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Written for [ profile] jlm121 in the ISS kinkmeme, prompt was: Spock is territorial. He considers McCoy his territory. Before he allows McCoy in the presence of others he marks him.
Thanks to Janet for the beta! Remaining errors are mine :)

The Book MU Spock/McCoy, Spock POV

The Cover MU Spock/McCoy, McCoy POV

The Writer MU Pike&McCoy, Spock/McCoy implied, Pike POV

The Reader MU Pike/Kirk, Spock/McCoy implied, Kirk POV

The Collector MU OMC, Spock/McCoy implied, OMC POV, extra dark (really)

Tip: All my Reboot stories are posted with the tag aos fic.
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What might constitute the epilogue to the Mu Book series. Warning: It's REALLY dark.

I've got a reputation, and I've got it for a reason, so heed my warnings - DARK. )
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The logical conclusion to the MU Book series – The Reader (adult, dark)

All he ever did was watch. Okay, he thought about getting his hands on McCoy once, but when he saw the burns, he knew better than to fuck with his Vulcan exec. They were a good team and he liked to keep it that way. So what the hell if Spock kept his living canvas exclusively? He could live with it. read more )
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(Another companion piece to The Book[ profile] alder_knight made me think about Pike/McCoy. Full ISS kink meme thread here)

Pike never intended to lay his hands on McCoy. He might be a decaying, embittered bastard, but he wasn't suicidal. It was curiosity that made him ask for the doctor, though of course he enjoyed Spock's hateful gaze when the doctor was forced to follow him. Rank had its privileges, after all, and while antagonizing the possible future leader of Vulcan might be foolish, toying with him was still a pleasure. read more )
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(Companion piece to The Book - [ profile] spikeface asked for McCoy's POV - full ISS kink meme thread here.)

It hurt every single time, even when he got used to it. At least he stopped flinching when Spock approached him with the look - that certain gleam that sometimes spoke of possessiveness, sometimes of need. The possessiveness that drove the Vulcan to add yet another sign of ownership, etching seals and ancient spells into his skin - the need to celebrate life, returns from tricky missions and escapes from adversaries' hands, by adding another story.

With the growing patterns, even McCoy started to believe in their protective strength; like an invisible shield they drew a line around him, strong enough to keep most pursuers away. They might want him, but not enough to evoke the wrath of a man whose emotions were a glowing ember below the veneer of Vulcan control. There was no need to fight, only to undress, his branded skin the ultimate defense. Until the day he met the other Spock - then it was only an invitation to take and abuse what the old man had lost in another life.

McCoy never told his Spock what really happened, only pulled him close when he was back home, pressing the cauter into his hand and begging for a new story. And this one time it didn't hurt when his Spock drew the intricate lines carefully up his bruised throat like a caress, claiming him anew.


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Written for [ profile] jlm121 in the ISS kinkmeme, prompt was: Spock is territorial. He considers McCoy his territory. Before he allows McCoy in the presence of others he marks him

When he first marked McCoy, when he first forced him down on the bed and took his ability to move, though not the ability to feel pain, he only intended to carve the House seal into the skin stretching over the collar bone. But when he slowly and carefully carved the pattern with McCoy's own plasma-cauter, third-degree burns that hurt enough to bring tears to those blue eyes, he found joy, a childish, heartfelt pleasure he had thought to be gone after his mother's death. Then he knew he'd not stop after this single mark of ownership.

He was halfway down McCoy's chest when Kirk tried to lay hands on McCoy; but even the Empire's new hope knew where to draw the line, and Vulcan calligraphy was unmistakable.

The patterns were crawling over McCoy's left hip when Admiral Pike visited the Enterprise and demanded special services. He came as far as seeing McCoy in the nude before he reconsidered and sent the doctor back to Spock with a short note written in ink on his forehead. Spock felt compelled to erase the traces with his own name – the only branding McCoy was allowed to remove the day after.

The others stayed, meandering over his body, speaking of claiming and surrender, of successes and failures until all of McCoy became the book of Spock.

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