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Sometimes I feel like making a second journal just for rambling and my depressed thoughts. But it's better to try and counterwork by posting appropriate mood enhancers here ;)

pretty Newton girls )

And [ profile] smc_lostyears published funny bloopers, see here :)
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I accuse YOU not to be properly distracting. It can drive a girl to work, sigh.

*shuffles to the shower and then down to the office*

And for the fun of it, pretty boys )
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- Not yet finished my schedule for today. Nightshift will ensue. However, there's nothing more motivating than schedule of hell. Sigh.
- My husband fixed my buggy sound on my office computer in a few hours work - poor hubby, great hubby!

And to make this entry a little bit more fun -
guys :) )
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Discarding my previous entry, I bring nicer things. Like this guy...and more guys (NSFW) )

Work went well, sun was shining, husband cuddled me. Coming next: story writing. Or checking out porn pics. He :)
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100 brownie points to my husband who installed my new 2 GB RAM and the VMWare server on my business desktop computer this morning before going to work. Not so many brownie points for me because I only slept 4.5 hours and really should go to bed earlier, as the sun keeps waking me up early too.

What I just read about the remastered "Paradise Syndrome" - Additionally, the entire subplot about Miramanee bearing Kirok's child was edited out for commercial space. - Hello?! Just gotta love this kind of capitalistic, brain-damaged and fucked-up strange editing. Thank god for DVDs.

images of the day offer slightly kinky&inspiring Brad Pitt in oversize (sorry) )

And for trekkies in search of reading material - just updated the ASCEM 2007 story list overview :)
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It's sunny. The headache is gone for now. Hamburg project is confirmed, yay! Computer organization on its way. I'll be working with the Virtual Machine for now, on which all but a few software function are available. In-depth software introduction on Monday morning. Ha! :)

Coming next: Shower. Hairdresser. Shopping. Working.

and two cuddly guys )
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Saturday (uuups - where did the week go?) and I still didn't work much for my project *palms face* That's the problem in homeoffice projects if deadlines are months away...too much distraction.

Two things from my flist:
[ profile] d_drusilla linked some bathing suits - but really, at least ONE of them is nothing but an invitation for sex. I'm stunned, surprised, and wondering if there's any straight guy in the world who would wear these *G*

[ profile] diegina made a Torchwood songvid to My Heart Will Go On. I agree that it's not a song I particularly favor, but OMG why didn't anyone tell me that they have canon slash :)?

and a pic of two guys making out )
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6.46 in the morning and preparing for a little train ride today.


Although I've got lots of story snippets in my mind, none of them want to go out of my brain and into a typed draft. Sigh. Watching too much stuff on my computer lately. I know why I prefer DVDs.

And some pics, not sure if I already posted them a while ago )
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Trying to solve some software problems, which results in major downloads.

Had some salad, and friends suggested champagne for my mood. Maybe I'll give it a try ;) The lawn is already mowed since earlier today, in an attempt to burn some negative energy.

pics! slash and femme )

blabla :)

May. 4th, 2007 11:24 am
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After the flight poll results (thanks folks!) and an answer from KLM that I still have to type "ss" instead of my very German letter "ß" in my family name, there's no reason anymore why I shouldn't book online today.

However, will have to wait until I had a first coffee, because I definitely have a bad case of hangover. Sigh. White wine until after 5 o'clock isn't a good thing when the husband and the sun wake you up at 8.30 and 10.45 again *rubs eyes*

Someone bought one of my expensive books at amazon marketplace. Whee!

And two of the Spader movies are on their way ("Sex, Lies and Videotapes" and "Speaking of Sex"). "Crash" will come later, as it's Adult Only and I'll have to sign for it personally upon arrival. (I know that it's reported to be bad, but it just has too many kinky Spader scenes to be missed IMVHO.)

And a guy kissing guy pic - kind of... )
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It's great to come back from vacation and find that some money has finally found its way to my banking account. This means I can buy those $)/%$&/& flight tickets for Shoreleave soon. I also received my official Shoreleave registration last night, yay!

The weather is hot and sunny and therefore my hay fever started prematurely. Oh joy ;) And TMI is about to arrive too *slight cramping ahead*, which brings even more joy ;))

Then I've got a BIG todo list for next week, because I moved a lot of things to "after vacation" getting summer tires for the Smart baby (there goes my money). And I'm thinking about buying the Mirage animation software...bad acid! *slaps greedy brain*

And two little boy pics, for the fun of it :) (NSFW) )
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It's sunny and not too hot. I'm awake and trying to get my todo list into some order so that I don't run around as confused as a beheaded chicken.

A photo and trek art based on it )
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It's too darn hot - the outside thermometer of our car said it's 30°C in the sun!!! Incredible for the midst of April in Northern Germany. I'm really beginning to fear what the summer might look like.

Worked through chapter 3 of the First Certificate grammar and was relieved to find out that I'm better at most everything but tenses which probably means - true to Murphy - that this sentence included some painful mistakes.

Snatched from [ profile] minerva_fan (ps. I could've been terza rima too, but wanted to take this better-fitting alternative:I'm a Blank Verse )

And a pic, summer woman ;) )
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I had a little flash of enlightenment this morning - promising customer makes me so damn nervous because it's a (re)writing&translation (into English!) job and the result is - for once - read by a native speaker with inside knowhow of the material. So I feel like an undergrad student and worse, I AM because my English is firmly on the 75% level, the other 25% lost in sucky grammar and persistent flaws. Which shows in fb from betas - great dialogue but weaknesses in passive voice etc.

Logically, I just spend some time on doing online tests and checking out available skill enhancement courses. The tests confirm my above statement, and I think I'll go for the Cambridge Advanced English certificate to fix the weaknesses. Let's hope my determination lasts a little, I need something steady in my life other than my reoccuring depressed moods.

On the fandom front, did a Kirk manip yesterday and started a drawing (ha!). S/Su also didn't sink with the second reader, and I should receive the beta'ed version soon :)

Onto some kissing pics )

I know I'm behind with women's pics - need to make some more photos/scans from my material, sorry. But now: cooking!


Apr. 8th, 2007 08:40 am
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It's 0840. My headache with migraine potential is still there, so I finally gave in and took two Ibuprofen pills. And I'm in my office now, because my husband tackled the harddisk problem and my notebook is somehow offline...and he fixed the rough-running window yesterday (good) which bathed the whole room in the smell of the lubricant (bad).

Made two third places in the DS9 GO's with Some Things Run In The Family, which was a lj ficlet wishes story for [ profile] qzee - thanks, Qzee, I wouldn't have written it without you :)) For this year, I really want to write more besides TOS. But right now I should tackle that customer text that is like lead in my todo list. Sigh.

A pic, for getting into a better mood:two lovely guys in action )
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...and the sun is finally really shining again!

The butter cream tart is in the fridge and done, but I can't eat it right now due to TMI and stomach problems *eats dry Knaeckebrot instead* Oh, the fun :/ But other than that, it's a great day. Shopping later, probably. Ha :)

Funny German news - thanks to the World Soccer Championship, we had 20-25% more babies in March than usual. Cool. Keep up the good work ;)

No Easter Bunnies, but hot guys... )
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Sun yesterday, sun today - that never fails to make me feel good. Everything's working well at the moment, prospects are good - I only have to write that second test snippet for promising local customer *coughs* And. I. Will. Today.

Onto the pictures of the day :) - small but beautiful )
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There is sun, and my muses granted me 1000 1440 words of a (slashy, of course) sequel to "No Mercy" this morning. Thanks, Jim and Bones. My het fans will hate it, but I can't have you two in a story anymore without it becoming slash.

I did very little of what I should actually do. Thanks, DS9 season 2.

Excuses, excuses...need to clean up the kitchen and write serious stuff.

Onto the pics )
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First, the ASCEM staff (and most prominently the great [ profile] caitn) started the First ever ASCEML Fic Exchange, modeled after e.g. Yuletide. It spans all series - if you're a writing trekkie or trek afiliate, go and join!

Then [ profile] tlin_s linked a cute vid: When graphic artists get bored.

And some days ago, someone linked the youtube vid Two Men (from Cirque de Soliel - Zumanity) which is a danced/played fight. However, not just any men - the two are really a couple! Read more about them here.

And pics! )
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I have a creative flash and decided to make good use of it while it's on - I think I'll write some more 15pairings today. Or maybe play around further with the slash pairing generator.

Pretty pictures for Friday! )


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