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I know that we basically all dream every night, but I refer to dreams one can remember after waking up here.

For the record, I dream a lot more, especially slightly traumatizing things about my workplace. Thanks, Nolan /irony.

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So there is that interview at in which Bruce states he sees Pike as essential for the next movie.

I've got to say, I'm really torn about that. I loved Pike - pretty obviously, as the only other guy I ever wrote about book-size was McCoy (ah, my adored DeForest Kelley). However, this is a bit too much cheerleading for me: I don't see Pike as essential, and I'd rather take a one-time appearance than bad follow-ups.

So here the trekmovie poll PLUS a fourth choice entered by me, which pretty much sums up my feeling. Every vote is okay and will not be interpreted as more or less Pike love :)

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After yet another post that made me realize my various fails when it comes to trek philosophy and timeline details before TOS, I've got to admit that that was never my strong side but I also never really tackled it in my 8 years of writing *cough* What can I say, I can be persistently ignorant at times.

So, in the quest of growing, some navel-gazing for you and me.

("Canon" for the sake of the poll is what you for yourself have declared to canon. The classic definition is that canon is only actor-based material that was broadcast; no TAS, no outtakes, no lost scenes, no books, etcpp. but I don't know anyone who doesn't have an extended version of "canon" in hir mind.)
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May. 6th, 2010 09:07 pm
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Just today I was wondering if I'd ever want to see a fic of mine remixed and lo and behold, there is a Mirror Universe Remix challenge coming up.

Now I wonder whether I should participate... your chance to nudge me. Also, feel free to comment with your personal experiences with Remixes here, no matter if good or bad!

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...and I don't think I'm ready for a move yet, I think about getting two paid accounts, to keep my lj privileges and also support DW.

So - what does my flist actually do? (for this current year, not your intentions for the distant future.)

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Poll time!

Mar. 5th, 2010 07:09 pm
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In the name of research, the trek question of the day is:

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*waits patiently for fandom consensus *G*
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Instead of working, a story made me think about this question, so here, have a poll tonight. The first question is about your personal opinion; the second and third try to look from character perspective. I'm sure I missed a lot of possible answers, so comments welcome!

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First of all, thanks for the many replies to and votes in the tenses poll!

AFAIS it's interesting that most readers don't care in which tense something is written as long as it's done well (even among the people voting for past tense are people of whom I know that they read and/or write present tense too).

This should actually relax every writer, because it means that putting too much thought into this aspect is likely ueberproblematisieren (over-problematicizing) (he, that's a word in German! we think like that - we like our problems to be LARGE ;). Whereas stories in first or second POV tend to keep more readers away.

Regarding TOS/Reboot - I write/wrote 95% past tense in TOS but when Reboot fic came up, I was blown by the amount of present tense stories. The movie is so immediate and real-time that present tense seems to be the right tense for it. However, within longer stories present tense tends to get a little stale *agrees with some comments* and looking back I should probably have stayed with past tense ;)

So, split writer is split, and the tense divide adds itself to my indecisiveness regarding eye colors (I can't bring myself to write brown-eyed McCoy and blue-eyed Kirk, so nobody in my Reboot stories has eye colors, sigh).

On an unrelated note, my Pike-Spock icon becomes my "neutral-thoughtful" icon. Amusing :)
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Because I'm procrastinating, and the question of present & past tense is constantly popping up when I write Draws, the series in which I can neither keep consistent tenses nor character naming. Sigh ;)

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I was pointed to TOS songvids by FaithfullNightmare (some S/Mc, some K/S, one K/Mc!) and it makes me want to watch TOS very badly. It also made me think over my visualization troubles when picturing K/Mc at the moment.

So, have this poll for some of my favorite characters. I said "writing" because then it's really your choice who you picture and which eye colors you write, but you can also vote for reading or imagining :) (I might do another poll for mixed-up pairings in the future, but didn't want this one to get out of control *G*)

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Let's see just how strange we all are :)

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Aug. 23rd, 2008 04:04 pm
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So, I'm re-watching some TNG, right now the 2nd season episode "Hotel Royale" in which Riker, Worf and Data are stranded in this make-believe hotel&gambling house.

My brain wants a threesome - and as my imagination is currently a tad dark (he), I think I let them get stranded there forever (or at least they think so). I wonder if it's worth writing, lol! So I ask you:

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A poll!

Jul. 1st, 2008 08:43 pm
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[Poll #1214920]

P.S. Should be "clippings", not "cuttings". Sorry for the slip ;)
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Results not visible, as it's a rather personal thing AFAIS.

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A Poll!

May. 10th, 2008 01:04 am
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Poll time!

Apr. 15th, 2008 05:57 pm
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Today I'm asking for your favorite characters in certain pairings. I know it's a tricky question, but I hope to broaden my data. There's a similar poll in the Spock/McCoy group, but there's no such data for K/Mc or K/S/Mc.

So please, help me learn more about reader structure and fill out this survey. As for artists, preferences may be different (mine are), so they have an extra question on the bottom. Thank you!

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Dec. 5th, 2007 05:52 pm
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Random Heroes note: A. calls. H. "carp" = koi = lover/friend. Hehehe. Slash potential! And I booked a hotel with wlan included in room price :)

And a POLL!

In my McCoy/female Romulan Commander series, part 5, McCoy meets an old female friend of his (Mc/f ensues). He will also have a new, secret antagonist with some interesting motivations. But I'm yet undecided re the antagonist's gender. Feel free to give your opinion even if you didn't read the series.

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Why did you, my dear friendlist, miss to point out this earth-moving news that David Hasselhoff has said the car in Knight Rider was gay and wanted to have something going on with Michael Knight? (English reference, German reference - fresh today, and yes we're lagging in boulevard news ;))

Honestly, I thought it was a given. Therefore, a pointless poll.
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