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This time, no spoilers :)
Kirk/McCoy, kink discovery, barebacking, comeplay.

That lower-deck rumour about Kirk having had every STD known to sapient beings? Complete balderdash.

See, Kirk’s a modern guy, and he’s pretty considerate when he wants to be. In other words: he’s only ever done the safe sex thing. The idea of barebacking always made him feel kind of weird and uncomfortable and there was no way in hell he was going to examine those feelings too deeply. He has, for quite some time, internalised the idea of it as a reckless, dirty-in-the-not-so-fun-way practice that can cause a world of itchy, rashy pain.

Only now he’s in a relationship with a doctor and he figures, hey, if he’s ever gonna try it, it might as well be with the only person who knows Kirk’s “safety first” sexual habits, and who Kirk himself knows is clean. Bones is fine with it (it’s not exactly the weirdest thing they’ve tried out together) so they go ahead. Kirk is super responsive during. Clingy and loud and all breathy begging. He comes so hard he sees stars, and the feel of Bones leaking out of him has him squirming and half-hard again ridiculously quickly.

And maybe afterwards Kirk is a bit taken aback by this discovery and ends up avoiding sex for a while, trying to work out "holy shit I did not know I had this kink" in his head. He considers himself pretty open-minded and he's not sure what to do with this new information about himself.

...Bones has a few ideas for when Jim's sorted it out.
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