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Carol/Chekov/McCoy - threeway, age gap, first time het, and I guess slight D/S

Est. Chekov/McCoy. Chekov has never been with a woman and Carol is more than happy to help him with that. Especially with McCoy in the room, that deep country drawl coaching Chekov on what to do (touch her and tell me how wet she is) and coaching him how to do it right (not like that! Slower. Focus on her and make her really FEEL every inch of you) and he coaches Chekov on how to go down on her (that’s her clit, now roll it around with your tongue). Chekov, meanwhile, only agreed to do this because McCoy asked and he is so crazy in love with McCoy (I’m talking I Sink Siz Vill Kill Me in love with the guy. We can sympathize, bb) but now that he’s actually doing it, he is finding the female figure so much more pleasurable than he ever gave it credit for. Bonus if Chekov (jokingly or dead seriously, don’t care) calls Bones “Coach” Double bonus if the above happens and it makes Carol come Triple bonus if once she comes, Carol tags out with McCoy who then makes Chekov come in whatever delicious way that dirty anon can dream up \0/ Please no blood play or scat/watersports but ANYTHING ELSE GOES. Heck I’d even be game for ignoring that Bones ever had a first wife and switching the roles so that the young Chekov wisely coaches Bones through fucking Carol into next week. Really, I’m oh so very flexible on this.
Kirk/Uhura: Spock unwittingly breaks both their hearts, mutual bonding ensues (STID Spoilers)

When Spock and Uhura turn out to be mentally incompatible for ~true bonding~, he drops her immediately. After all, it's inefficient to waste time with a relationship that will not reach full potential. He moves on to Kirk, thinking the depth of emotion he felt when Kirk was killed must signify a true connection. Except he runs into the same exact problem, and drops Kirk just as quickly.

Spock's not intentionally being a dick, (if anything he thinks he's doing them a favor by not dragging it out), but both Kirk and Uhura are pretty heartbroken at how abruptly it happens. They're also determined as hell not to show it. Except they get drunk together one night, and it all comes out, and maybe some drunk-yet-hot consolation!sex ensues....

Bonus if Spock figures out/discovers that Uhura and Kirk have hooked up, and he feels unexpectedly jealous, and maybe a little sad at what he's lost.
Kirk/Uhura, first meeting

Kirk/Uhura, five ways their first meeting could have gone differently if Cupcake hadn't interrupted them.


- Any of them involve her figuring out/finding out who his father was and why he's there
- Pike appears for any reason, because Pike is always good
- In each instance he makes up a different first name to call her because she still won't tell him what her name really is
A/U Hurt!Khan Prudent!Marcus Kirk wants to save Khan

And if Marcus had been a little more cautious. He constantly monitored Khan.

Khan is obliged to obey. If he fled his family died. If he dies, another member of his crew will take its place. He must protect his family.

USS Veangeance is finished and Khan never had the opportunity to hide his crew in torpedoes.

Kirk loses his ship. Kirk doesn’t become Pike's first officer on the Enterprise. Marcus refused Pike’s request. And the USS Entreprise left without him for a five-year mission.

In response to the growing Klingon threat, Marcus revealed the existence of the USS Vengeance, took his command and Kirk is his first officer. John Harrisson is aboard the ship.

John is isolated, works in silence and returns to his quarters. He follows Marcus’s orders.

Kirk is curious, he hacks Marcus's files. He learns the true identity of John Harrisson and how he is tortured and tormented (starving, locked in a cold room or oven, blackmail …).

Kirk wants to save him. He must do something.
Sulu/Kirk, Sulu/Chekov: anger sex, sex as punishment, rough sex, tender sex

It's a little known fact but when the crew is at risk, afterwards Kirk feels like he needs to be punished. So he goes to Sulu to get fucked raw and rough so much to that it hurts, and not in a good way.

Sulu needs it too, as he needs to work out the adreneline so that when he goes to Chekov he doesn't take it out on his lover

So, in short, I want rough punishment sex with Sulu topping the hell out of a willing and grateful Jim, then Sulu going and making gentle love to Chekov.
Kirk/Spock leading to McCoy/Kirk/Spock

Kirk and Spock have been dating for a couple of months now, and it's pretty damn awesome. Those arguments on the bridge have stopped, they have lunch and dinner together every day, they play chess, watch old Earth movies, and most of the time, they'll sleep together in the same bed. But that's it, just sleep. Maybe some making out, but never anything more.

Kirk wonders why Spock hasn't made the first move--he knows Spock thinks he's attractive, and he knows that neither of them is exactly virginal...

Spock wonders why Kirk hasn't made the first move--he knows Kirk wants him, and he knows Kirk is supposed to be a wonderboy in the sack...

Bones wonders why the hell they didn't come to him sooner.

Turns out they're both instinctively bottoms with men, and they need someone toppy to come and sort them out. That's Doctor McCoy. And if that night leads to a more permanent threesome? Well, nobody's gonna complain.

TL;DR: Kirk and Spock are both bottoms, and their relationship needs their friendly neighbourhood doctor.
SpockPrime/Kirk/Spock happiness

reboot!Kirk can't let Spock Prime be lonely. reboot!Spock appreciates this, logically... and emotionally. Spock Prime needs some reassurance.

I just want HAPPY Spock Prime/new!Kirk/new!Spock OT3 fic. Some angst at the beginning is fine, but I want a happy ending where they are all happy and both Spocks and Kirk are content and receiving lots of love and care from each other.

Any rating. You can stick with emotional melds/snuggles/whatever, or also include hardcore threesome smut. I will read it all.

NO character death except in reference to Kirk Prime. My poor heart can't take any more Spock Prime death fics.

Also, have a link to the best procrastinator logo ever:


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