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I offered drabbles at Feb 12th, and looked up the challenges last here we go.

For [ profile] qzee K/S/Mc (rather lame, sorry) *challenge at the end*

"Jim!" With this battle cry, McCoy broke into the silence of the living room.

Jim Kirk jerked out of his half-sleep state on the couch, opening his eyes to the sight of an enraged lover.

"You did it again!" McCoy said, tossing the empty package into Jim's face. "You ate all of them. And not only them, but also the Easter peeps. Two days before Easter!"

The accused tried for a lame smile. "Um, sorry, didn't know you wanted to have some too."

"I want some. The point is, I never get some, because you eat them faster than lightening!"

Jim turned his head to look at Spock for help. But McCoy got his movement and was quicker.

"Spock. Don't you agree with me that it's becoming quite an addiction? It's time we do something about it."

Kirk strained his muscles to diminish his belly. Unfortunately, it didn't work for longer than a second.

"Much as I do not like to take sides in your discussions," Spock said, "I have to agree with the doctor here – you definitely eat too many marshmallows, Jim."

qzee wanted "slash based on this icon :-)" - sorry, didn't want to get slashy but only comical :/ Maybe another one will come out some day...

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