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[TW: bullying] fem!McCoy/fem!Spock, academy era, McCoy takes Spock under her wing

McCoy only knew Spock in passing, but they had managed to become enemies anyway. Every time they saw each other they would end up in an argument, and no matter how hard McCoy worked, Spock constantly one-upped her without even trying.

Then one day, McCoy finds Spock standing naked in the hallway, trying unsuccessfully to get back into her dorm room. It's Spock's roommate's idea of a joke, and to make matters worse, a small audience of their fellow cadets has gathered, laughing, taking video/pictures, making gross sexual comments and mocking Spock's body.

McCoy blows a fuse and shouts down the cadets, who quickly scatter, then brings Spock back to her own dorm room and lends her some clothes.

McCoy comes to realize that Spock had made a lot of enemies among the cadets and no real friends, so McCoy makes it her mission to look out for her, whether Spock likes it or not.

Bonus: LOTS of bickering and tsundere-ness between Bones and Spock.
Ethical Slut Kirk

This might be a bit of a strange prompt but...

My headcanon of Kirk has always been that he's the quintessential Ethical Slut ( He likes having sex with other people who like having sex. He hates abuse, prejudice, entitlement, and holds consent as sacred. Perhaps it’s just my own reading of the character, but that is the Kirk in my head.
So I guess what I’m asking is for a celebration of healthy, fun promiscuity. Maybe a 5 and 1 fic pretty please?
OT7 Mirrorverse dark AU

Slight Mirror verse AU
In the mirror verse The Federation and the entire Enterprise crew are evil and terrorize the galaxy. In that universe they are sadistic as hell and in order to move up the ranks they kill senior officers. I want to see a mirrorverse only where Kirk/Spock/Uhura/McCoy/Sulu/Chekov/Scotty are all loyal to each other. (In the show Chekov and Sulu both try and kill Kirk, I don't want that) Together they make a formidable crew and they strike fear in both the rest of the crew and the universe with Kirk leading them ruthlessly. All the while in a poly relationship with each other.

They have no problem and even enjoy hurting other people but would never hurt each other in a non sexy way or for a very good reason. Mirror!Sulu has a scar so maybe he gets an injury in a fight with Nero or Khan and Kirk recuts over the scar (or orders McCoy to) to make his own so that he's the only one who has a mark on his bridge crew.
Feel free to have primary relationships like Sulu/Chekov, Kirk/McCoy or Uhura/Spock

Lots of dub/sub.
Someone tries to kill Kirk to move up rank and one of the crew makes an example that no one hurts their captain.
Kirk/Bones, Bones breaks the rules

The Federation has had strict rules about human genetic manipulation and experimentation in place ever since the time of the Augments. Creating a serum from the blood of a two-century-old superhuman and injecting it into one's captain, even to save his life, without going through all the proper channels and gaining all the needed permissions (which would take months, if not years, in itself), being directly overseen by a team of government-appointed scientists, doing extensive simulations and testing first before even *thinking* of doing anything to an actual live test subject, getting the subject's written permission if they are sentient, etcetera, is a no-no.

Bones spends most of that skipped-over year before the beginning of the five-year mission in Starfleet jail/under surveillance/on probation/forbidden from going anywhere near a science lab or being alone with a patient, due to the fact that everything he did to save Kirk's life was SERIOUSLY ILLEGAL UNDER FEDERATION LAW. In fact, experimenting on that tribble to begin with fell into a sketchy legal gray area.

Bones is unrepentant, of course, but Jim is guilty over potentially derailing Bones' career, even if he didn't do it directly or on purpose. He tries to make it up to him somehow.
TOS: Mccoy/Kirk eventual Kirk/Spock/Mccoy

I can't get enough of TOS K/S/M

It would love to read a fic where Kirk and Mccoy have a friends with benefits type of relationship and occasionally get it on, usually in situations when they get playful and competitive, it's all just rowdy fun for them and Spock walks in on their not so platonic game ( 10000 extra bonus points for frottage and other teenagery things).

Spock doesn't say anything naturally, but he's just like *how* is it nothing serious, how are they so casual about it when I'm burning up and unable to function doki doki

I want to join in, if it's all the same to you
Bones/Spock, AOS, mind melds

So in the mirror universe, Spock cornered Bones and did a mind meld very much without his permission. Somehow (through Kirk telling him, having seen Bones Prime talking to Spock Prime about it in his mind meld with Spock Prime [which, if Bones is bothered by mind melds, will drive him crazy and make him more paranoid about the hobgoblin] ?), Bones finds out about it. Of course, this makes him super paranoid and uneasy about Spock and his telepathy. Spock doesn't understand what's going on.

Then, Shenanigans happen, and it becomes a necessity for nuSpock to meld with Bones or he's going to die or something like that, and Bones resists until he has to tell Spock why. He, of course, is just as horrified as Bones about what the mirror Spock did to Bones Prime, and when they do finally meld, all Bones sees is how good a guy Spock is, and how much he cares about everyone of the crew members (particularly his close friends/the bridge crew), and he can't help but feel some... feels.

TL;DR: Bones hears about Mirror!Spock's uninvited mind meld with Bones Prime, and freaks out about mind melds until he actually has one and sees in Spock's mind what a good guy he is. Cue feels.

(Up to you if Things Get Intense and They Do It, and up to you if Bones' feels are shared by Spock, or if it's unrequited angst.)
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