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Ha, work for customer#1 done too for tonight!

For the first time in 2.5 months, I have the feeling that I have both projects well under control and they are both out of the woods.


Now off to read a certain bunny *twinkles* :P *drinks champagne*
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Worked until 04.00 tonight, when I could deliver the to-be-used-in-beta version of the help. Also mailed customer#2 already two small corrections he wanted from me this morning. W0000T!

But why did I ever think that starting a writing hobby would be a nice counteract to my writing work...? That's not really true *aches after various edits of 220 print pages*

Now doing office work. Like, saving my banking accounts through phone calls and stuff. And later I've got to do something for poor customer#1.

We'll be on vacation next week. I think I'll take the first three HP books with me - I feel like re-reading the series, now that I know the full circle :) And besides, maybe my US print version of DH will magically appear when I'm through with the others *G*

EDIT: We're going to see the new HP movie tonight. YAY! Life is getting better by the minute :)
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Thanks to my husband I'm in the possession of a certain book I didn't want to read until Saturday and he even fed me a little spoiler *args* ;)

However, last night I also realized that instead of the 2.5 weeks I was so sure of, I only have 1!!!!!!! week and some days to get project #2 done. And force lagging project #1 along.


I don't know how to manage that, but I will, I will, I have to. Back to the treadmill.

OMG. Where's the valerian?


Jun. 19th, 2007 09:46 pm
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Literally worked out my frustration of yesterday by sitting down and working 10 hours (that's already minus the breaks). Which is quite hard to do when you're sitting at home and there's nobody ordering you to anything but the GRUELING SCHEDULE that hangs over your head like Damokles' sword.

Therefore, I'm rather behind with everything fannish and slightly squared-eyed, so I might stay behind for now. But thanks to everyone who voted in my emotion poll - glad to know I'm not the only one who is prone to emotional roller coasters :))
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I'm ridiculously satisfied with myself. I filled many more snippets, added the first 30+ Map IDs after two phone calls with the software developer, removed ALL errors from the online AND the print process and managed to generate a PDF with active links. On top of everything, I cooked "Schupfnudeln mit Sauerkraut" and it tasted fine *G* I AM SOO GOOOD.

I'm also damn tired now *aches vaguely*

Last night we had Boston Legal with the episode with Shirley's ex (Tom Selleck) showing up again (the case with the Victorian sex toys) and Danny making a monologue about being main characters in a show, hehe. And Alan making strange things for a good cause, hmmm.
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Managed to set up the Madcap Flare project for customer #2 so that it works as print (Word doc) and as online output (does it really?? *goes checking*fixes small error*) - yes, it does!

*SQUEEEEE* Thanks, Mr. Friday Trainer! Without you, it would not have worked AT ALL. (The software is cool for online help, but the print output to Word 2003 is rather tricky.)

*very happy*

And thanks to Djinn *grrrr* ;) I have a McCoy/Chapel bunny haunting my brain. DANG!

Coming next: FOOD.
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- My husband is the bestest and made a backup of all the wiki files of customer#1 (and mine).

- Lay down with a pile of paper last night to correct some of the translations so that they can go into the native-speaker-editing-pipeline. (And I absolutely think that working with texts in fandom has made me a much better writer and editor.)

- Trainer called and pushed the date to 1430. Which gives me some more time to fidget around.

- Cleaned the dishes while waiting for my coffee.

- Customer #2 swamped me with material about the administration GUI *eyes dozen of mails*

- Kim noticed De Kelley's very sex forearms (visible e.g. in the short-sleeved shiny shirt of my mood icon or here!) and made me very happy when reading my mails :))))) *tries to stay sane by healthy doses of fannishness in the mix*

(Oh, look, there's a whole trek page discussing Kirk and leadership. Reading it makes me want to link my K/Mc essay and my K/S/Mc essay from the ship_manifesto :))) Check them out if you missed all the good reasons why they should be together *G*


May. 10th, 2007 05:24 pm
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This day had two halves. The first half was dealing with customers 1&2 and receiving lots of nice things in the mail (a mini fridge and "Have Been", Shatner's CD).

The second was hell, with having to get the corrected draft of an online help back to the potential customer ASAP, my birds making noise like hell, my brother phoning in the middle of the process (and keeping me on the phone for 40 minutes) - but worst of all, I managed to spill an almost full pot of coffee onto the carpet in the living room.

And in my hasty and chaotic attempt to deal with the mess, what had been dark brown spots on dark blue have become soapy yellow spots on blue, which means it looks like sh*t now. And the soapy smell give me a headache. And my knee aches from the train ride yesterday.

*heaves frustrated sigh* Sent out the chm file by now, but I guess it's too late anyway, so I could've had the same result with more relaxed working. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh.


Apr. 16th, 2007 11:24 am
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Promising local stock charting customer called and - discussed some price discount with me. I'M GOING TO GET THIS FRELLING PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it. Woah. YAY!

Made a little mail glitch in the preparation for the other promising customer, but really only a little one. Therefore, things look really, really promising for once.

A cool but very much not worksafe special burger ;)

And two pics - adult sport :) )
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- Sent 25 personalized business christmas mails incl. pic.
- Surfed a business network.
- Filled in an online survey of my techwriter organization.
- Wrote an intro for the bdsm&hypnosis circle we just joined.

And my Hamburg customer mailed me that the little homeoffice project should start middle of January. Yay!

Coming soon: Boston Legal! :)
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Conscience - perfect! After doing other things most of the day, I sat down at 18.30 and started working until now. Ah, to work in my own office with a beer and my computer - so cool. And very productive, compared to a noisy customer office and lots of car rides.
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It's before 10:00 and I a) quickcleaned the bathroom b) did the dished c) washed my hair.

There's gotta be something wrong with me ;)

Yesterday, I also cleaned the big birdcage and then worked a little with the new Flare Software.

Coming next: shopping, cleaning office part 3, calling at least ONE company. Not particularly in this order, though.

EDIT: Called two *gasp* companies, one doesn't fit, the other was rather interested and I already mailed them my profile. Yay! Considering that I have a telephone phobia, I do rather well once I manage to phone at all. Somebody once told me that I have a sexy telephone voice (and it was a customer, not a sex partner)!


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