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If you think you're uninspired by the new movie, you should have a look at the new kink memes because there are some really interesting (albeit not necessarily kinky) prompts around that might spark your imagination :)

...And I'm not surprised that there's a lot of Khan/Kirk in the prompts *G*

Obviously two awesome prompts posted by the same person...


Spoilers (sort of) for Into Darkness

Pike character study as a stand-in for a character dissection of Starfleet and its (d)evolution

What happened in between the movies to account for the way that Starfleet has so obviously been made over as a much more openly warlike organization and did no one see it or try to stop it? Kirk and the crew were off on missions, but Pike was pretty obviously at home during it all. How much did he know (or let himself know or not know) about the tech Marcus was getting from Khan and his plans to militarize Starfleet? Did he support those plans at all? Why or why not? Would he have had sympathy for Khan, if he had lived through that attack?

Bonus points if Pike lives and what he went through in the first film drives him either to A) ally with Marcus or B) ally with Khan and try to take Kirk and the Enterprise along with him. Extra bonus points if the writer goes route A) with the result that Kirk has to fight against Pike and Marcus combined. Extra bonus points plus cookies galore if the writer goes route B) and the combined force of Pike with Kirk and the whole Enterprise crew behind him (especially including Spock) can not only smooth over things for Khan but help pave the way for something far better than a fearful and reactionary Starfleet. Writer wins the internet if B) results in either Khan and Pike or Khan and Kirk (with the possible side option of Spock) getting together.

Spoilers for Into Darkness

Gen, Bones, with an emphasis on friendship or at least an understanding of sorts between Bones and Spock

Given Starfleet's recent less than stellar track record (seriously, are we supposed to just believe that no one else in a position of authority had any idea whatsoever what Marcus was doing or that Khan was involved and what Marcus was doing to keep Khan in line, even though there was apparently an entire secret organization devoted to working with Khan and trying to produce his weapons?), I have a hard time believing Bones would think it a very good idea for Starfleet to even get a hint as to the regenerative properties of Khan's blood, much less get their filthy grubby paws on the actual serum used to sucessfully bring Kirk back to life. But to have more than a snowball's chance in a supernova of keeping this kind of secret, Bones would need more than just his wits and charm -- he'd also need the support and cooperation of acting Captain Spock, to gain the silence of the crew. What I want is a story explaining how he got that help. Bonus points if Kirk, not too long after waking and finding out how things ended up, flails in panic over the thought of Khan's blood in the hands of a Starfleet willing to sanction the kind of work that went on in Sector 31 and Bones and Spock join forces to reassure him that this is one secret that will never, ever be told to Starfleet command. Extra bonus points if, at some point, Spock admits to what amounts to hand-wavery of the scientific sort to explain both how they got the ship's engines working again and Kirk's condition (of being comatose, for awhile) and cover up the fact that he was ever dead at all, so that McCoy didn't have to try to figure out a way to explain away death by radiation poisoning, McCoy makes some snarky comment or another to the effect that this almost makes up for screwing up and telling Command about the fubar mission and getting the Enterprise taken away from Jim in the first place, and Spock admits that he knows he must do more to regain the trust that he broke in that instance (however inadvertently it might have been done), thereby actually earning more than a little begrudging respect from Bones.



Pike's emotions weren't the only thing Spock picked up as the man lay dying - he also learned that he's Jim's father.


And some others:

Possible Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers!

I just really need a fic that explores Kirk's thoughts about the word "son." Can be gen or any pairing, really; angsy!Kirk is the only requirement.


Pike as Captain, Pike/McCoy or Pike/Spock or gen (TW: PTSD, trauma)

Pike is fully recovered from the Narada incident. Not one flashback or nightmare in ages, thank you very much. He's all set to go into deep space again as Captain of the Enterprise after Jim's demotion, but then he's injured again in Khan's attack and Kirk ends up taking command. Then Jim goes and gets himself irradiated, and by the time the Enterprise is ready for space again, Jim is still not recovered, so they give her back to Pike.

Being back in space again is like coming home, at least at first. Alright, maybe he did end up puking his guts up in his quarters after the first time they were unexpectedly hailed. And maybe he's had a couple of nightmares. But really, he's fine.

McCoy or Spock (or the crew in general, I'd love me some protective crew) help put Pike back together again, and they end up being the best goddamn team in the fleet.

(idek where this came from...)

(Vagues STID spoilers ahead!)

You know what I think fandom is really missing? Some Bones-Spock friendship fic.

Maybe something after the new movie, when they finally get five seconds of downtime after everything and mutually collapse in a pile of SHIT WAS BANANAS. Maybe mutual bonding over the Jim Kirk Is So Ridiculous Why Do We Put up With Him Again situation they have going on. Maybe something else, if you come up with it!

(I'm personally really into the idea that Bones and Spock actually get along a little better in AOS than they did in TOS, by the way, not least of all because Bones would have a better idea of who Spock was after basically witnessing two pretty extreme emotional breakdowns from him. So if you wanted to work that in...)


Carol Marcus slowly realizing that the senior bridge crew are polyamorous (I'm talking Kirk/Spock/Uhura/McCoy/Sulu/Chekov/Scotty). Initially she finds it weird, but then eventually it starts to make a weird kind of sense.

Then slowly but surely, she realizes they're welcoming her into the group, and she's unbelievably happy about that. Porn, no porn, I don't care. (Although I never, as a rule, object to porn.)

Bonus points if you can throw in a cameo from Gaila (from the 2009 movie).



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