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Bones/Jim, sex-pollen, dub-con

Jim sometimes fantasizes about sex with men, but never thought that his first time would be like that: on foreign planet with absolutely drunk from sex-pollen friend. Jim and Bones just friends and I want really intoxicated, insane Bones and absolutely terrified at first and beginning to like it in process bottom!Jim.
SpockPrime/Kirk/Spock happiness

reboot!Kirk can't let Spock Prime be lonely. reboot!Spock appreciates this, logically... and emotionally. Spock Prime needs some reassurance.

I just want HAPPY Spock Prime/new!Kirk/new!Spock OT3 fic. Some angst at the beginning is fine, but I want a happy ending where they are all happy and both Spocks and Kirk are content and receiving lots of love and care from each other.

Any rating. You can stick with emotional melds/snuggles/whatever, or also include hardcore threesome smut. I will read it all.

NO character death except in reference to Kirk Prime. My poor heart can't take any more Spock Prime death fics.

(AQ - My personal comment: I don't know what's wrong with my brain that I don't want K/S but totally am head over heels about anything NuKirk/SpockPrime... must be my strange fetish for relationships with large age differences, and I don't even know where this ever came from!)
AU 007 verse: Kahn/Jim

Jim Kirk is constantly trying to prove himself, which ended with him and others being put in harms way. Pike's had enough and asks Marcus to send Jim on a mission with seasoned agent, to give Jim direction on what a professional agent is. The head of MI6 owed Marcus a favor and gives them a call. They send one of their best '0010'(writer can change number), or who goes by John Harrison.

--Jim Kirk is a arrogant rookie from the CIA.
--Kahn is an veteran agent of 'Her Royal Majesty's Secret Service'. He goes by the code name of either 'John Harrison' or '0010' (or whatever number writer decided).


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