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Duchovny, sigh ... :)

Wish I had known about his affliction before :P /unreal crush
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And I have got to say, dear friends, I'm surprised about you.

RANT - SPOILERS - RANT (not minced) )

P.S. If you watch the movie...stay seated. Just a tip.
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Oooh, if you like X-Files, you gotta watch the Crusade episode "Visitors from Down the Street" (info and spoilers). Plus there's a great ST "reference" at the end ;) Highly recommended!
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Alight. There's that damn song "Saving Me" by Nickelback (go here for the lyrics). I love it to death and search frantically for the fitting vid idea for it.

As I clearly read too much Skinner/Mulder tonight, I wonder if a songvid with this pairing would work. What do the resident x-filophiles on my f-list think? Would there be enough material?

Another possibility that crossed my mind was doing it with X-Men, but what pairing/POV? I faintly thought about Wolferine/Xavier, but it might be too much of a stretch.

On a vaguely related note, on the "Swing when you're winning" album, they have the classic song "You can't take that away from me" as a MALE duet! This is so shouting for a slash use. Woah.
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For [ profile] biani, who wanted Mulder/Krycek and the word "flu" – hey, you made me just write my first X-Files fic ever!

Hot - R-rated )
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The vidding project that ate my life and brain lately is officially done.

(Click on the pic to get to my vid page for download)

Song: "Advertising Space" by Robbie Williams (from "Intensive Care") -> Lyrics

Fandom: X-Files

Character: The Cigarette-Smoking Man, with a fair amount of Krycek, Jeffrey Spender and the Mulders around.

Spoilers: All through seasons 1-7 and 9

Dedication: Thanks a lot to my husband, who was extremely supportive and interested in this vid. But of course, he had to as he's to blame for my whole X-Files interest :)

Remark: It's intentional that there's no text in the vid - X-Files was the first (only?) series that didn't display the episode titles when broadcasting the episodes :) Made me wonder quite a while if I was so blind or my DVDs wrecked up.

Things improved in comparison to older projects: I used freshly ripped, uncompressed DVD source, and a WAV directly generated from CD. Also made a long episode list with marks for important characters and events.

New problem: Getting the large output into a computer-suited, downloadable format. Tried my utmost to get the Multipass function of DivX6.4 to work, but ended always without video output...? (If anyone knows a solution, please tell me!)
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And completely random: half-naked Skinner chaining Krycek to the balcony in "Tunguska" is HOT ;)


Sep. 25th, 2006 11:52 pm
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Vidding. Ha!


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