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Must-have: time lapse video of how the bar scene between Pike and Kirk came to pass, from "let's take a room and build a bar" to the shooting and the dismantling in the end:
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Title: Third Chances
Author: syredronning aka Acidqueen
Series: ST:XII aka Star Trek into Darkness aka AOS
Codes: Kirk, Spock, Christopher Pike, Number One,
Rating: PG, gen, angst, tissue alert, SPOILERS
Word count: 4700

Thanks for the lovely beta go to imachar. All remaining flaws are solely mine.
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek, I own my brain.

The story is also available at AO3.

SPOILERS, so the author's note and the summary are after the cut )
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So there is that interview at in which Bruce states he sees Pike as essential for the next movie.

I've got to say, I'm really torn about that. I loved Pike - pretty obviously, as the only other guy I ever wrote about book-size was McCoy (ah, my adored DeForest Kelley). However, this is a bit too much cheerleading for me: I don't see Pike as essential, and I'd rather take a one-time appearance than bad follow-ups.

So here the trekmovie poll PLUS a fourth choice entered by me, which pretty much sums up my feeling. Every vote is okay and will not be interpreted as more or less Pike love :)

[Poll #1607252]
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Title: Quicksand
Author: [ profile] syredronning aka Acidqueen
Series: Reboot aka ST:XI aka AOS
Codes: Pike/Kirk, Kirk/SpockPrime
Rating: R, dark
Word count: 2000
Author's Note: Written for the "In the Doghouse Again" prompt.

Thanks for the wonderful beta goes to [ profile] cupidandpsycho. All remaining flaws are solely mine.
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek, I own my brain.
Summary: Some things come in circles.

'You've got to come,' is all the message says, but the sender's name is enough to have Jim Kirk on his way hours later. )
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Without any guarantee at all - what would you like to see in fic right now? In Pike fic in general, and in Draws specifically, if you feel inclined. Characters, species, plots, TOS stuff, etcpp.

I think I asked something similar a while ago, but as I use too many tags, I never find such things again.

Indulge me... (meta and tangents and comment spam welcome).
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Two interesting Pike prompts I came across:

1) It starts out as attraction because of Jim's resemblance to his dad, and Winona isn't happy about it for that reason (perhaps a slightly drunk Pike told her that). She lets it go, because Jim's of age. But she's much more difficult to convince when it turns to more than Jim is.
No bashing of Winona - this a genuine concern, not her wanting to split Jim and Pike up to cause unhappiness.

(I guess it means ... "turns to more than just attraction". I really like this prompt!)

2) In an AU where D/s relationships are normal, Pike quietly submits to Jim.

(Okay, I already have thought along this slant and have that Kirk/Pike scene from my DS AU as a draft here, but this has still another touch somehow :))

I should work. I should write. Or I should at least *decide* what to do :/
*toggles around, ending with getting done neither*
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Menagerie stuff... I partly fast-forwarded through it *cough*

I'm actually not totally sure why I dislike it so much. I think it's got to be a mix of:

a) Spock would find a better solution than stealing Jim's spaceship. My Spock is cleverer than this! (Yes, I started out as Spockie ages ago. He.)
b) Convoluted setup with what they see, too much dragging on (okay, it was an emergency reuse of material and for that it was okay, but still not loving it).
c) The Pike thing hurts, and the beep thing is illogical (though I tried to explain it in my tiny ficlet lately).

Good things:
a) McCoy totally defending Spock when Kirk suspects the Vulcan plays a foul game. Beautiful insight into McCoy's true opinions about Spock.
b) Dress uniforms ftw! ;)
c) Great tension between Kirk and Spock here. Having your first officer and friend stealing your ship has got to hurt like hell. Some good stories came out of it.
d) Oh, and this whole "Spock is extremely loyal to his commanding officer" thing - another story plot feeder.
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Working and watching "The Cage" once more. Random thoughts:

Pike and his fascination for Orion slave girls and possibly dirty businesses, deep down in his conscience - very nicely mirrored in the current Pike fics IMVHO ;) Pike as a pirate, yay. It also makes Reboot Pike/Gaila highly likely to me. His captaincy morals do not uphold all the time.

Pike stating "All ships doctors are dirty old men" - hehehe! Reminds me that I have one old K/Mc TOS story with Pike/Boyce implied ;)

Number One rocks. Love her. Not sure I'll ever really write Pike/No1 but she's a great female character and I like to read fic with the two.

Now I need to suffer through the "Menagerie", one of my least liked episodes, because I need SpockPrime's take on the events...

(My doom: Related Videos brought up this Bruce interview *sigh sigh sigh* Damn the man. Makes me write endless Pike fic and eats my brain.)
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...a Pike/No1 icon! Because clearly the world me needs it.
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[ profile] serai1 posted wonderful pics of Bruce Greenwood and this is probably my favorite, because I have a certain obsession for working-man outfits and he looks as if he has a camping date with Kirk, Spock and McCoy in ST V:

Click on it for them all!
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I like the picture, but the icons don't really work, somehow...manips and stuff )

And now I really feel the need to make something more productive because honestly, I'm bad at composing this stuff :/

As I...

Aug. 21st, 2009 08:15 pm
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...haven't been happy with last night's threesome icon, I sat down and did one from the movie pictures (and deleted the other icon).

So - better?

P.S. This has to be my favorite behing the scenes screenshot so far, not the least because of the cute expression on Urban's face. Yum.
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God, what an exhausting day! It was okay, result-wise, but I'm DONE.

But still, a brief rec - Have In Mind Pike/Jim Kirk, hot with authoritative Pike and all. And yes, by now I check out the Pike comm before the Kirk/McCoy comm. Doom, I tell you!


Aug. 14th, 2009 07:06 am
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[ profile] celandineb wrote some beautiful Chris Pike/George Kirk for me, yay!!!

Go there and show her that Pike does get fandom love :))))

Answers to poll comments later, I'm on my way soon for a long offline day.
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The pic was snatched from a wonderful Greenwood pic spam posting and I titled it "Pike thinking" because I imagine him to make that face whenever he thinks about the thing with Kirk and McCoy, a certain "what the hell did I get myself into" attitude. He.

Unrelated: Thought about whether I had some prompt material for the Space Married Comm but woah, the prompts already posted are so great, I just want to read all the resulting fic *G*
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Ha, I just found the Pike-Number One masterlist and it also has wonderful friendship and just Pike background fic. Need to do more Pike research! (I wasn't into TOS Pike at all, but with BG as actor...*swooooons*)


Jul. 24th, 2009 10:43 pm
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Pike/McCoy story is at the beta. I'm not 100% happy with it but found that it resisted any more changes. Pike/Kirk is still in work. Maybe I'll tackle other challenges first, to avoid mixing those different pairings.

A series I enjoyed just right now:
Open Sign 'Verse K/S (non/dub-con), K/Mc (established relationship), now moving towards K/S/Mc
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Work dragged like MAD. At least, only one more day until another week of vacation!

Pike starts eating my brain *glares at him* And for those who want to see LOTS of sexy Pike chest, check out these screencaps from another movie. My god, I find this chest a lot more attractive than Kirk's in ST:XI.


Alright, read you later *goes writing*

P.S. I also haz Pike/McCoy icon, but I badly need a Pike/Kirk one too! Pointers, please, or post in the comments :))))


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