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...I watched Startrek 2009 on the train, for the first time in some months \o/

The first minutes are still a tearjerker.
Pike is still smoking hot.
Jim looks great beat-up.
McCoy is grumpygrumpygrumpy. And I love him.

I feel inspired. Of course, the new ideas I have could, like, fill a whole new part of my never-ending epic.

Dammit, Jim.
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Feeling like going to Fedcon, lots of DS9 guests:

Damn, watching all those interviews with the new Trek actors that lemonrocket posted is awakening the Trekkie in me. Wheeeeeeee!
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There's one really bad thing about buying something in the US - the formats are different, so I always have problems with finding the right picture frames etc.

The greatest current problem is a large poster with 8 signatures (yum!), an expensive collectible that I wanted to hang up in a protected corner. Its size is 102 x 69 cm. The largest German standard frame is 100 x 70 cm. If I buy a frame that really, really fits to the poster size (including a passe-partout), it will cost me almost as much as the poster itself *palms face*

Therefore, a poll...
[Poll #1048646]
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- Lovely Trek item lowered in price (very relatively seen) is mine and on its postal way. Husband smiled as I told him its story, and we agreed that we absolutely need to hang this up on a wall without direct sunlight :)) As he said, "I don't mind if you buy more beautiful things". Well - my banking accounts do mind by now!

- After fidgeting back and forth what to do with the English certificates and all, I found an agreeable solution. If the academy thinks that my English is ready for starting level 5, so be it. I therefore signed up for the track to "Certificate of Proficiency in English" (CPE) today. Since English5 is part of the certified translator curriculum, I can still decide to take the complete course in the future without any time loss :) Yay! Learning!

Coming next - work. Really! :)
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 1

Buying really expensive collector items is....

View Answers

...completely normal.
0 (0.0%)

...okay as long as you have still money left for food.
1 (100.0%)

...rather strange, as long as you're still complaining about having no money.
0 (0.0%)

...something I would NEVER do.
0 (0.0%)

...stupid, as long as you can put the money into conventions to meet people in rl.
0 (0.0%)

...bad for the relationship if you rather buy trek stuff than things important for hubby too
0 (0.0%)

...other, see comment.
0 (0.0%)

(Awww, the poll f*cked up. Sigh)

P.S. Permanent accounts will be available in June...I wonder if I should get myself one.

Trek Meme.

Feb. 1st, 2007 09:52 am
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Max (Kirk's old friend), Kirk and McCoy are developing a sequel of their own in my brain, duh! And I really have rl issues on my todo list today. Must. Move. Away. From. Computer!

I'm also trying to write an m/m story for [ profile] caitn on request - found an old draft and am working on it. 2000 words so far, and I hope you'll like it, Cait. It's TNG! :)

The Trek Meme everyone does :) )
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For German Trekkies, rather fresh at youtube - not the best Trek parody out there (and they got the uniform colors wrong, tsk ;) but with the original German speakers! :)

And if you like the series "Heroes", check out these two songvids, especially "Invincible" (my fav):
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Cool White Rabbit Trek crack vid by starcrossinggirl - watch and join the drug haze, lol :)))
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Meet my new family member, Mr. Samsung Samtron 74V :) Only 17" but max resolution at 1280x1024px, which makes it feel like a gigantic screen. (It's only 17" because it's the external monitor for my laptop, stands on our living room table and I have to be able to watch TV next to it, LOL).

On an unrelated note, didn't work enough for money today. Duh. This doesn't correlate well!

For the fun - [ profile] polly_b wanted "Ten things that I love that start with the letter 'L'"

Ten, no, wait, only 9 L-things )

P.S.: "Closer" even got linked in the blog of one of Germany's best-known usenet personalities, Christian Köhntopp. Cool *G* And Barbara Schöneberger sings the startrek theme! (in the Quatsch Comedy Club and now at youtube).


Sep. 2nd, 2006 10:39 pm
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Someone makes a mood theme and calls it Women of Startrek and there is not a single TOS woman inside?

Of course, it's everyone artistic decision, but...duh.
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Elizabeth Helena and yours truly once again dove in to get some pleasure and hereby start the ASCEM all trek series Wetfest 2006!

You can find more information and the rules at:

Have fun and participate!
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I bought another of those Trek snippet collections at ebay - nothing spectacular inside, however, except 8 pages out of a MAD zine 1980, featuring the Trek musical ;)

It can be found here:

I recommend to download the zip, it has the scans in full page size so that you can read the texts better :)
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Auaua. Weird vid Saturday Night Life ep poking fun at conventions - with Shatner himself!

(And damn if it doesn't remind me of the two normal trek conventions I've been. Sigh. And I'm right between them fans. Double sigh.)

EDIT: Also great: the Picard Song at

And link to all songs of DarkMateria (Picard Song and more)

Hmm, also some art there - check out the Dax Equilibrium (args, now I feel like writing Jadzia/Ezri) :)


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