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I just found this story on my website, and dang, I couldn't remember I'd written this ;) So dear TNG readers, take this a token of friendship *G*


I don't have many hobbies. For a Q, that is. My favorite one
has been watching humans (and taming them, like mon petit
capitaine), but lately I find there is another one who
catches my eyes - Data, our unique android.

I'd found him a tad boring until the day he'd finally
realized his one and utmost strength and used it to his
advantage. The over-emotional, underdeveloped rack of
circuits called Lore didn't stand a chance against him.
And the disbelieving look in his eyes as Data sold him off
to the Imperial Agency for analyzing was priceless.

From then on, I've kept an eye on him. Of course I don't
need this laughable Tantalus screen behind the fake French
oil painting, a toy frequently used by my little
plaything. I could be with Data anytime I want to. But I
prefer to stay on at arm's length, because he's good. He's
actually good enough to make me watch his experiments with
humans, instead of doing my own.

Because, horriblement, I have to admit that he's better
than I am. When I dominate them, I do it with heart and
soul, a little humor on the edges. I guess I see them
rather fatherly most of the time, like with my little pet.
I can't really harm them. They're too much of an

But he, he doesn't care. Of course. Why should he? For
him, empathy is a seven letter word of which he knows 723
translations, but never its meaning. He'll never feel what
pain he causes, will never share the delicious shame he
makes them cringe in. And, for some weird reasons that I
fail to understand, it's exactly this cold, distanced,
unmoved kind of master they want when they line up at his
door, lemmings strolling into their self-made hell.

Of course they're aware that he can't kill them. (I could,
and did, from time to time. I bet it didn't do my
reputation much good. But a God doesn't care about that.)
He has his limits, and that is all the security they need
to come back. But there are so many ways to hurt, and he
learns them over time, while I watch him grow.

I don't often look when Worf's with him, this monstrosity
in genetic design and fake heroics. I even tend to add a
little bit of extra pressure from afar when he pushes the
pain stick deep into the Klingon's side. Worf's wails are
impressive, always making his hate of humans spill out of
his teeth like a puking flow. Once he'd torn the chains,
but he didn't stand a chance against Data's strength.
Probably just one more reason to come back.

I also don't care much for Geordi. I mean, anyone can see
that Data's doing a pity job with that ridiculous guy. It
takes nothing more than to take away the VISOR, and you're
getting an unsure, shaky little bundle that's simply
crying for abuse. And what fun is that? You can tie him
up, but you can just as well place him in a corner and let
him wait for three hours, while you're banging others.

I tend to look closer when he's doing Deanna. Poor,
little, underfucked Deanna. I know best exactly where
Riker gets his dick up, but it's never with her. And so he
doesn't mind letting Data do the job for him, first
beating her up, then fucking her thoroughly. She's always
much more relaxed after it. Not so tight-assed.

Naturally, I look closest when my little pet joins the row
of the damned. His whimpers when Data takes him without
any preparations always remind me that I tend to forget
about this stretching concept. Alright, I could snap my
fingers and do it. But Jean-Luc's trying to prove to
himself that he's still a man (which of course always
fails, but is that my fault?), and so he has to suffer a
bit. Tsk tsk. I shake my head as Data oversteps the
boundaries of good taste. But I can see my puppy loves it,
and I'm more than a little jealous. So I drift in the
timeline until I see another scene.

Tasha Yar, soft little pussy with an impressive ass - if I
were into women; I really thought Data liked her. But
Riker wanted her dead and, although I'm mastering the
captain, I leave the ship's business largely untouched. So
poor Tasha signed up for a play that started with Data
fucking her thoroughly and ended with the XO smashing her
head - what comic tragedy. Unusually bloody business, too,
but his visually challenged house slave cleaned it up
perfectly. A moment to remember...

I stop musing about life onboard the Enterprise when the
door opens and Jean-Luc comes in, slightly knock-kneed.
With a flick of my wrist I undress him and heal his torn
ass. Then I remember I've got to do something about that
stretching thing, and add a big plug. I see him wince and
I feel with him. I guess, my little android, I still have
the more fulfilling life after all.


Other than that, am tired from my Hamburg trip, and have to do stuff...later.
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