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More kinkmeme prompts...


Number One Solution

Number One was working for section 31, so she knew how to get her hands on a cryo tube (maybe Harrison’s old one since they’re scarce). Pike is saved.

Bonus if Number One makes a sarcastic comment when Pike wakes up.


After Pike recovers from his injuries from Khan's attack, he ends up Captain of the Enterprise with Kirk as his first officer.

Kirk flirts endlessly with Pike - on the bridge, in the mess, during meetings. But Pike absolutely will not sleep with Kirk. Nope, never. It's inappropriate.

Except then of course he does - and its awesome and mindblowing. Bottom!Pike a major bonus, or Kirk riding Pike also a plus.


On the only two occasions we have seen of Kirk having sex it has been with aliens. Kirk has Xenophilia - sexual attraction to aliens. I would like an exploration of this where Kirk is in an established or developing relationship with some one on the enterprise (or Pike/or even Kahn) who is happy with Kirk's proclivities (maybe they even join in) though some misunderstandings and teething problems are welcome. Up to filler whether the established/developing relationship is sexual or if Kirk is even capable of a sex with another human.

Also I request that if you include Spock (as Kirk's partner, or just a conquest) please include Uhura too. After Into Darkness I just can't split them up.


AU Khan/Jim - Role exchange

Wherein Khan's crew are the ones to find a ship with cryogenic pods. The ones inside are the crew of the USS Enterprise. They wake the one they presume to be the captain and hell ensues. Or not.


*looking around here when reading this*

Angst-fest featuring Pike's significant other dealing with his death (or maybe not dealing, as the case may be).

Make it as angsty as you want! For significant others I prefer Philip Boyce (, McCoy, or Spock, but it can be anyone you choose. I'd prefer if they were in Starfleet, but even that's not important.

Rip my heart out!

P.S. If you feel like throwing in Pike's family as well, that's cool too... :)


And also, there are some prompts of a kink level that I would not want to link them here, lol! *has some shame limit, surprisingly*


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