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john harrison/jim kirk, au, they met while in the academy

Long prompt is long:)
So i always pictured Pike as a generally very good mentor/father figure to Jim. So when Jim first fails the Kobayashi Maru (maybe in his second year?) and becomes a bit depressed (he doesn't want to fail Pike, and also the whole thing is like Kelvin all over again), Pike arranges for some off-campus credits for him in a Starfleet engine research lab, where one newly awakened John Harrison works. Jim quickly becomes totally enamored with him, because he isn't just smokin' hot, but also a genius- much like Jim. Although John is much more collected and controlled, they became close to each other. When the course is over, and Jim has to go back to the academy, he is a bit heartbroken to leave John behind. So when he meets Pike again, he is all about this amazing guy he met. And Pike is really happy for him, because Jim sure could do with more friends who are in his intellectual level. So Pike, like the good mentor he is, tries to get transfer for John, or at least get them some time off to meet. But that's when things turn strange: there is no John Harrison in the database further back than a few months, and no more data on him overall. So Pike starts to investigate, and finds out the whole ugly truth. John (or khan now) and his crew get rescued, Marcus and his cronies are thrown to jail, and Jim gets his bestie back. And than Nero happens. What would change with all those augments onboard(i imagine Pike at least would take khan with him- maybe as his sic. instead of Spock)?
Basically: Jim makes a new friend(Khan), Pike investigates like the bamf he is, and the outcome of the Nero incident changes drastically.

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Date: 2013-06-19 02:07 pm (UTC)
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That would be freaking awesome! I hope somebody writes it.


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