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It's 'this time' of the month, as someone else wrote too, and it means pain killers and hanging around doing very little.

However, I fixed the last(?) things in my 2nd big S/Mc AU edit. At first, the story had 25K words. After the 1st feedback, I deleted some and wrote more than 7K new words, ending at 32K. After the 2nd feedback round (from two different persons), I added a few details and deleted the complete epilogue with 3K words and rewrote it, finishing again at 32K.

Why do I elaborate on that? I think it's the story I reworked the most in the last years, and I think the result is extremely worth it. Often, I feel my first take of a story is good enough to go straight into grammar edit, not really welcoming much fb on the contents. In this story, I realized that it was just not round, missing something, so I gave it to a first reader in a very "unfinished" state - and the fb was extremely helpful. Same with the second fb's. I wonder how some of my other stories would have turned out with that kind of fb.

OTOH, it's very hard to find people who can give that kind of fb, so I feel very lucky right now that I had two of them at hand this time! (It's also helpful writing one of the larger pairings, not having to talk someone into beta'ing one of my strange pairings...)

Gist of it: I seem to be able to accept more constructive, open fb from people. Which is GOOD.
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I just found this story on my website, and dang, I couldn't remember I'd written this ;) So dear TNG readers, take this a token of friendship *G*

Pleasures - Data/Picard, Data/Worf, Data/Troi, Data/LaForge; Data/Yar; Q POV; TNG MU bdsm dark - from 2004 )

Other than that, am tired from my Hamburg trip, and have to do stuff...later.
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This is an old story of mine, but I like it a lot and felt it never got the recognition it deserved *G*

Sometimes - S/Mc, NC-17 )
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Strikes any comments about work, although I do actually work right now.

We had a great evening with friends in Hamburg last night, but the location was so darn full of cigarette smoke, I'm still fighting a headache this morning :(

A link I missed lately at Beautiful suggestions and discussions about an all-women-cast for a Startrek movie - I'd love to see it come true *G* And there is much femslash love in the comments. Though, Torres/Seven...? Gimme Janeway/Seven post-VOY, please. My favorite femslash pairing of all times. (I'm not into Jadzia femslash, because, duh, that woman is MINE and not Kira's! ;)

Not losing many words about the real cast at the moment; I'm waiting for the ensemble and possibly I'll stop thinking about the movie until it's done, because the plot makes my blood pressure rise doesn't do much for me right now.

I also posted two of my four ficlets at ASCEM, so I can post them here too:
Spock/Chapel ficlet )
Kirk/McCoy ficlet )
Happy weekend, everyone!
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When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y. Gacked from [ profile] astolat.

So here we go, with some not so small excerpts from stories. Comments and encouragement welcome :)

WIP#1 - from the prequel to my K/S/Mc series, 8000 words so far which may be 20%, and most of it useless and due for overhaul - can you tell I'm really unhappy with this WIP? )

WIP#2 - a sequel to the K/S/Mc story that will come out with Dark Fire#3 - therefore, somewhat kinky. 9800 words so far. My opinion about the WIP wavers between 'brilliant' and 'all sh*t' )

WIP#3 - the beginning of a AU S/Mc wedding story; 4400 words and in an eternal cycle of being briefly de-stuck only to get stuck again...for a year now, I think )

WIP#4 - a S/Mc story using a TNG basis, from a challenge ages ago in ASCEM. Unfortunately, some things that are great in visual suck in a story. 2800 words and a candidate for eternal WIP status )

WIP#5 - excerpt from the third story in the Romulan Commander Series at - McCoy picking up the pieces, with a little help of a friend. 3800 words so far, Mc/f. )

WIP#6 - classic K/S and stuck as hell for years now. A story that takes a challenge which Killa used in a story and turns it on its back, but I guess I wanted too much. Volunteers for taking over may apply. 3500 words so far. )

I skipped some of the really bad ones. But actually, the list is shorter than it was for many years, thanks to my finishing the MU series and The'lan :)
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Yeah, I know it's not my normal playfield, but Djinn wrote Spock/Chapel in which Chapel has McCoy as "friend with options", and my muses ran before I could get a hold on them, sigh :)

There is the Past - There is Today (2500 words) )

And it looks as if I need to teach my newest customer that it is no good idea to call before 10 on any morning...*yawns*
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For an anon poster (Janet, I presume): Kirk/Scotty with the word "haggis" (I added some S/Mc for good measure.)
Warnings: sad, character death
no title so far and no beta at your own risk :) Feedback very welcome, also critical one as I would love to know if the story works or not )
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5 ways Garak might get Julian in his bed! Asked by [ profile] mrs260

5 ways Garak might get Julian in his bed )

On a side note, ordered Sims2 *coughs*
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Five pick up lines Kirk might use on Bones? Asked by [ profile] foxysquid
They developed into partly longer story snippets – sorry for that (or not ;).

Five pick up lines Kirk might use on Bones? - Five situations at five possible times: Pre-TOS, Post-TMP, Post-STIII, Pre-STV, during STVI )
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For [ profile] watergal - Five misconceptions Men used to hold about Elves - warning: humor )
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For [ profile] epistrophia
"Spock/McCoy (no, I'm not creeping, really, I'm having a craving). Word: Unfeasible."

Read the drabblish story :) )
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I offered drabbles at Feb 12th, and looked up the challenges last here we go.

For [ profile] qzee K/S/Mc (rather lame, sorry) *challenge at the end*

Read the drabblish story :) )
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After my Georgette Heyer flash, I re-read other former favorites of mine, namely the ten crime fiction novels by the Swedish author couple Sjoewall&Wahloo. (Unfortunately, they barely seemed to have been translated to English.)
Some thoughts about their writing )
some thoughts about writing in general and why short and crisp is a main point for me (close to bitching) )
This said, I started reading The Crimson Petal and the White, which I bought 1.5 years ago at Frankfurt airport. It has a great writing style, but it's a damn big book...


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