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Cool picture: How to explain sex to children

And a story recommendation - The Ins and Outs of Threesomes by starsandgraces, awesomely hot McCoy/CarolMarcus/Kirk
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The Box. Kirk&McCoy and well, SPOILERS.
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All Fall Down - beautiful Spock/McCoy, Kirk/McCoy, pre-K/S/Mc story by writer-klmeri, basically a missing scene. THIS is how I want my OT3 to return. SPOILERS.

And a thought-provoking, NOT spoilerish movie recap by cards_slash: STAR TREK: A STORY WITHOUT ANY SPOILERS AT ALL.
Lets explain my feelings about Star Trek Into Darkness through a fun story. I will be me, but for the sake of entertainment’s purpose I’ll be Susie McAnyperson. Star Trek Into Darkness will be a grocery store. Here we go...
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Impressed - The porn I have been waiting for \o/


Ignore me - a Spock-Bones missing scene that explains something about the movie ending

A Race through Dark Places - extremely short, extremely to the point :)
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As an old Regency fan - grew up with Georgette Heyer novels, among many other books - I absolutely adored this highly unusual MU story:

Lord Monster by neko_fish

Enjoy! <3
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I'm so glad that after all those shiny Sydney wedding tour pictures, someone delivered cute and hot AU RPS!

Vehicular Man-Loving by marlee813

.oOHmm, one could probably argue that all RPS is AU, but in this one they meet as kids already :)
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Great Kirk/McCoy Trek/Sentinel crossover: In an Orbit All the Way Around You by glitterfics

I have barely a clue about Sentinels, but the author did a great job of explaining her concept of "Sentinels&Guides" in the Startrek universe by citing science book excerpts. Lovely work, very nice AU :)

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Yumyumyum, I just really enjoyed the Kirk/McCoy story I Do It All For You (AO3)

It's meta-cons bordering non-cons (hey, aliens MADE them!) and it has Bones on his knees and getting a public beating and humiliation scene by Kirk's hand - and it comes with AWESOME art!


Coming to you in the mission of mood improvement for anyone who's dealing with mediocre health today <3
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That Damn Balcony Scene by neko-fish is cute and adorable and uses the quirks of both men VERY amusingly :)
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I just read The Day and the Hour by wrenton, coming with the premise:

"From the moment they’re born, everyone knows something about how they will die. Leonard McCoy is not an exception and neither is Jim."

I knew this kind of premise from the Centauri and Londo Mollari in Babylon 5 but had never thought about the implications of this in detail and for other fandoms. Really liked how this story tackles the idea.
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For other fans of mixed threesomes, have this treat tonight:

Keeping Warm by lullabymoon

(*G* Another Chris between my favorite boys :)
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Kirk/SpockPrime is one of my strange, beloved rare!pairings when the hell did I develop my large age difference fetish?!

... anyway, here have this short but beautiful story:

Like a Melody In My Head by waldorph, PG13


I've actually been reading some AOS Kirk/Spock AU yesterday, but it's always a little weird and wrong to me, lol. Kirk/SpockPrime, though, is totally logical, right?!
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I just totally enjoyed the Karl/Anton RPS story Rock me, which is lovely and so hot that it scorched my screen <3

Link recs

Jul. 9th, 2012 01:20 pm
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For all people dealing with clients in the web service and design area:

An interesting idea: crowdfunding to buy book rights and set them free afterwards. The list of most wanted is not surprising:

A cool father introducing his very young children to Linux and command consoles

Two recs

Jun. 7th, 2012 01:36 am
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Surfing fandomsecrets, I read a secret about an X-Men video: Rolling in the Deep
- and it's lovely and managed to make me want to watch "X-Men: First Class" once more (with which I hadn't been very enamored in the cinema, for unclear reaons).

On a completely different note, an Australian wrote a wonderfully funny posting about "What I know about Germans" -
I laughed a lot :)
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Someone asked for the link to "Under his Wing", a great Kirk/Chekov story.

It's been part of the Kirk Fuqh Fest in 2000 and can be found here:

For others who might like to read some good old TOS slash outside of the box, I heartily recommend the Society for Slash Diversity and COCO Channel, which I have archived (with permission) at .

So many great stories there. Take your time, it's worth it!

... Maybe I should reread a good TOS story once in a while. Sometimes I don't understand myself that I've totally jumped the Reboot waggon. I guess after being obsessed with the old crew for 30+ years, I needed some fresh air.

Also, the awesomenity of Bruce Greenwood still makes me hot eats my brain. Just ordered two of his more artist obscure movies from Amazon Marketplace.

And it's not helpful that I'm working on hardcore kink McCoy/Pike scenes.

Story recs

Mar. 12th, 2012 07:34 pm
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I just read two very different but very wonderful stories:

White Collar: Another Country
by [personal profile] elrhiarhodan, a great sequel to the end of this season (which I loved, btw). A happy-making story ♥

Star Trek: Guilt 2/30 by [personal profile] imachar is the second in an ongoing series of Pike/Boyce stories set in her "The Weight of a Man" universe, and touches an aspect I haven't thought of before. Very intense.


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