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Because I left the impression to someone that I thought McCoy was weak (so. far. off. my. mind).

From a discussion I once had with another (Spock/)McCoy fan - her opinion on McCoy's kind of strength with which I happen to agree:

> There's a painting (I wish I could find it online) where this
> man is being dragged naked into hell by several demons. He's
> been beaten, he's chained, swollen eye sockets, he's a mess -
> he can't do anything, but he has the ability to open one eye,
> and so that's what he does. He's doomed, he's going to hell,
> but on the way there, he'll have that eye open looking to
> where he's going. He's got one shred of strength left, and
> he's using it. I think of McCoy when I see that painting.

So I never think of McCoy as "weak" in a traditional sense. However, throw a decent man into the MU (or similar circumstances) and he'll still lose against ruthless captains - because he's got morals and qualms. He still makes CMO so he's got to have his share of ruthlessness. He just doesn't take those last steps necessary to win because it would mean giving up a part of himself.

P.S. I once read a great TOS story after TMP in which Kirk and McCoy make sure that he gets back the CMO job from Chapel. Not ruthless, but they know what they want - both of them. McCoy didn't get his job by twiddling his thumbs and he doesn't want to give it up - he likes being the boss in his department. In all of TOS he wouldn't ever think of stepping back from it.

Sorry for possible incoherency. I'm once again sleep-deprived and late for work.

Read you later!

McCoy Art

Jan. 2nd, 2008 02:46 am
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I thought I'd start the new year with publishing my last Spiced Peaches art. Here my favorite. It's so strange - sometimes, picture editing just WORKS, and sometimes it doesn't. This is a good one, I think.

McCoy in TMP, totally worksafe )
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You know, after all that (mostly stupid) underage discussion, I'm always so amused when I read in the pro-novel "Lives of Dax" the story in which a McCoy "a few months shy of his 18th birthday" has sex with Emony Dax who is of the age of his mother.

Just gotta love that. (Reminds me that I still want to expand my drabble of McCoy and his almost-stepmother Deborah to a real story.)

Other than that, spending too much time on amusing myself in HP spoiler communities.

And yes, I ACTUALLY SHOULD WORK. Husband is away for the weekend on a business trip himself, so I've got no good excuses whatsoever...
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Of course it's stupid (feedback-wise) to post them all at once here, but I'm lazy. They were written for the theme#4 of [ profile] 15pairings. Not all were posted to ASCEM yet, but they will be. Enjoy!

P.S. In case of crappy Germish and other misleading errors, please drop me a note :) Thank you.

15 drabbles )
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I lately bought and scanned three posterbooks from 1977. Here's No 8 for your viewing pleasure :) McCoy-centered content!


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