stressful.

Now I have to find a business reason to travel, because then it's tax-reducable and I could fly with BA business class for a mere 2100 Eur *coughs* Business costs are good costs.

Plan B: Find 200-300 people who are willing to pay 10 EUR for something *harhar*

.oOIt's sooo time for bed.


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