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And a tip for twincest fans (or haters alike):

Video "Climbing up the walls" - Nathan/Peter (Heroes), Sam/Dean (SPN), Simon/River (Firefly)

Brilliant, dark, intense - and hot IMVHO *G*


Aug. 17th, 2007 01:09 pm
syredronning: (Default)'s just brain exhaustion, but I really would like to see a vid for Donald/Daisy to the song "For the Longest Time" (Billy Joel version).

And I must say, I'm shocked that a search for that song at youtube didn't return ANY songvid at all for this song. In any fandom. Tsk :) I think something's amiss.


Nov. 13th, 2006 11:01 pm
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After quite a long break (more than two weeks, but it feels longer) I opened my vid project again, ignoring all superspecialeffectsideas I had and going back to the basics. And lo and behold, I have inspiration!

Ah, the KIRK LUV!

(Note to self: Need Serious!Kirk icon, preferably from TMP, the movie that climbs ranks the more I watch it. And I watched it a lot by now.)
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Going through the unevitable vidding point of sitting over lots of unconnected snippets and thinking "this won't ever work never never bleh".

This time, I try a rather unusual song with a slightly weird lyrics which gives me a lot more creative leeway than usual...and I'm mostly intimidated. Need to learn some new visual tricks, I guess. Uh-uh.
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Everything a girl needs to know about de-interlacing:

(Not that I've solved my problem yet, but I'm getting closer :)

Oh joy.

Oct. 24th, 2006 01:03 am
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I wanted to try the Ulead image series features on a real example and chose a Kirk clip. I worked over 3 sec = 90 pics = 180 min (as I got an average speed of 10 frames/20 min with: opening in Gimp, editing, saving).

My little test lately worked perfectly. However, this time I got a problem - Ulead doesn't read the edited bitmaps correctly :/ It may be a layer prob (though I'm not sure why, as bmp per se has no layers). Sigh.

*counting some new grey hairs*
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Just went I went through one of my "oh god this vid is crap and won't move anyone and I don't really know how to make cool effects and I should stop to humiliate myself over doing vids" moments...

...I generated a draft and I think this is going to be a great vid and will exactly show what I wanted to show *hearts it*
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Alight. There's that damn song "Saving Me" by Nickelback (go here for the lyrics). I love it to death and search frantically for the fitting vid idea for it.

As I clearly read too much Skinner/Mulder tonight, I wonder if a songvid with this pairing would work. What do the resident x-filophiles on my f-list think? Would there be enough material?

Another possibility that crossed my mind was doing it with X-Men, but what pairing/POV? I faintly thought about Wolferine/Xavier, but it might be too much of a stretch.

On a vaguely related note, on the "Swing when you're winning" album, they have the classic song "You can't take that away from me" as a MALE duet! This is so shouting for a slash use. Woah.
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Amusing posting - The Life Cycle of Vid and Vidder - and so true....

Ulead COOL3D doesn't seem to do anything I need / wanted / hoped for, so I deinstalled the 30 day trial version.

Instead, reading around in the memory section of [ profile] vidding again, as I'm getting more and more involved into the finer details. And you know you got a problem if this leads to 25 open tabs with articles in Firefox. Uuups.

EDIT: The problem expands, once you get to narrative vs. lyrical, the construction of reality and gestalt discussion.

EDIT 2: Fitting quotation in a posting *G*
Jessica: This is the most expensive hobby with diminishing returns, except for drugs.
Christy: Well, with drugs, all you get is pain and grief and sometimes an Emmy. With vidding, you get a brand spanking new piece of art that has the potential to get you sued!

EDIT 3: I found out how to export video clips as ulead image series (.uis), edit the images in GIMP and import the series again (either as .uis or rendered to avi). Squee!
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RL-wise, my baby (aka SMART) got winter tires and drives much nicer now, as the summer tires were very low on profile.
Also spent some time shopping and tried to *gasp* cook. However, I'm not meant to be a cook. Next life, maybe. In this one, I'll keep cleaning the kitchen and let [ profile] wuffelchen do the cooking. Duh.

Fannish-wise, updated my vid editing with my newest enlightments.

If you missed my latest vid, which is X-Files (not trek, sorry), go here: shameless self-plugin.

Now that I have that off my plate, I could actually move on to the trek vid project I've in mind for months... :)
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The vidding project that ate my life and brain lately is officially done.

(Click on the pic to get to my vid page for download)

Song: "Advertising Space" by Robbie Williams (from "Intensive Care") -> Lyrics

Fandom: X-Files

Character: The Cigarette-Smoking Man, with a fair amount of Krycek, Jeffrey Spender and the Mulders around.

Spoilers: All through seasons 1-7 and 9

Dedication: Thanks a lot to my husband, who was extremely supportive and interested in this vid. But of course, he had to as he's to blame for my whole X-Files interest :)

Remark: It's intentional that there's no text in the vid - X-Files was the first (only?) series that didn't display the episode titles when broadcasting the episodes :) Made me wonder quite a while if I was so blind or my DVDs wrecked up.

Things improved in comparison to older projects: I used freshly ripped, uncompressed DVD source, and a WAV directly generated from CD. Also made a long episode list with marks for important characters and events.

New problem: Getting the large output into a computer-suited, downloadable format. Tried my utmost to get the Multipass function of DivX6.4 to work, but ended always without video output...? (If anyone knows a solution, please tell me!)


Sep. 30th, 2006 02:26 pm
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I really thought the song would work...but hell, this is snippet disaster^3. Too many possibilities, and yet not the really fitting ones. I need more imagery imagination (yeah, that's what I'm so good at /irony off).

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Cool White Rabbit Trek crack vid by starcrossinggirl - watch and join the drug haze, lol :)))
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So I listened to a great, well-known song this morning (of which I won't reveal the really not fitting title by now), and it suddenly hit me as a possible K/Mc song text.

You've got that look again
The one I hoped I had when I was a lad
Your face is just beaming
more lyrics and analysis )

And now the poll of doom - and be frank. If you think that it's a crappy idea, you'll spare me surely 20h of vidding (which I can then spend on more sensible fannish projects :).

[Poll #813886]
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Not able to escape a deadly vid bunny, I felt compelled to make a
Chapel vid to the Bangles song "Eternal Flame" *shakes head about

Download it as usual at

Since there's few Chapel around and I needed to stop editing before my
husband and I got sick of the song, the vid is not top notch, but I
hope S/Ch fans will enjoy it anyway :)
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[ profile] astolat posted Vidding with high-res source - a report on how she made her new high-quality House vid "Bukowski". Read and bow. It's mind-boggling.

(Thankfully, optical quality doesn't necessarily equal vid enjoyment...I still love that rather low-quality "Eclipse of the Heart" LotR vid to death.)

Sigh, I stayed at home because of general sickness, but now that I have time, I've got problems to decide what to do first. Args! Things on my plate:

- a second K/S drawing (I salvaged the other...I think. No fb yet from the person I sent it to.)
- several illos for my husband's ponyplay book
- several vid ideas (X-Files CSM, K/S/Mc, Chapel - she keeps running around, tsk. And where to hell are my small earphones anyway?)
- last not least, finishing my S/Mc Den challenge story

I also need to buy new small brushes for nailart in acrylics; the only one I had got quite used on vacation, as I infected several other people in the camp, hehe ;)
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Title: Burn in Hell
Movie: "Event Horizon" (imdb movie info)
Music: "Burn in Hell" by Twisted Sister
Length: 4:49

WARNING: It's a scifi/horror movie set to a heavy metal song, and the result is definitely adult. Don't watch if you can't stand violence and lots of blood.

Download: Zipped 13 MB wmv file or 80 MB DivX Avi (this one makes really fun to watch)

Motivation: Was actually about to vid something else, which got on my nerves, so I thought I'd take a little (harhar) break from it. Found lots of 80's songs on youtube and tumbled over Twisted Sister songs. Once I heard "Burn in Hell" again, I just HAD to vid "Event Horizon" to it, one of my favorite B-movies.
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- or no slash for some people, as it's canon - Jadzia Dax / Lenara Khan from the DS9 episode "Rejoined" :)

It's not my usual kind of songvid, as it doesn't follow the lyrics of "True Love" (in the DeLovely soundtrack version, sung by a girl and a woman). But the song always makes me think of this episode, and I wanted to make it for months. So...enjoy :) <- download here!

P.S. T'Lin, you're welcome to tell the FFF folks about it :))

P.P.S. And yes, I do have a big girl crush on Jadzia. Hach.
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After much ado I feel it's time to release it - not that it's perfect, but it's clearly crossing the point now where I can only change it to the different, not to the better. So, with a very big thank-you to Elizabeth Helena for episode recs and to [ profile] _happyme_ for a fb to my original beta...

DS9 - Sunday, Bloody Sunday by U2 (in two resolutions/sizes)

Enjoy :))
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I love that series. It does have some incredibly good episodes.

There's no Trek series with more battle scenes. A part of me would love to add a little snippet from "Wing Commander" or "Starwars" just to see if people recognize the wrong ships *amused*

It's so telling that the first episode "Emissary" starts with destruction, Picard of Borg and the death of Sisko's wife. And Dukat is the very first Cardassian to step into Sisko's new office.

The way Garak puts his face in his hands after torturing Odo melts me away.

Bashir is so HOT when he's held captive in "By Inferno's Light", unshaved, tired and getting beaten. I want to abuse him myself read a nasty Jem Hadar gang rape scene now, but I fear they can't get it up ;)

Is there any Garak/Ziyal/Bashir triangle story in this universe? If so, I want to read it.

While Damar's death is tragic, it's somehow classic punishment because he kills Ziyal (in yet another wonderful scene).

Did you ever notice how important that little baseball of Sisko is throughout the series?

And I had too much Campari-O. Heee.

P.S. Just why are some scenes so very dark in the compiled vid, when they look okay in the snippet? *sigh*


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