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Screencaps at

A bad-ass role :))

Thanks to Karen for the screencaps!
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Screencaps at

Playing a not too bright doctor ;)

Thanks to Karen for the screencaps!
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Screencaps of De in "Lone Ranger - Gold Trains" (1950)

Screencaps courtesy of Karen - also check out the episode which she posted at youtube!
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De and Carolyn Kelley in an article that has some interesting tidbits, like:

But the funny thing is, the most successful shows we have had on the series, as far as fan mail goes, are the ones where Bill Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and I have been featured to the almost total exclusion of everyone else. It's very strange, but I suppose the audience likes the contrast in characterization among the three of us.

It also offers seven pictures! Two of them here:

and the second behind the cut :) )

Download the full PDF here! (1.2 MB)
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DeForest Kelley in "Bat Masterson - No Amnesty for Death" (1961)

In which De's character belongs to a gang of three that killed the old sheriff's sons during a feud; however, there is an amnesty for all murders that happened during said feud. But when the three men are released by Bat Masterson, the first thing they do is rob a carriage and De's character kills the driver. In the end, shot dead ;)

REMEMBER: A full overview of currently available shots is at
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In which De plays a good guy, the hero of the episode! Coming back from Civil War, he finds the husband of his stepsister murdered and the town essentially taken over by the bandits around Daley. When his stepfather is killed too, he decides to fight them.

All here at

De delivers a great speech at the old man's grave, which you can download here as MP3 (2.4 MB) :) Enjoy!
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Screencaps from "Black Saddle - Apache Trail" (1959), in which De's character is wanted and captured by the Apaches, and he receives a mighty whipping. Dead in the end, because he's the bad guy ;)

There is chest hair!

And he's tied up. H&C, anyone ;)?
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Screencaps of a 1960 episode of "Alcoa Theatre" called "333 Montgomery Street", in which De plays a lawyer - and which was written&produced by Gene Roddenberry!

With glasses - I wouldn't want to be his adversary!

This kind of clothes looked really good on him :))

Media file will follow when my uploading stops acting up...
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In which De's character evolves from an alcoholic military doctor (whose patient, as played by Leonard Nimoy! gets killed) to a hero:

We also see De bare-chested and wet! ;)

Unfortunately, the material quality isn't top rank. Sigh :)
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I was hunting at Ebay, and today it finally was in my box! Click on it for a larger version.

Okay, it would have been better if Shatner had had open eyes, but doesn't De look marvelous on it? And I love shots with the two of them together.


P.S. If you're a fan of Shatner, Nimoy and/or De Kelley and haven't had a look at my collectibles so far, check them out here:

Collection includes various articles and interviews from the 60's. Enjoy!
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Go here for more pictures :)

(The movie is part of the "G.I.Scare Vol 1" DVD available at )


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